WWE Crown Jewel press conference recap

Nov 4, 2022 - by Staff

– The WWE Crown Jewel press conference was scheduled to begin at 10:05 but the “coming soon” graphic didn’t change until 10:15. The presser finally kicks off at 10:20 as Michael Cole welcomes us to the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. The venue outside of Mrsool Park is packed with fans and local media as Cole hypes Saturday’s big event. He then introduces WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H and WWE Chairwoman & Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon. They come out to Triple H’s theme song.

Stephanie welcomes everyone and says it’s wonderful to be in Saudi Arabia as part of Riyadh Season. She talks about WWE first coming to Saudi Arabia and says tomorrow will be a night to remember. She says WWE would like to sincerely thank the King and the Crown Prince, and others in the Kingdom for their continued partnership and friendship. Stephanie says it is her honor to introduce a man who needs no introduction… his excellency. Turki Al-Sheikh comes out, and he is the a Saudi adviser at the Royal Court under the rank of Minister, and the current Chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Entertainment. He speaks through a translator and hypes the show, and says they will continue to make the entertainment industry a priority. He thanks everyone and they cheer him. Triple H and Stephanie present Turki with a replica WWE Title belt and they then pose with him as fans chant “MBS!” for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It sounds like Turki may be taking the title to MBS. Triple H takes the podium now to a “Triple H!” chant.

Triple H thanks Stephanie, who has left the stage. He also thanks the King and the Crown Prince, and says it’s a privilege to be here. He says being here reminds him of just how big the WWE Universe is. Triple H compares the energy to WrestleMania and says the energy the fans provide is off the charts. He names some Superstars… Omos gets booed, Braun Strowman is cheered, Bayley is cheered, RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair receives a mixed reaction, Logan Paul receives mostly boos, and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is cheered. Triple H goes on about how WWE loves coming to Saudi Arabia to perform, and how passionate the fans are, and how the fans make these Saudi shows so special. He recalls how the partnership started and where it’s going and says he has only one question… a “yes!” chant starts up before he asks it. Triple H then asks Saudi Arabia… are. you. ready? They are. Triple H says let’s get this thing started. He exits the stage to another “Triple H!” chant as Cole comes back out.

Cole goes over the loaded card for Saturday, and says there will be a weigh-in for Omos and Strowman later on. Triple H is seated at one of the tables now as Cole introduces Belair, who comes out to her theme to a mixed reaction. Fans chant “EST!” as Belair raises her title. Out next are new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss and Asuka, to Bliss’ theme. Cole speaks but the “Asuka!” chant interrupts Cole as he hypes tomorrow’s two matches, then introduces Damage CTRL – Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, who come out to mixed reactions as well. Belair promises to be the last woman standing, but Bayley disagrees. Fans chant for Bayley and she tells Cole that’s the respect she deserves. Bayley is honored to be back in Saudi, and reminds everyone she’s already successfully defended a title here, so we will see if the same goes for Belair. The tag teams also have words and the fans are loving Asuka. Kai points to how the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title belts still have their names on them. We get a photo-op with the two tag teams, with Triple H standing in between them. Cole wishes them good luck, and now it’s time for a photo-op with Triple H, Belair and Bayley. Cole wishes them good luck and sends us to a promo for Omos vs. Strowman.

Cole brings up speculation on the weight of the Colossal Collision competitors. Out first comes Omos for the official weigh-in, and MVP is not with him. Cole offers his hand for a shake but Omos ignores it, then shakes Triple H’s hand. Omos places his hand over Cole’s face. Cole says he’d offer Omos a seat but he’s not sure the chair will hold him. Out next comes Braun Strowman and he’s fired up, wearing a shiny suit. Omos takes the mic to boos. He says tomorrow the Nigerian Giant will show the world how there’s only room for one giant and that’s him. He says you can boo all you want but remember this – monsters are not real, but giants are. A “you suck!” chant starts up as Braun points at Omos and chuckles. Braun takes the mic to cheers and a “Strowman!” chant. Braun says he loves Saudi Arabia, and this is the biggest challenge he’s had in his life. Cole goes to the “official scale for the official weigh-in” and then he invites Omos to step up first. Omos weighs in at 416.60 pounds. A “you still suck!” chant breaks out. Braun steps up to the scale next and removes his jacket to a pop. Braun weighs in at 335.99 pounds. Strowman and Omos do a photo-op with Triple H now as a “fight!” chant breaks out. Strowman touches Omos and they have words. Cole thanks them as we go to a promo for the Crown Jewel main event.

Cole goes to bring out the next guest but Paul Heyman interrupts to a big pop. Heyman has some fun with the crowd before introducing the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. The music hits and out comes Reigns to a pop. Reigns comes out and raises his finger in the air while Heyman keeps a title belt on each shoulder. Fans chant “Uce-y!” now. Reigns smiles, then takes the mic and calls on the Kingdom to acknowledge him. Out next comes Paul, riding out on a camel. Reigns can’t believe what he’s seeing, and is a bit annoyed at Logan’s entrance. Paul jumps up on the stage to shake hands, and he’s fired up.

Paul also receives cheers. Cole asks about speculation on if Paul can do the unthinkable tomorrow, which is knock Reigns out. Reigns says he has no clue what Cole just said. A “Uce-y!” chant breaks out and says Cole isn’t feeling Uce-y, and Paul won’t be feeling that way after tomorrow. Reigns gives Paul the chance to thank him now. Paul says Reigns should be thanking him because he just made Reigns relevant in the Middle East. Reigns says he’s been entertaining Saudi Arabia while Paul was making terrible YouTube vlogs. Reigns is giving Paul one more chance to thank him right now before he teaches him invaluable lessons tomorrow. Reigns calls on Paul to thank his Tribal Chief. Paul says here’s the validation Reigns needs so bad, which is he calls to be acknowledged every time. Paul sarcastically thanks Reigns and a “Logan!” chant breaks out. Paul says Reigns can’t talk when Heyman isn’t speaking for him, so he will take it from here. Paul hypes the crowd up and calls the people and the country beautiful, saying he’s humbled, and he was called on to dethrone Reigns in just his third match. Paul says his Prime drink is coming to Saudi Arabia, don’t worry. Paul says he’s inspired and his one true goal here is to inspire others. He goes on about being a kid from Ohio, now in the Middle East. Paul goes on about his previous WWE matches and addresses Reigns, saying despite being at the top of WWE and as smart and great as he is, he forgot one thing – Reigns isn’t the only one without a Bloodline, referring to his brother Jake Paul.

Cole says he understands Logan may have a little bit of back-up here in Saudi Arabia. Fans chant for Jake now. Logan says back-up is an understatement, he brought someone with the wrath of God in his right hand. Logan introduces Jake next and he’s also fired up. Reigns is furious, yelling at Heyman. Jake says his brother will beat Reigns, just like people said he wouldn’t beat Anderson Silva. Jake says he exterminated The Spider, and Logan will do the same thing to Reigns tomorrow. Heyman says this is a good surprise, congratulations. Heyman goes on about how The Tribal Chief could smash them both right now. The brothers tell Reigns to do it, and Heyman says they are businessmen, so they will do it tomorrow when Reigns is paid to do it. Heyman then introduces The Bloodline and out comes Solo Sikoa with Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, who Jake calls the twin sisters. Fans chant “Uce-y!” now. Fans chant for Sami Zayn but Reigns says they don’t deserve Sami. The Bloodline then exits. Triple H poses with the Paul brothers instead, then they shake hands. Cole hypes Crown Jewel one more time and thanks everyone for being here.

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