The Rock on possibly acquiring WWE, Nash on a potential nWo reunion appearance in WWE

Oct 19, 2022 - by James Walsh

– Ahead of the release of his new movie, Black Adam, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson discussed his various business ventures with BNN Bloomberg, and he was also asked about WWE potentially go up for sale, along with him potentially taking an executive role or a board seat with WWE in the near future. Below are some highlights:

The Rock on if WWE were to go up for sale: “I’ve known Vince for a very, very long time and he’s a businessman. I think the key if there were a sale of the WWE is to make sure that whoever acquires that brand in that property, you’ve got to love the wrestling business. Of course, you can love the asset, and you can love everything that comes with it, but you got to love the professional wrestling business … because if not, then you could kind of see the writing on the wall; four or five years down the road, what will happen?”

On possibly taking on an executive role with WWE: “Nick [Khan] and I have talked about that, and we always enjoy that over a bottle of Teremana [Johnson’s tequila brand]. I love the wrestling business. I grew up in it. My grandfather [and] my dad started here in Canada, where [his father] was born. So, I’m not quite too sure if a board seat is in my future, but possibly other things are in my future, for sure.”

The Rock’s new movie, Black Adam, arrives in theaters on Friday, October 21.

– During the latest edition of the Kliq This podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash discussed the recent DX reunion on WWE and discussion a possible nWo reunion appearance.

Nash indicated he would be interested in a reunion-type of appearance that would put the spotlight on his late friend and former nWo member, Scott Hall. Nash stated on the subject (via, “I would do anything that the spotlight was on Scott. They wanted to do something at WrestleMania and for me, it was just too soon. Depending on what they would want to do moving forward. I don’t want to break down [crying] on TV. It’s not time yet, I know that. That’s my opinion, and I’m entitled to that.”

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