Notes on reactions to WWE sale rumors

Jan 11, 2023 - by Marc Middleton

As noted, it was heavily rumored by multiple sources on Tuesday night that WWE was being sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, and that the company was set to go back to being private. However, Ariel Helwani took to Twitter this morning and dismissed the rumors, as did TMZ Sports.

While WWE is still exploring all options related to a potential sale and they have not reached a deal with the Saudi PIF, word is that new WWE Chairman Vince McMahon opened up talks with the Saudis shortly after his retirement from the company back in the summer, according to Wrestling Observer Radio and Fightful Select.

Vince recently used his voting power to return to the Board of Directors, and was then voted in as the Chairman of the Board on Tuesday, right after Stephanie McMahon resigned as Chairwoman and Co-CEO, leaving Nick Khan as the sole WWE CEO. While Vince has had talks with the Saudis along the way, that does not mean a sale is incoming.

There is said to be concern within WWE right now, among talents and others, that Vince will make his way back to the creative team, especially if a sale is done. It was noted by Fightful that numerous wrestlers have privately said that they would walk out of the company if a sale to the Saudis is finalized. It’s also believed by some that there will be significant roster pushback if Vince returns to creative.

Triple H remains the WWE Chief Content Officer. There have been untrue rumors on his status in the last 24 hours, but WWE has been adamant that Triple H will remain in his role over creative, live events, and talent.

It should be noted that WWE sources constantly dismissed the rumors of a sale to the Saudi fund on Tuesday night, and that those rumors were coming from people outside of WWE. The WWE sources were even more adamant that the rumors were not true this morning. There had been some talk that talent were told of the sale, but that also is 100% false.

In an update on Stephanie’s WWE status, this was not mentioned yesterday when she announced her resignation, but she is also no longer on the Board of Directors. The WWE Board currently consists of Vince, Khan, Triple H, George Barrios, Michelle Wilson, Steve Koonin, Michelle McKenna, and Steve Pamon.

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  1. peter says:

    should be interesting to see what happens with the sale and second if the wrestlers who are talking about walking out actually do it if it comes to that.

  2. Jon says:

    Wrestling observer lol and fightful are busy with Tony Khans d in their mouths

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