A look at the Rampage ratings for 2022

Jan 7, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Rampage was the hardest-hit show when it comes to ratings this year, averaging just 463,000 viewers in 2022. A 2021 comparison might not be fully fair as the show was only on the air from August 13 but the 21 episodes of last year averaged 608,000 viewers.

The 18-49 demo also took a hit with an average of 0.15 in 2022 while in 2021, the average was a much better looking 0.25.

Rampage suffered from several weeks of pre-emptions, with the show airing at different time slots every week at one point during the middle of the year which certainly didn’t help in keeping a steady viewership.

Rampage passed the 600,000 viewership mark twice only this year, with the January 28 episode the most-watched of the year with 601,000. The April 8 episode came close hitting 600,000. Last year, nine of the 21 shows did over 600,000 viewers.

The same two episodes – January 28 and April 8 – also pulled the highest 18-49 demo with a 0.25 each.

The least-watched episode of Rampage in 2022 was the May 6 episode with just 292,000 viewers tuning in. This was one of the pre-empted episodes which aired at a different time slot. The May 13 and May 27 shows also tied for the second spot with 340,000 viewers each.

The December 2 show hit the lowest in 18-49 with just a 0.08 registered. There were several weeks of 0.11 rating as well which was the second-lowest for the year.

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