Dutch Mantell on Kevin Owens: “he looks like a cab driver”

Dec 4, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Dutch Mantell recently stated:

Owens has a lot of heat on him anyway because if you look at him, he doesn’t have the body, he doesn’t have the tan, he looks like a cab driver going to get in his cab. Great worker but his external features or look doesn’t be fit the profession that he’s in. The former WWE manager also disclosed that he had heard that Owens gets tired during matches. I think they say he still blows up gets tired in a match. which in my worst shape, I got tired, but I don’t know, he’s probably doing 15 minutes every night so that should keep you in working shape but I don’t know. What can make you blow up too is nerves. If you get nervous that can hinder your breathing or just emotions I guess.

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6 Responses

  1. What? says:

    Granted Dutch Mantell hasn’t been a wrestler for a long time so in that respect he’s got a point, but…has Dutch Mantell seen Dutch Mantell? Pots and kettles, man.

  2. art123guy says:

    You can’t compare the appearance of a 38yr old Kevin Owens to a 73yr old Dutch Mantell. You’d need to compare them both at the same age.

  3. Pete Haines says:

    Owens looks like a county fair security guard.

  4. What? says:

    Dutch Mantell in 1991, age 42 (close enough):

    Marginally slimmer than Owens, maybe, but still a pretty strong “where you headed, man?” vibe. And Mantell isn’t entirely wrong about Owens – a lot more people looked like that in Mantell’s heyday, but not so much anymore – all I’m saying is he’s one to talk.

  5. art123guy says:

    @What?–That’s a better comparison. I recall Mantell having the whole outlaw gimmick so being ripped wasn’t needed. I think if Mantell’s comment works if it’s geared towards Owens’ gimmick as a whole instead of just his physical appearance.

  6. James from the Sewer says:

    I’d just like to see a statistic proving Dutch’s statement correct lol… as a cardio declined member of society, I highly doubt Kevin Owen’s (as a member of the WWE roster) cannot, at least, go 30+ minutes.

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