Update on the AEW All Out incident

Sep 30, 2022 - by Staff

It’s believed that The Elite’s AEW situation is on hold due to pending potential legal action coming out of the backstage fight at AEW All Out earlier this month, which put AEW Executive Vice Presidents Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks against CM Punk and AEW Producer Ace Steel.

A new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Omega and The Young Bucks had not heard anything on their status from AEW officials as of a few days ago.

AEW has not and will not address anything on this type of subjects these days, and it’s believed that the situation on hold due to pending potential legal action. Unless cleared up, the legal action could delay things for some time.

It was noted that there is also “a second hold-up” that has not been made clear, but no other details were provided.

There are a lot of people within AEW who want the results of the third-party investigation to be made public. A third-party legal firm was brought in to investigate the All Out incident, and it was expected that final punishment would not be handed down until the investigation was done, but now legal action seems to be delaying any decisions.

People within AEW want the results of the investigation to be made public because they want to know who is right or wrong, or in between, but it’s believed that the results will never be released.

There’s been no confirmation on the status of Punk, Steel, Omega and The Young Bucks, past that they have not been backstage since the fight at the NOW Arena after All Out. Brandon Cutler, Michael Nakazawa, Talent Relations head Christopher Daniels and Vice President of Talent Development Pat Buck were all reportedly temporarily suspended due to their involvement in the fight, but their suspensions were lifted around 10 days later as they were trying to break things up.

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