Comedians and Steve Austin reportedly sold animated show to Peacock

Oct 20, 2022 - by Staff

Comedian Dan Soder recently appeared on Barstool Radio and revealed that he and comedian Dan St. Germain wrote a cartoon, with and about Steve Austin, during the COVID-19 pandemic, but WWE and Peacock have been “bullshitting” on moving forward with the project as the idea has been on the shelf for 17 months now. The concept was sold to Peacock.

Soder noted that he has been pushing for the project to be released, and that Austin is “way onboard” with the show as he developed the story with Soder and St. Germain, and not with WWE. It was also said that the animated series is “dark and weird,” which is why Austin liked it. Soder said he hopes addressing the matter publicly will get it pushed through, but he realizes it might have the opposite effect, and he doesn’t care at this point.

Barstool’s KFC called on fans to tweet WWE and Peacock, to pressure them to move forward the show. “I want everyone to tweet at @WWE and @peacock today and tell them to cut the shit, figure out the logistical nonsense, and release the cartoon @DanSoder made with @steveaustinBSR. The people want the Stone Cold/Soder Art! They are standing in the way of entertainment greatness,” KFC wrote.

Soder responded to KFC’s tweet and clarified that the project has not been fully developed yet. “Didn’t make it yet. Just need to sign the deal to actually yet. But I love the passion,” he responded.

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