Notes on JBL and Baron Corbin, Cameron Grimes

Oct 18, 2022 - by Staff

— As noted, NXT’s Cameron Grimes appeared on last night’s Raw to recruit The O.C. to team with him to face The Schism on tonight’s show. Grimes also wrestled Akira Tozawa in a WWE Main Event match to air later this week. Now PWinsider reports that there is talk of Grimes making more Raw appearances in the coming weeks.

— After Baron Corbin returned with a win over Dolph Ziggler and with WWE Legend JBL as his manager on last night’s Raw, WWE has officially added Corbin to the Raw roster, on the WWE website and internally. They have also dropped the “Happy” gimmick for Corbin.

JBL is expected to appear on several upcoming Raw shows but it’s not clear how long the new storyline will continue. Fightful reports that WWE did not keep JBL and Corbin’s appearance a secret as they were listed internally all weekend.

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