Will Logan Paul Take a Break From WWE to Fight KSI in 2023?

Jan 12, 2023 - by staff

Logan Paul has never been far from the spotlight, and in recent years he has shot to worldwide fame as a professional fighter. Initially taking up boxing as a career and taking part in some prestigious bouts, the successful Youtuber is now a regular on the WWE Smackdown roster.

Paul has taken on fellow Youtuber and rapper KSI in two boxing matches to date, and each occasion has attracted a great deal of media interest. KSI’s manager has recently talked up the possibility of a 2023 rematch between the two pop culture sensations.

Paul’s Boxing Matches Have Been High Profile Affairs

Paul used his YouTube fame to reach 23.6 million subscribers to boost his profile and set the stage for a switch to professional fighting. His first official bout was against KSI at the Manchester Arena in 2018, and it was billed as the “biggest internet event in history.” Indeed, it generated 1.3 million pay-per-view buys and was the largest amateur boxing match ever.

Along with pay-per-view earnings and branding around the events, Paul’s boxing matches have been huge for the betting industry. Betting sites offer free bets and no deposit bonuses to attract bettors, but they also win customers over by offering markets on the biggest events. Some of the top sites actively promote Paul when he’s in action. This highlights how much pulling power the Youtuber’s name has when he’s in the ring.

KSI’s Manager Talked up 2023 Rematch

KSI and Paul were initially bitter rivals in the streaming sphere, and this added a lot of added excitement to their two previous fights. Along with aggression in the ring, the two competitors took pleasure in goading one another during press conferences and weigh-ins. Now, though, the two media personalities have become friends and partners, having launched an energy drink company together in 2022.

Despite now being buddies, Paul and KSI will be aware of the money that can be made from another rematch. In fact, KSI’s manager has already talked up the prospect of the two meeting again in the ring in 2023. The last two matches were watched by millions, and a third would doubtlessly be another massive hit.

Logan Currently Out Injured

The big question is whether Paul will be able to take on the fight now that he’s a member of the WWE roster. There’s a good chance that he will be focusing on his wrestling career and trying to take down as many titles as possible.

The 27-year-old is also currently out injured with no set return date. He suffered an MCL tear during his fight with Roman Reigns at the end of last year, and could be out for at least six weeks. This could mean that any high-profile matches, such as a rematch against KSI, would have to be postponed.

Paul’s fighting career is just getting going, and there’s no doubt that he will take part in a range of major contests over the next few years. Whether he’ll fight KSI again, though, remains to be seen. If it is happening, it is likely to be announced soon.

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