Impact Wrestling, 10/27/22

Oct 27, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute action from Impact Wrestling. Coverage begins at 8pm.

The show kicks off with a recap of Scott D’Amore and Frankie Kazarian.  Kaz relinquished the X-Division Championship to challenge Josh Alexander for the Impact World Title.  Rhino and Heath’s tag team title victory is covered.  Eddie Edwards and PCO are at odds over Honor No More.

Scott D’Amore is approached by for tag champs, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett.  They are hot they have lost the belts.  They are upset Maria Kanellis is hurt.  D’Amore says he hears their grips and will try to be more nice to them in the future.. and then fires them.

X Division Tournament Match.  Trey Miguel VS Alan Angels

Angels has been absent from Impact since July, but he has been traveling the indy scene and prepping himself for an opportunity like this.  Angels rolls up Trey for a quick two count.  Trey then gets caught on the top rope he fell hard to the mat.  Trey then gets dropkicked to the floor.  After a reverse sling blade, Angels gets another two count.  The two get tangled in the ropes and Trey hip-tosses and then hand spring kicks Angel to the mat.  Trey connects with a series of kicks and a double stomp.  After a couple of running knees, Miguel gets a two count.  He misses a meteora next.  Angels then hits a DDT for two.  Angels goes for a superplex, but Trey slips free and eventually hits a meteora for another two count.  Angels locks on a version of the ankle lock after a flatliner, but Miguel escapes.  Angels lands a frog splash for a two count.  Trey knees Angles and then hits the lightning spiral and gets the win.

Winner by pinfall, Trey Miguel.  Trey advance. 

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray are approached by Ace Austin and Chris Bey.  The Bullet Club accuse Bully further of attacking Austin last night.  Tommy defends his friend and Chris Bey then challenges Tommy to a one on one match.  Bully tries his best to prove he didn’t do the attack, but The BC do not believe him.  The segment ends with Bully and Tommy frustrated with the situation.

Gisele Shaw, Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo, VXT cut a backstage promo about ending the career of Mickie James.  Chelsea and Deonna are quick to make sure Shaw knows her place.

Match 2.  Tasha Steelz (with Savanah Evans) vs Racheal Scheels

Racheal is rocked from behind immediately.  Steelz then drops her again and grabs the mic in disgust.  She runs down Rachael.  She says she is beneath her.  She calls in Savanah to the ring.  Evans drops her and the ref calls for the bell and DQ.

Winner by DQ.   Rachael Scheels

Evans continues the onslaught after the bell and Steelz throws the mic in disgust.

The tag champs, Rhino and Heath are approached by the Motor City Machine Guns.  They agree to have a match down the road.

The Guns are then seen with Matt Cardona and Brian Myers.  Myers and Cardona also want the tag belts.  A match is set up for Cardona and Alex Shelley.

Match 3.  Chris Bey (with Ace Austin) VS Tommy Dreamer (with Bully Ray)

Bey is in his hometown and the fans are chanting for him.  Dreamer has been wrestling longer than Bey has been alive.  Dreamer wants to keep the match slow.  Bully and Ace are arguing on the outside.  Dreamer avoids a spin kick and separates Ace and Bully.  After a break.  Tommy does a fall away slam on Bey.  Bey shoulders him from the apron and double stomps him.  After a standing moon sault, Bey gets a two count.  Tommy fires up and chops Bey in the corner repeatedly, but misses a shoulder drive.  Bey then DDT’s Tommy.  Tommy recovers and hits a cutter for a two count.  Bey regains the advantage off a spin kick.  He is met by Dreamer on the top rope and crotched.  Dreamer superplexes him to the mat.  Moose enters the arena.  Moose argues with Bully.  Moose trips Bey and Tommy rolls him up for a two count.  Bully gets blamed for it.  After a Bey spin kick, Bey wins on a art of finesse.

Winner by pinfall.  Chris Bey

We get a flashback of Bully Ray defeating Sting after hitting him with a hammer.

Bully is furious backstage.  Tommy is trying to calm him down.  He tells him everyone saw Moose and what he did.  Bully accepts Tommy’s talk and the segment ends.

Match 4.  Matt Cardona (with Brian Myers) VS Alex Shelley (with Chris Sabin) 

This match starts hot with Shelley beating on Cardona all over the arena floor.  Cardona finally tumbles into the ring to save himself.  Shelley splashes himself on to Cardona to enter.  Shelley begins chopping Matt.  He then rings the arm.  Only Brian Myers tripping him up from the floor stops the offense.  Cardona takes advantage and beats on Shelley on the floor.  Back in the ring, Shelley takes a neck breaker for a two count.  The match has slowed greatly and Cardona suplexes Shelley after some ground and pound.  After a rear chin lock on the mat, Shelley gets to his feet.  Cardona takes him out again with a back elbow.  Matt then works him over in the corner.  Shelley then recovers by tripping Matt face first into the bottom turnbuckle.  The two eventually trade strong style blows in the middle of the ring.  Shelley lands a elbow off the ropes and a kick to the back.  After a spinning DDT, Shelley gets a two count only because Myers puts the leg on the ropes.  Sabin loses it and interferes.  Cardona hits radio silence.  Shelley kicks out at two.  Shelley DDT’s Cardona for two on the Digital Media Belt.  Myers interferes again.  Sabin gets revenge momentarily, but Myers hits Shelley with the belt after bouncing the ropes. Cardona pins him.

Winner.. Matt Cardona

Heath and Rhino hit the ring and attack Myers and Cardona.

Rich Swann and Josh Alexander have nice words backstage.  Gail Kim approaches Josh and warns him to watch his back.  Steve Maclin attacks him right after.  Security have to make the save.

Back after a break.  Kaz came to Alexander’s aid.  They agree to team next week against Aussie Open.

Match 5.  Raj Singh (with Shera) VS Joe Hendry

It really is amazing Hendry, who might be the cheesier than Johnny Swinger, is so over.  He grabs the mic and cuts a funny promo about a fan losing everything on the Vegas poker table.  (The show is at Vegas)  He says the fan will go home and tell his wife it is ok, because he saw Joe Hendry.  His wife then apparently will agree.

The match starts with fans chanting his song.  He suplexes Singh to start the match.  Raj back elboes Joe, only to be gorilla pressed.  Raj fights back with a kick to the head.  Hendry stands up smiling and clotheslines him.  After a choke slam it is over.

Winner.  Joe Hendry

EY is shown backstage with Deaner.  They appear to be talking to his minions with a motivational speech.  Taylor Wilde, Jordynne Grace and Mickie James are seen getting ready for their match with VXT.  Up next is a sitdown with Eddie Edwards after the break.

Eddie Edwards admits Honor No More is dead.  He refuses to respond about the strain on his relationship with his wife, Alisha.  He says he has no regrets, but he made mistakes.  He then calls PCO a bitch.  He walks off saying he will pay for what he has done.

Main Event.  VXT, Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green and Gisele Shaw VS Mickie James, Taylor Wilde and Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace

Shaw and James start the match.  James hits a dropkick and gets a one count.  Deonna and Wilde tag in.  The two go to the mat and work scientifically to start.  Wilde hits an arm drag.  Grace tags in and clotheslines Purrazzo in the corner.  Wilde and Green enter.  Wilde arm drags her and dropkicks Chelsea.  Chelsea pulls her hair and gets Deonna back in.  Wilde continues on with a tilt a whirl suplex and a series of kicks.  She then hits a back breaker on Chelsea.  Gisele breaks up the pin.  All the girls enter and start fighting.  VXT bail to the floor and we go to break.

Chelsea is getting double teamed as we return.  Green hits a disaster kick on Wilde.  Purrazzo tags in.  She slows the match down with chops and elbows.  Shaw tags in and she knees and kicks Wilde.  Wilde hits a chin breaker and James tags in and clears the apron and takes Shaw off her feet.  Purrazzo trips her from the floor and Shaw gets a two count.  Purrazzo stomps James in the corner.  Green enters and goes for a two count.  It should be noted, if James loses any match, she has to retire.  Shaw hits a running uppercut.  James needs to make a tag, but Shaw continues to work her over with knees and eventually a rear chin lock.  James gets to her feet, but a hand of hair and a pull and James is back on the ground in the chin lock.

James gets back to her feet and hits a reverse neck breaker.  Both are down.  James and Shaw make a tag.  Grace destroys everyone.  She spinebusters Purrazzo and gets a two count.  Green enters and hits a face plant.  Everyone enters and the spotfest begins.  James ends up on the top and hits a senton on Purrazzo for a two count.  Purrazzo pulls her to their corner and Chelsea hits a blockbuster off the top.  Purrazzo had James on her shoulders.  The match spills to the floor.  Shaw starts strutting with the belt.  Grace loses hit.  James ends up pinning Chelsea after Grace spears Purrazzo leaving Green defenseless.

Winners.  Mickie James, Taylor Wilde and Jordynne Grace.

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