News on this week’s NXT departures

Nov 4, 2022 - by Staff

A new report from the Wrestling Observer notes that word going around says Bodhi Hayward got hurt a lot and had heat for not going to a show or multiple shows, which led to his NXT release this week. It was noted by another source that Hayward wasn’t showing enough progress and sometimes didn’t show up on time.

WWE wrote Hayward out of the storylines with two segments on NXT TV. The October 25 episode featured a segment where Andre Chase was upset at Hayward for not showing up to classes, which allowed Duke Hudson to take his spot. The episode on November 1, the day Hayward was released, featured a backstage Chase University segment where Hayward’s jersey was hanging up, and his release was referenced as fans in the arena booed. Hudson ended up officially taking Hayward’s role as the Chase U flag carrier.

WWE also released Damaris Griffin, Ru Feng, Sloane Jacobs and Erica Yan this week. It was noted that the cuts were all performance and improvement based, but Hayward’s release was more than just that.

The wrestlers cut this week are under 30-day non-compete clauses, meaning they will become free agents after Thursday, December 1.

WWE revealed a while back that how there’s an unofficial rule where they want developmental talents to at least make it to TV within two years. With a lot of new signings not making it to TV, it’s likely that there will be more regular NXT cuts moving forward.

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