Bray Wyatt notes from WWE Smackdown, new QR code

Oct 22, 2022 - by Staff

Bray Wyatt delivered an interesting “confessional” on tonight’s WWE SmackDown, while WWE planted their latest QR code teaser as Uncle Howdy made another appearance.

Wyatt’s backstage promo aired early in the show. He talked about how he still believes revenge is a confession of pain, but he wanted to confess some things to the fans tonight. He confessed that he has problems and always has, that last time his problems took him to a place he should’ve never came back from, but for whatever reason he did, as he gets chances most people don’t get. He also confessed this time he was happy being gone, he was content with being left alone and OK with it being over… he wanted people to stop saying his name and leave him the hell alone, but he’s really glad the fans brought him back because he needed them. He went on and mentioned how he knows what this person wants, who this person is, and what they’re trying to do, but it won’t work. Wyatt also confessed that he will do some very horrible things on this journey, but he won’t feel sorry for them. Wyatt closed the promo by saying he’s just a servant now, and he goes where The Circle takes him. Wyatt then winked and smirked to end the video.

The Uncle Howdy character later interrupted the announcers, and repeated a line about “lying to the ones you love.” The Howdy video also included a QR code, which leads to a “Psychological/Psychiatric Evaluation” for Wyatt.

The evaluation noted that Wyatt was recorded as having, “Difficulty showing remorse or empathy / conflict with social norms.” The evaluation also stated that Wyatt has a history of, “Disregarding or violating the rights of others.”

Most of the evaluation was redacted, but it did note how Wyatt refused to sign the sheet.

The evaluation sheet also included a client ID, that translates to a phone number, 1-855-211-1333, which includes a voice recording of a man whispering, “Oh, no, not me, I never lost control.”

The Howdy message included a shot of a man with a mustache and while there’s no word yet on who this is, social media speculation is that this is who Uncle Howdy will be revealed as.

You can see the related Wyatt and Howdy clips from this week’s SmackDown below, along with the evaluation sheet:

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