Cody says he almost hemorrhaged during torn pec surgery

Jul 15, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Cody Rhodes revealed during an appearance on Busted Open Radio today that he almost hemorrhaged during his torn pec surgery last month because of the amount of blood he had following his injury.

“People have seen the picture of it in the match, so it was pretty gnarly,” Cody said.

The American Nightmare, now in recovery, noted how doctors don’t want to give him a timeline for his return yet because they’re afraid if they give him a specific date, he will overdo his work to try and return a month or two earlier than he is supposed to.

But when he does return, you can expect a documentary to be released afterward. Cody said that WWE cameras are following him, and have been following him, since WrestleMania. He said that the documentary originally had a different “storyline” but now that he got injured, the work of the documentary “changed greatly.”

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