Cornette says he “wouldn’t have a spot” for Jericho in AEW

Oct 30, 2022 - by James Walsh

Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on various topics on his Jim Cornette Experience.

During it, Cornette spoke about Chris Jericho, who recently signed a new deal with AEW that will see him elevated to the roles of producer and creative advisor.

Cornette stated how he would prefer to keep Jon Moxley around if he had to choose between Moxley and Jericho because on the basis that fans haven’t already seen everything from ‘The Death Rider’:

“Yeah, and I said the same thing for Moxley [denying star power]. And that’s why I kept Moxley and thinking that hopefully that he would be able to do as instructed. Jericho at this point, though, he’s been there, we’ve seen it. I think if you were to keep [him] you can’t change Chris’ mind, he’s firmly stuck in 15 years ago WWF.

And he wants to be the guy and he’s trying to run everybody out of his way. But if you could control his personality, and you could send him home for a while with an injury or whatever, and let people miss him because he went away and bring him back as Chris Jericho, legendary wrestler.

He’s a babyface and he comes back and has a program with another top guy, that might work, but now he’s just been hanging around for so long and doing his stupid sh*t and people are tuning out in droves and he’s surrounded with job guys so he can be the star. And he ain’t getting anybody over, so I wouldn’t have a spot for him right now.”

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  1. All Petite says:

    TL:DR Jericho is Cancer in AEW according to Cornette.

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