Impact Report, 12/1/22

Dec 1, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

We start the show with Bully Ray entering the arena fresh off his attack on Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander.  Bully is the #1 Contender, but the way he has carried himself is the story.  Bully is booed loudly as soon as he enters the ring.  He belittles the home town Kentucky crowd.  He then starts threatening fans in the crowd, including children.  He says he did everything he said he was going to do.  He even shook Josh’s hand.  Bully says Josh isn’t smart like him.  He then brags about beating Hogan, Sting and then he brings up his time with Hulk’s daughter Brooke.  He says with all that he has done, why would you put your wife that close to him.  He says Josh will be gone a few weeks.  He will face Josh at Hard to Kill on Jan 3rd.  Rich Swann then jumps Bully from behind.  Bully tries to get away.  This sets up a match.

Match 1.  Bully Ray VS Rich Swann

Bully takes the early advantage after a commercial break.  The pace is slow, with Bully using fists, elbows and other ground and pound moves.  Bully whips Rich and eats a kick to the face.  Swann then splashes Bully from the top.  Swann goes back to the top, but Bully crotches him on the ropes by tripping him.  Swann gets locked upside down in the corner and Bully boots him repeatedly.   Bully locks on a rear chin lock.  Swann jaw breakers free.  Swann hits a few nice kicks then a missile drop kick.  Bully back drops Swann off the ropes.  Bully misses a senton of his own.  Swann hits a 450, but Bully kicks out at two.  Swann gets a two off a crossbody.  Bully uses a chain to the throat to get DQ’d.

Winner by DQ, Rich Swann

He then stalks Swann and boots him to the floor.  He grabs a chair and runs off the female ref, before beating Swann with the chair.  He then rips up a fans poster and goes back on the attack.  He then zip ties Swann to the bottom rope.  He then grabs the chair, but Tommy Dreamer stops him from behind.  The two have words.  Bully gets angry and pushes Tommy to the ground.  Scott D’Amore comes out goes after Bully.  Tommy tries to play peace keeper.  Bully goes after Swann with the chair again and Tommy steps in front of the chair.  D’Amore wants to fight Bully and starts smashing his trophy.  He calls him a few dirty words.  D’Amore spits on him.  Bully says you hired me.  D’Amore throws a chair at Bully as he walks up the steps.  What a fantastic segment.

We get a Trey Miguel vignette.  He has clearly changed his ways.  He is the New X Division Champion.  He also has a new attitude.

Match 2.  Moose VS Bhupinder Gujjar

Moose goes right on the attack with some chops in the corner.  Gujjar returns the favor.  He hits a few running clotheslines and a inverted atomic drop.  Moose bails.  He cuts off Gujjar who follows.  Moose powerbombs Gujjar on the apron.  Gujjar beats the count in the ring and we go to break.

Back from break, Moose is bullying Gujjar and belittling him.  Bhupinder having enough, tries to slug it out in the center of the ring, but Moose wins the exchange.  Moose misses a spear.  Gujjar punt kicks Moose and lands a ripcord knee.  After a sling blade, Gujjar goes to the second rope, but misses his spear.  Moose then hits a spear and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Moose.  

Moose tosses Gujjar from the ring.  He then grabs the mic and asks the crowd if they know who he is.  He belittles the crowd and tells them he told everyone Bully was going to screw Josh Alexander.  He brings up his loss at Overdrive.  He says he should have won.  He then says he never wants to hear Bully’s name again.  Digital Media Champion, Joe Hendry enters.  The crowd loves this guy.  He enters all smiles.  A This is Awesome chant breaks out.  Moose says what are you doing in his ring.  Moose advises Hendry to leave.  Joe says before he leaves, he doesn’t believe he wants him to leave.  Moose tries to slug him.  Hendry lays in a few shots.  Moose takes him down, but Hendry ducks a clothesline and Gujjar spears him.  Bhupinder and Hendry soak in the cheers.

Mike Bailey is interviewed backstage.  Kenny King is wanting to feud with Bailey, but Mike says his goals are on titles.

Mickey James has a vignette backstage setting the stage for her match with Deonna Purrazzo.  This will be the third match between the two.  Mickie loses and her career is over.  They will go at it tonight.

Match 3.  Frankie Kazarian VS Steve Maclin

Maclin and Kaz start with fist back and forth.  There is no wrestling going to happen.  Maclin hurls Frankie to the floor.  Maclin chases him and rams his back into the apron.  They end up back in the ring and Kaz eats an elbow off the ropes.  Maclin uses the middle rope to choke Kaz.  He drives Frankie with his shoulder into the corner.  Kaz finally rolls threw it for a two count.  He then backslides him.  Kaz then hits a series of flying elbows off the ropes.  Kaz slams and then leg drops Maclin for a two count.  Kaz then leg drops Maclin on the apron on his neck.  Kaz then hits a cutter.  Maclin put his foot on the rope to stop the count.  The match goes outside and Maclin gets a chair.  He crotches Frankie.  The ref calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ, Frankie Kazarian

Maclin  brutalizes Frankie with the chair post match.

Savanah Evans and Tasha Steelz are shown arguing backstage about who was the reason they lost.

Eddie Edwards is interviewed and he says he is done with the past.

World Tag Team Champs, Rhino and Heath are approached by the Motor City Machine Guns.  Heath says he will set up a match for next week.  Rhino goes on a f bombed laced promo saying he is going to rip both of them in half.

Match 4.  Main Event.  Mickie James VS Deonna Purrazzo

If Mickie loses, she must retire.  Purrazzo and Mickie work scientifically to start off.  Each have some momentum.  It goes back and forth.  James finally hits a few kicks.  Purrazzo misses and they goto break shoving each other, with the fans cheering the nice beginning.

Deonna is working over Mickie in the corner with chops as we return.  Mickie fights free and rams Deonna’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly.  After a Mickie Thesz press, James eats a back elbow off the ropes.  Purrazzo drops repeated forearms and elbows to a sitting James.  She then double stomps James face.  Purrazzo gets a two count after snapping James neck on the bottom rope.

Deonna has slowed the match down considerably.  This is how she likes it, mat wrestling, submission style.  James gets to her feet eventually, but Purrazzo stops her and brutalizes her in the corner.  After a whip James catches Deonna with a spinning ranna.  James then hits a flapjack.  James heads to the top.  Purrazzo pushes her to the floor.  We go to break.

Purrazzo is laying in the boots as we return.  Purrazzo then hits a brain buster for a long two count.  James barely kicked out.  Purrazzo locks on the camel clutch.  James eventually gets to her feet and arm drags Purrazzo off.  Deonna bounces the ropes and back elbows James.  James pushed Deonna threw the ropes and dropkicks her upon trying to return.  James Thesz presses Purrazzo from the top rope to the floor.  James tosses Deonna back in.  She then missile drop kicks her from the top rope.  After a neck breaker, Purrazzo kicks out at two.  Purrazzo blocks a DDT, and shoves Mickie into the corner.  Purrazzo then pump kicks her for a two count.  Deonna miss a Queens Gambet.  James Mic kicks her for a two count.  Purrazzo blocks a DDT into an armbar.  She then locks on Venus D Milo.  James got her feet to the ropes.  James reverses a roll up and gets the win with a tug on the tights.  Purrazzo grabbed the tights on her roll up, but Mickie was better at it.

Winner by pinfall, Mickie James

Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace enters.  She has a mic and says that Mickie and her have both taken care of their business.  The champ says they should fight at Hard to Kill in Jan.  James accepts.

Eric Young and Deaner have a video package confrontation.  EY seems to be baiting Deaner to say he is the sickness Deaner should eliminate.  The two start fighting over a knife.  This is very strange.  They start gouging the eyes.  Both are bloody.  EY instructs Deaner to kill him and elimanate the sickness.  It seems Deaner has stabbed EY as the segment ends.  That was weird.

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