Impact Report, Hard to Kill Go Home show, 1/12/23

Jan 12, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results, from Impact Wrestling.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rehwoldt are on the call.  This is the go home show for Hard to Kill.  Bully Ray will go for his 3rd reign as Impact World Champion, VS longest tenured Champion, Josh Alexander.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

Josh Matthews starts the show with a triple screen segment interviewing World Champion, Josh Alexander and Bully Ray.  They all appear in what appears to be separate locations.  Bully tells Josh he is in his head and Josh admits it.  Bully says he can read him like a book.  He then shots at Scott D’Amore.  He says Scott was wrong for punching him last week.  Bully says he invented Full Metal Mayhem.  He then says he can’t wrestle with Josh, but now Josh has a snowballs chance in hell of beating him in this type of match.    Bully says he will dish out pain Josh has never felt before.  Josh finishes the segment saying he will show who the better man is.

Match 1.  Brian Myers (with Matt Cardona) VS Heath (with Rhino)

This match breaks down from the outset.  Heath gains control, but Cardona instigates issues on the outside.  Rhino and Cardona are banned from ringside.  Heath uses this a momentum and throws Myers to the floor after some punches.  Myers catches him re-entering the ring and drops Heath hard on his arm.

Back from a quick break, Myers is in control.  He uses the bottom rope to choke Heath.  After breaks free from a rear chin lock and eg lariats Myers.  After a modified gorilla press slam, Heath gets a two count.  Myers connects with a implant DDT after a few kicks.  He gets a long two count.  Myers then gets a two count off a spear.  Heath catches Myers dive off the top rope and lands a powerslam.  The two duke it out on their knees.  Myers wins the exchange and drops a Macho Man elbow from the top.  Heath manages to miss a kick and lands the wake up call to get the win.

Winner by pinfall, Heath

Bullet Club’s Chris Bey and Ace Austin came in 2nd in the Best of the Super Juniors Tag Tournament in Japan.  They will be added to the Motor City Machine Gun’s tag team title match tomorrow at Hard to Kill.

Rosemary and Jessica find Taya Valkyrie beat up.  Taya instructs them to find the 4 that did it to her.

Match 2.  Rosemary (with Jessica, representing the Death Dolls, The Knockouts Tag Champions) VS  Savanah Evans (with Tasha Steelz, Gisele Shaw and her valet, Jai Vidal)

Rosemary clearly believes this foursome is the group that attacked Valkyrie and she is quick to jump on Evans.  Eventually Evans muscles her way back, but Rosemary throws her to the floor and dives from the top onto everyone on the floor.  We go to break.

Rosemary is laying in the boots as we return.  Evans is down in the corner, but whips Rosemary across, only to then get tied up in the octopus.  Shaw and company grab Rosemary from the floor when the ref was distracted, and Evans capitalizes.  After a butterfly suplex, Evans lays in several boots to the head.  Rosemary reverses a chin lock to land a future shock DDT.  She then connects with two clotheslines and a sling blade.  After a t-bone suplex, she gets a two count.  Evans counters back with a clubbing haymaker to the chest.  She follows up with a spinebuster and a fisherman’s suplex.  Rosemary kicks out at two.  Rosemary spears Evans.  Jai gets knocked out by Jessica.  Rosemary spears Shaw and then eats a sidewalk slam from Evans, who then gets the win.

Winner by pinfall, Savanah Evans. 

Steelz, Evans, Vidal and Shaw then beat down the Death Dolls.  They stand tall post match.

Taylor Wilde has a vignette next.  She appears to be a witch now.  She wants Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich.

The Design, Kon, Angels and Deaner head out to the ring.  Tonight Sami Callihan will find out if he can join the group.  If he is to join he will have to shave his head.  That may not be enough to please Deaner though.  Deaner says he will need to go threw a process.  The head shaving is just the beginning.  He calls Sami from the back out to the ring.  Sami is instructed to lose the bat he enters the ring with, which he reluctantly gives to Kon.  Deaner tells the story of Sampson, and how after he lost his hair to become weak.  Deaner says this journey is long, difficult and violent.  Sami agrees, but with anger.  Sami sits in a chair and Angels cuts his hair off.  Deaner is in his ear telling Sami the people don’t care about him.  Deaner grows tired of the scissors and pulls out clippers.  Sami stops him and shaves his own head.  Deaner hands Sami a mirror.  Sami beats himself with the mirror.   He picks up scissors like he is going to stab someone.  He hands them to Deaner.  Deaner says the Death Machine is no more, he is now Callihan.

Gail Kim says there will be a person standing in for Scott D’Amore, since he was injured by Bully Ray.  We will find out who that is soon.

Match 3.  Speedball, Mike Bailey VS Anthony Greene

Greene strikes first by distracting the ref.  He just arrived to Impact last week, but is not someone who can be trusted.  Bailey gets kicked for his troubles, but recovers and machine gun kicks Green.  Greene recovers and dives to the floor onto floor.  Back in the ring, he hits the walk, talk and fly for a two count.  After a few chops by Greene, he locks on a single leg crab after a modified sidewalk slam.  Bailey gets to the ropes to break the hold.  Bailey dodges Greene who falls to the floor.  Bailey springboards summersaults onto him on the floor.  Back in the ring, he gets a two count off a running shooting star press.  Green slings Bailey into the bottom turnbuckle head first.  Greene then hits a tilting powerbomb for a two count.  Bailey recovers and kicks Greene, setting up a double knee strike.  Bailey hits a spin kick into a ultimate weapon and gets the win.

Winner..  Mike Bailey by pinfall

We get a Josh Alexander/Bully Ray vignette next.  It sets up the main event of Hard to Kill further.

Main Event.  Moose, Steve Maclin and Eddie Edwards VS Joe Hendry, Rich Swann and Jonathan Gresham

Hendry starts the match with the mic in hand.  He makes fun of Dancing Moose and his two backup dancers much to the delight of the crowd.  Gresham starts the match with Eddie.  Eddie bails to Maclin, he just wanted to get in Gresham’s head.  Gresham works scientifically with Maclin and wins the exchange.  Hendry tags in and stays on the advantage with several shoulders and a tilt -a whirl slam and a delayed suplex.  Swann tags in and Maclin has had enough and retreats.  Eddie gets tossed around by Swann.  Swann tags Gresham and Eddie pokes the eyes.  Maclin tags in and gets locked in the octopus.  Everyone enters and they all start fighting.  This quickly becomes a spotfest.  Swann dives to the floor on Moose and Eddie, but Maclin levels him with a running single leg dropkick.  We go to break.

Back from break, Moose and Eddie are double teaming Swann in their corner.  The fans are yelling “Dancing Moose.”  If you haven’t seen the reason for this chant, look it up on youtube.  Moose is in control of Swann.  He then knocks Hendry off the apron.  They will go at it for the Digital Media Championship tomorrow.  Maclin tags in and he suplexes Swann.  Maclin gets tied up in a rear chin lock.  He sits out, but Eddie tags in and he drops a knee on the back of his head repeatedly.  Moose tags back in and he lays in a few shots and Maclin is back in.  Eddie tags in eats a savate kick.  Gresham tags in and he dropkicks Maclin and Eddie from the top rope.  He then takes them down with a backhandspring double clothesline.  Moose attacks him from behind and then Eddie hits a blue thunder bomb.  Moose then whips Gresham into the corner and rips across Gresham’s face.  Gresham continues to fight and makes the tag to Hendry, who cleans house.  Hendry hits a fall a way slam, Moose makes the save.  Hendry lariats Moose.  Maclin and Eddie double team him, but Swann and Gresham make the save.  Hendry hits a powerbomb on Maclin, Moose spears Hendry and gets the pin.

Winner.  Moose, Maclin and Edwards

This is the first time Hendry has been pinned since his return to Impact Wrestling.  He and Moose will square off tomorrow.

Eddie Edwards stays in the ring by himself for a moment.  A loud rumbling is heard, and then it ends with a confused Edwards standing alone in the ring.







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