Tyson Fury prevents Money In The Bank cash-in by knocking out Theory

Sep 4, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Tyson Fury was ringside for the whole event in Cardiff and while he was not involved in a match, the boxing champion still got busy by preventing a Money In The Bank cash-in in a spectacular fashion.

With both Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns down along with the referee, Austin Theory’s theme song hit the speakers. Theory sprinted down the aisle with a second referee and went next to the ring announcer to let her know that he is cashing in his briefcase.

But Fury, who was sitting right there, had other plans. The champ stood up and threw a right hand at Theory, knocking him out!

“Oh my God! Tyson Fury just knocked the hell out of Theory,” screamed Michael Cole on commentary as the fans went absolutely bananas. “Why did he do that for,” questioned Corey Graves.

Fury got involved after the match again, first showing respect to the Tribal Chief by shaking his hand and then showered Drew McIntyre with praise and even sang “American Pie” with him to send the crowd home happy.

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