Freddie Prinze Jr. Says Mandy Rose Release Might Be Triple H’s First Fumble

Dec 25, 2022 - by James Walsh

Freddie Prinze Jr. is the latest to weigh in on Mandy Rose’s WWE release, saying that it might be the first fumble of Triple H’s regime. As you all know by now, Rose was released from the company last week due to her FanTime account that featured NSFW content. Prinze weighed in on Rose’s release on the latest episode of Wrestling With Freddie and discussed her potential wrestling future and more. You can check out the highlights below:

On Rose’s release: “In what I think might be the first fumble that Triple H has had, they released Mandy Rose, the NXT Champion. And if you aren’t familiar with her, she rules. She’s awesome, she’s been the champ for over a year. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, she can talk on the mic a bit… and NXT, the crowd there welcomed her with open arms when — I don’t wanna say it’s a demotion to go from the main roster to NXT, because I think most of the time these wrestlers now are trying to help out the NXT roster. Because a lot of them came from the NXT roster.”

On WWE talents’ independent contractor status: “So I don’t know if the people you’re hiring who you define, the company defines, as subcontractors — meaning they are not employees of the WWE. That’s how they get away with not paying for insurance for these wrestlers. That’s why all professional wrestlers have to carry their own insurance before WWE will even look at them. Like, there’s some crazy stuff there that is not cool.”

On how much money Rose is making: “They let her go, and I’m sure that’s the reasoning why. And it was rumored she was making over $200K a month on that, which is way more than WWE is paying her. So while I’m sure she is disappointed, and was probably — well, maybe shocked, maybe not. Maybe she knew what she was posting could cost her her job. But when the money’s that good, it’s like, ‘What am I gonna do. I mean, I have to have a life after wrestling.’ And fitness is one of her big things. I’m telling y’all, leg day, every day.”

On Rose’s potential wrestling future: “So they let her go, and she — I guess in 90 days, will be a free agent and able to wrestle wherever she wants. Although I’m sure they said, ‘We’ll keep the door open.’ But that just means, ‘Yeah, if you give us our cut. If we get 10 or 20% of whatever you pull in a month, because we made you, then yeah come on back.’ And I’m sure they asked that, and I’m sure she said, ‘Go to hell, I’m not giving you a dime of this money.’ We wish you well, Mandy Rose. I’m sure you’re gonna be picked up on Day 91, as soon as your no-compete clause is released.”

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  1. Streve says:

    Can Freddie Prince Jr, stfu. Bro ,stupid Vince thought you bring some ti table cuz you were famous. Nobody cared about you, at least Bischoff did something in the business.
    All fans are tired of never has been & never were talking about angle like they did anything in the business to better it..
    Stop give this idiot press. Freddie if you know better put your money up & go up against the WWE. Otherwise I repeat respectfully. Shut the f*** up

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