WWE NXT Report – 9/27/22

Sep 27, 2022 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE NXT opens up on the USA Network on a tape delay. Vic Joseph welcomes us to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett.

– We go right to the ring and out comes Ilja Dragunov as Alicia Taylor does the introduction. Fans chant “welcome back!” as Dragunov hits the ring.

Dragunov recalls how he conquered an unbeatable machine last time he was in NXT, referring to current WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther. Ilja goes on about how he marched in like a gladiator, and became The Czar because pain has always been his best friend. Ilja says he returned to repeat history, achieve his destiny, and one more time he will beat an unbeatable machine to claim gold. But this time his name is not Gunther, his name is Bron Breakker. The music interrupts and out comes #1 contender JD McDonagh.

JD says the fans don’t know Ilja like he does, and he’s such a snake JD isn’t surprised he followed him to America. Ilja recalls forcing JD out of NXT UK by beating him. JD says he beat Ilja’s body so bad he was forced to relinquish the NXT UK Title. JD is in the ring now, facing off with Ilja. JD says this is not Ilja’s time, it’s his time, and Ilja better go back to the sidelines where he’s been at. JD says if he has to, he will end Ilja’s career this time. They face off and the music interrupts as Unified NXT Champion Bron Breakker comes out.

Bron was wondering when Ilja would show up. He welcomes Ilja to NXT and says he’s a warrior but with all due respect, the title isn’t going anywhere. JD calls Bron a meathead and points to how he’s the #1 contender. Ilja says he just had a great idea. Fans chant “triple threat!” JD says he’s earned his shot, don’t be silly. JD says these two alpha males should beat the hell out of each other, then he can get his shot.

Bron says he’s champion, JD is #1 contender, and Ilja never lost his title… so if Bron’s math is correct, and it always is… he goes on and proposes this title match be a Triple Threat. The Steiner Match reference gets a pop from the crowd. Ilja likes the idea as fans chant “triple threat!” again. JD isn’t thrilled. Bron says he will see you boys at Halloween Havoc. Bron raises the NXT Title in the air as they all face off.

– We cut backstage to security trying to break out a fight between Gallus and Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs.

– Toxic Attraction is backstage walking. Unified NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose says Fallon Henley is about to find out what happens when you mess with a bad bitch. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a video promo from The Schism – Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid. They send a warning to Cameron Grimes. Gacy says Grimes brought this on himself and it didn’t have to be this way but to change the world for the better they have to make an example. The wrath of The Schism is imminent. Gacy adds that when Grimes wakes up tomorrow, physically and mentally decimated, he will know that The Schism continues to grow while he will be right back where he started – alone.

Unified NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose vs. Fallon Henley

We go back to the ring and out comes Fallon Henley. Toxic Attraction is out next – Unified NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. They hit the ring and pose on the apron before entering.

Fans chant for Rose as they lock up. Rose slams Henley first and shows off. They talk some trash and Rose works on the arm. Henley takes her down and leaps onto her, applying a submission. Henley drops Rose as fans do dueling chants now. Rose shows Henley up and dropkicks her while she’s down for a 2 count.

Rose talks some trash and smacks Henley’s face into the mat a few times. Henley gets up an slaps Rose. Henley mounts some offense, drops Rose and kicks her in the back of the head. Henley with a big right hand from the floor while Rose is on the middle rope. Henley brings it back in for a 2 count. Henley goes on and catches in a fall-away slam. Rose keeps control and nails a shoulder thrust in the corner.

Rose works Henley around the ring and drops her for another 2 count. Rose launches Henley with a suplex. Rose shows off some more now and fans cheer her on. Rose with an abdominal stretch now as Henley screams out. Fans rally for Henley now. Henley fights out with elbows but Rose knees her. Rose slams Henley on her face for another 2 count. Rose with another abdominal stretch.

Henley breaks free and mounts some offense until Rose rocks her. Henley keeps fighting and hits a bulldog for a 2 count. They trade big strikes on their feet in the middle of the ring now. Rose blocks a Pedigree and nails the All Kiss The Rose bicycle knee for the pin to win.

Winner: Mandy Rose

– After the match, Toxic Attraction stands tall in the ring to celebrate. Rose takes the mic and says she knows Alba Fyre is jealous over how she conquered two continents and unified the titles while Fyre was busy throwing another log on the fire. Fyre may keep the fire going but she’s looking at the woman that starts them. Rose says this is Fyre’s last chance. Fyre appears on the big screen and says Rose may be the champion but she doesn’t do visual warnings, she’s more of a visual woman. Fyre has her bat lit on fire. She smiles and lights up lettering in gasoline on the ground, and it spells out “#AndNew” as the crowd pops. Rose looks on from the ring.

– We get a video of Apollo Crews writing in what looks to be his journal. He says revenge is an act of passion, so vengeance is an act of justice. He says Grayson Waller got a small taste of vengeance last week. We see how Crews distracted Waller during last week’s NXT North American Title Ladder Match qualifier against Oro Mensah. Crews says Waller tried to permanently blind him and take his vision but in his match with Mensah, Crews’ mere presence blinded Waller from having a shot at the title. Crews says everything is still a haze but one image sticks out crystal clear and that’s Waller mocking his eye injury. Crews will see Waller on the other side. Crews tells Waller to keep an eye out because he’s not done with Waller yet, bitch.

NXT North American Title Ladder Match Qualifier: Wes Lee vs. Tony D’Angelo

We go back to the ring and out comes Wes Lee with a young fan – Quinn “The King Crusher” Molitor from Connor’s Cure. They dance around and head to the ring for this NXT North American Title Ladder Match qualifier as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Xyon Quinn introduces himself to Ilja Dragunov backstage. Quinn introduces himself as The X-Factor of NXT and says he’s heard a lot about Dragunov… what a waste. Quinn says in the Book of Xyon, Dragunov couldn’t even carry all the weight of being a champion, let alone get a second chance. Quinn says he’s never had the chance to carry the ball because everyone knows when he gets it, no one will be able to take it from him. Dragunov has also heard a lot about Quinn… he likes to look at himself, unlimited potential but the talk of a mental moron. Dragunov goes on and says let’s see who’s right about being a champion. Dragunov says the ball is in Quinn’s court. Dragunov walks off. We go back to the ring and out comes Tony D’Angelo with Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. The bell rings and they lock up.

Tony D shoves Lee to the mat and talks some trash. They lock up again and Tony takes it to the corner, roughing Lee up and then backing off. Lee sits on the top turnbuckle and talks some trash. Tony charges but Lee leaps over him and fights back. They tangle and Lee applies a headlock.

We see Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams backstage watching the match. Fans do dueling chants but Tony takes Lee down. Tony drops Lee with a right hand. Lee fights back and takes Tony down with a scissors. Lee dropkicks Tony out of the ring. Stacks yells at Tony D to get back up. Lee runs the ropes for a dive but he puts the brakes on as Stacks is yelling at him from the floor.

Lee then launches himself over the top rope, taking Stacks down on the floor. Lee rolls back in and taunts Tony D. Stacks tries to rush into the ring but Tony holds him back. Tony goes to re-enter but Stacks beats him in. Tony yells at Stacks to stop. Stacks puts hands on Lee and Tony D is a bit annoyed. The referee yells at Stacks and ejects him to the back as Lee looks on. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Back from the break and Tony D is in control. Tony works Lee around and catches him in a big tilt-a-whirl slam. Tony grounds Lee now as fans rally. We see Hayes and Trick watching again from backstage. Vic says we will hear from Hayes right after this match.

Lee fights back but Tony continues to beat him around and talk trash while taking his time. Tony charges but hits the turnbuckles when Lee moves out of the way. Fans rally for Lee now. Tony is slow to recover and it looks like he may be hurt. The referee checks on Tony and calls the bell as Lee looks on.

Winner by Referee Stoppage: Wes Lee

– After the bell, the referee explains what has happened to Lee. It looks like Lee doesn’t want to win this way. Lee’s music starts up as we go to replays. It looks like Tony D hurt his knee when Lee tripped him into the turnbuckles. Lee joins Hayes and Oro Mensah as the first three confirmed participants for the Halloween Havoc Ladder Match.

– McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams now. She asks how he feels about Wes Lee getting another shot at the NXT North American Title at Halloween Havoc. Hayes says he doesn’t feel anything about Lee, ask Lee how he feels about Trick and I shoving his head into the locker last week. Oro Mensah interrupts and introduces himself. He says it’s a pleasure to meet Carmelo and Trick, and he’s looking forward to competing against Carmelo at Halloween Havoc. Hayes knows who Mensah is, and he respects his drip. Hayes says they can hang out and all that, but it’s every man for himself at Halloween Havoc, playboy. Mensah takes his glasses off, changes his tune a bit and says he’s looking forward to it. Hayes scoffs at Mensah and walks off as Mensah stares him down.

– We get a video package for Sol Ruca. She will debut on the main show next.

– Back from the break and we get a “Day In The Life Of” video on Unified NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly. They go on about how they have the perfect lives in their own little perfect utopia. They make sure they look absolutely ravishing every morning, they brush each other’s magnificent hair, stop for a cup of tea, then hit the gym. When they work out, they don’t lift heavy weights because they’re not animals. Once training is done, they bask in each other’s wonderfulness, with 3-4 hours of reflecting on how they’re the greatest tag team in history and the two best looking creatures on earth.

Sol Ruca vs. Amari Miller

We go back to the ring and Amari Miller is wrapping up her entrance. Out next comes Sol Ruca in her main NXT show debut. The announcers talk about how she was a standout college athlete before coming to NXT.

The bell rings and we get a show of respect. They lock up and Ruca works on the arm. Miller takes Ruca down but she gets back up and keeps locked in. They trade more counters. Miller catches a kick and flips Ruca to the mat. Ruca fights Miller off but Miller drops her. Ruca takes Miller down with a head-scissors.

Fans do dueling chants now. Ruca counters and hits a Facebuster for a close 2 count. Ruca and Miller trade more strikes in the middle of the ring. Ruca goes for a sunset flip but Miller drops own for a 2 count. Ruca with a pin attempt of her own. Miller quickly attacks. Ruca goes on and nails a dropkick for a 2 count. Miller with a big kick, then a back kick to put Ruca down. Ruca kicks out at 2 as Miller shows some frustration.

Miller grounds Ruca now as fans rally. Ruca fights up and out but Miller launches her over her head. Miller misses a running big boot. Ruca with a takedown and a flying shoulder tackle, and another. Ruca with a dropkick after ducking a clothesline. Ruca flips into the corner with a big splash. Ruca with another flipping leg drop onto Miller for the pin to win.

Winner: Sol Ruca

– After the match, Ruca stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Ruca offers her hand to help Miller up now. They hug and Ruca plays to the crowd for a pop.

– We see Cameron Grimes walking backstage. We also see The Schism walking. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and security is arguing with Gallus backstage. One of the security guards gets dropped as the chaos continues between Gallus and NXT security.

Cameron Grimes vs. Joe Gacy

We go back to the ring and The Schism is out – Joe Gacy with Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid. Cameron Grimes is out next and he’s all business tonight.

The bell rings and they go at it. Grimes rocks Gacy and unloads with a bunch of kicks against the ropes as fans pop. Gacy goes to the floor for a breather. He brings Grimes out against the edge of the apron, then beats him down with aggressive offense. Gacy brings Grimes back in and beats him into the corner.

Grimes fights back and drops Gacy with forearms. Grimes with a basement dropkick to send Gacy back out for a breather. Grimes goes for the punt kick from the apron but The Dyad gets in the way and Grimes puts the brakes on. Grimes then leaps over The Dyad and takes Gacy down at ringside. Grimes brings Gacy back in but he’s distracted by The Dyad, allowing Gacy to take control and drive him into the mat with the Uranage.

Gacy taunts Grimes and grounds him as the referee counts. Gacy drops elbows on Grimes now. Grimes fights back but Gacy drops him with a DDT for a 2 count. Gacy works Grimes over while he’s on his knees now. Gacy with more talking trash in Grimes’ face. Grimes fights back with gut punches. Grimes goes on but Gacy goes for the Uranage. Grimes counters with an arm drag. Grimes keeps fighting and nails a superkick.

Fowler gets on the apron but Grimes knocks him off. Grimes goes for Gacy but Reid rushes into the ring and hits his knees to throw himself in between Grimes and Gacy. Gacy takes advantage and hits the handspring lariat for the pin to win.

Winner: Joe Gacy

– After the match, The Schism stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. The Schism raises their arms in the middle of the ring now as Grimes looks on from the floor as he tries to recover.

– McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Grayson Waller, asking him if he saw Apollo Crews’ vision from earlier. Waller says of course he did. He goes on nervously ranting about Crews. McKenzie says if Waller is so worried about Crews, why doesn’t he stay home next week? Waller says he’d never deprive the world of the second episode of The Grayson Waller Effect, especially since he already has Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez booked as guests and it will be fire with them two in the ring. Waller says he will just hire extra security. He says there’s no way Crews’ vision can come true if he has extra security. Waller walks off, reassuring himself of who he is.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Kayden Carter vs. Nikkita Lyons

We go back to the ring and out comes Nikkita Lyons with Zoey Stark. Lyons poses in the ring and throws a roundhouse kick as we go back to a break.

Back from the break and out come NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions – Kayden Carter with Katana Chance. The bell rings and fans chant for Kayden. Lyons shows her up. They lock up and Lyons slams Carter, then keeps the hold and slams her on her face again. Carter counters a hold and applies a headlock.

Carter avoids a move and also shows up Lyons, mocking her earlier move of showing her rear off. They go at it and Carter nails a right hand. Carter blocks a Bonsai Drop, puts Lyons down and kicks her in the face. Lyons stays in it and unloads with punches on her feet now. Lyons drops Carter with a roundhouse kick for a pop. Carter blocks a scoop slam but Lyons drops her and kicks her int he chest. Lyons with a head-scissors to send Carter flying across the ring. Lyons covers for 2.

Lyons grounds Carter in the middle of the ring now as fans rally with Chance. Stark also rallies for her partner, who keeps Carter grounded on the mat. Carter fights free and kicks Lyons in the head again. Carter covers for 2. Lyons with big kicks and a Michinoku Driver in the middle of the ring now. Carter kicks out at 2 and Chance is worried at ringside. Carter and Lyons trade strikes now. Carter kicks the knee out and nails a running big boot to the face while Lyons is down on the bottom rope. Lyons kicks out at 2.

Carter works on the arm now. They get to their feet and Carter tries to use the corner but Lyons drops her into the turnbuckles and she lands hard. Lyons nails a big jumping roundhouse kick and then follows up with the split leg drop for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons

– After the match, Lyons stands tall as the music hits and Stark joins her. We go to replays. Lyons and Stark celebrate the win as the champions recover at ringside.

– We see how Chase University defeated Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams last week. Vic says the party for Chase U continued all weekend. He shows us a video of how Chase U had a victory rally earlier today. The students chant “thank you!” to Andre Chase, who is on a stage with Bodhi Hayward and Thea Hail. He says pinning Carmelo last week earned him a NXT North American Title Ladder Match qualifier next week. The students cheer. Chase says but his opponent is Von Wagner. The students boo. Chase says he’s going to beat Von and become your new NXT North American Champion at Halloween Havoc. The students start celebrating again. Chase opens up the pep rally for questions from members of the press now. A guy named Dave asks how confident Chase is when he’s never beat Wagner before. Chase is angry now. He asks Dave who he’s beat before, and if he thinks this was a five-star question. Chase asks Dave who he’s beaten before, and how many towns has he made? Chase says he will think of Dave’s stupid smug face every time he punches Von next week. Chase says now this was a teachable moment, and the crowd goes wild with him.

– We see Ilja Dragunov walking backstage. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see how Nathan Frazer tied the Best Of 3 Series with Axiom at 1-1 last week. We see footage of Frazer on the soccer field now. He compares this to the ring and says he knows Axiom will pull out moves we’ve never seen next week as they finish the series, but so will Frazer. He says this is the biggest match of their careers, and he’s going to empty the playbook because it’s win or go home, and he just got the ball with the clock ticking down, and the game on the line.

Xyon Quinn vs. Ilja Dragunov

We go back to the ring and Xyon Quinn is making his entrance. Out next comes Ilja Dragunov to a pop.

The bell rings and fans chant “Dragunov!” as they lock up. Dragunov takes Quinn down and applies a headlock. They tangle and Dragunov takes Quinn back down. They get back up and Quinn rocks Dragunov. Dragunov fires back with big strikes, then applies an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring.

Fans rally now. Quinn with a handful of hair to assist him in breaking free as fans boo. Quinn smashes Dragunov in the corner, then beats him down with body shots against the turnbuckles. They trade big strikes but Quinn drops Dragunov and poses over him, yelling out to the crowd. Quinn with a backbreaker over the knee, then a splash to the mat. Dragunov kicks out at 2. Quinn grounds Dragunov and taunts him now.

They get back up and trade big strikes. Dragunov drops Quinn with a jumping kick. Quinn counters a hold but Dragunov comes off the ropes with a lariat to put him back down. Fans chant for Dragunov and he takes it all in. Dragunov with a big suplex from behind, then he tries for another but Quinn fights back.

Quinn swings and misses. Dragunov unloads with strikes and hits a suplex. Dragunov then rocks Quinn with a big move to keep him down. Fans rally for Dragunov and he gets riled up now. Dragunov charges with the Torpedo Moscow for the pin to win.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

– After the match, Dragunov stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Dragunov poses in the corners as fans cheer him on.

– We see Damon Kemp walking backstage. We also see The Creed Brothers in a huddle. Brutus Creed walks off and we go to commercial.

– We get a video of Wendy Choo and Lash Legend. Choo says Legend’s voice is like nails on a chalk board and she doesn’t apologize for sticking up for herself, and she’s not letting Lash and her huge ego interrupt her interview. Lash says she doesn’t have a problem with Choo, how she dresses, does her hair, or her pillow, you do you, but when Lash has something to say she’s going to say it, so get out of her way. She doesn’t care if you’re Choo, Doja Cat, Beyonce or Lizzo, it doesn’t matter – move, buh-bye. Choo says Lash thinks she can pick on her because she’s smaller, not as loud and obnoxious as her, but Choo proved during her Lights Out match with Tiffany Stratton that when she is pushed she can tap into her dark side and that is what Lash will get next week. Lash says when you piss her off she kicks your head off your shoulders, point blank period, and if Choo wants to see the next kick coming, no problem. Choo says when you have the ability Lash has it’s hard to be humble but she will teach Lash humility next week. Choo says after next week when she’s done with Lash we will hear this… silence. Choo says she will shut the biggest mouth in NXT. Lash says someone better get Choo’s bed, pillow and night light ready because she will put her to bed next week.

Brutus Creed vs. Damon Kemp

We go back to the ring and out comes Brutus Creed. He’s announced as still representing The Diamond Mine. Damon Kemp is out next with his new theme song.

Brutus attacks Kemp during his entrance an they brawl. Brutus brings it into the ring and the bell hits. Brutus unloads and nails a big overhead slam. Brutus stalks Kemp and charges but Kemp drops him throat-first into the ropes. Kemp takes Brutus down into a headlock as fans rally.

Kemp slams Brutus and keeps the hold locked. Brutus keeps trying to fight free but Kemp keeps him locked in. Kemp sends Brutus head-first into the turnbuckles a few times as the referee warns him. Kemp grinds Brutus into the ropes now, still keeping this headlock applied. Kemp with knee strikes while keeping Brutus in the hold.

Kemp breaks the hold to drop an elbow, then deliver another elbow strike. Kemp applies the hold once again. Brutus finally powers out and slams Kemp to break the hold. Brutus charges but gets sent into the turnbuckles again. Kemp mocks Brutus and rocks him int he corner. Brutus drops Kemp fro a quick pin attempt.

Brutus charges and knocks Kemp to the floor. Brutus yells from the ring and Kemp is furious at ringside. Kemp grabs a steel chair and attacks Brutus with it as he goes out to the floor. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Brutus Creed

– After the bell, Kemp unloads on Brutus with steel chair shots as fans boo. Kemp brings it back into the ring and continues with chair shots while Brutus is down. Referees rush the ring to try and restore order. The boos continue as Kemp yells in the camera, telling Julius Creed to come get some.

– Sanga is backstage and he’s looking down. Quincy Elliott asks him what’s wrong. Sanga says Quincy had a great debut last week but he didn’t do so well against Von Wagner. Quincy says there’s plenty of Quincy to go around so keep your head up. Sanga says he gives a lot of advice but sometimes he needs advice himself. Sanga thanks Quincy and Quincy says you’re welcome. Sanga walks off. Xyon Quinn comes walking by and Quincy stops him. Quincy says he took Quinn’s advice from last week and watched his match tonight, but he’s just not seeing the X-factor Quinn is always talking about. Quincy laughs and walks off as Quinn looks on.

Pub Rules Match: Gallus vs. Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs

We go back to the ring for tonight’s Pub Rules main event as Gallus comes out – Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. Joe Coffey is banned from ringside for dropping the security guard earlier. We see beer kegs and other pub gimmicks around the ring area. Gallus poses on the apron as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and a camera man catches up with Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark backstage. Lyons gives props for NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Kayden Carter for putting up a fight, but says they are coming for the titles. Stark says with her experience and Stark’s power they are unstoppable. Toxic Attraction interrupts and says they are not ready for the Toxic Tag Team Titles yet. They mock Lyons and Stark. The two sides have words and Toxic Attraction points out how they are outnumbered. A line of fire suddenly appears between them and Alba Fyre appears. She says the odds have now been evened. Toxic Attraction leaves in their white SUV. We go back to the ring for the main event as Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen are out. Briggs has a large rope. They immediately start brawling now.

Wolfgang works on Jensen with the rope and makes him watch Coffey working on Briggs at ringside. Briggs with a trash can lid shot to Coffey, then a trash can shot. Wolfgang beats on Jensen to keep him down in the corner. Briggs comes in to make the save and they double team Wolfgang with clotheslines.

Coffey makes the save and Gallus takes control now. Gallus ends up standing a table up at ringside and fans pop. Briggs and Jensen also have a table leaning in the corner as the two teams talk some trash. Gallus comes in with trash can lids as Brooks and Jensen go to the floor. Gallus stands tall with their trash can lids. Jensen and Briggs bring steel chair sin the ring and they block the trash can lid shots. Briggs and Jensen unload with chair shots, clearing the ring of Gallus for a big pop. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial as Gallus regroups at ringside.

Back from the break and Gallus is dominating. Briggs is taken out while Jensen is double teamed now. Coffey with a close 2 count after a beatdown. Coffey back-slides Jensen and Wolfgang knees a chair into his head. Gallus with more weapons on Jensen. Coffey takes off his belt but Briggs rushes in to save Jensen from a belt whipping.

Gallus gets the best of Briggs and Wolfgang launches him into a big right hand by Coffey. Wolfgang and Coffey unload on Jensen and Briggs with leather belt shots now. Jensen fights from the mat and so does Briggs but the beatdown continues. Vic says this is hard to watch as the welts start to form on Jensen’s back, and Briggs’ back.

Briggs and Jensen get control of the belts and now they unload on Gallus, whipping them around the ring. Fans chant “NXT!” now. Jensen and Briggs continue with belt shots to the back and fans want more. Jensen and Briggs rush to the floor and rock Gallus with right hands, then celebrate. Fans chant “beer!” as Jensen and Briggs look over to see beer mugs on a table. They smash the mugs on the heads of Gallus.

Briggs and Jensen put Coffey upside down in a trash can in the ring now. Joe rushes out and jumps on the apron but the babyfaces charge with double big boots, knocking him off the apron and through the table at ringside. Wolfgang charges in the ring but they send him through the leaning table in the corner to a big pop.

Mark is blinded now as he stumbles around the ring with the trash can over his upper body. Jensen and Briggs hit the High Low double team to Mark, then Jensen covers for the pin to win.

Winners: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen

– After the match, Jensen and Briggs stand tall and celebrate as the music hits. We go to replays. Fallon Henley hits the ring to celebrate with Jensen and Briggs now. Gallus gets up at ringside and they want to fight but security comes out and holds them back while the babyfaces taunt them from the ring. Gallus starts fighting the security off. Joe drops a referee with a punch. Gallus keeps yelling at Briggs and Jensen from ringside until several police officers come from behind. Gallus is placed in handcuffs and escorted out of the WWE Performance Center as Briggs, Jensen and Henley continue their in-ring celebration NXT goes off the air.

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