Impact Report 6/9/22

Jun 9, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.   Coverage begins at 8pm.  We start the show with a recap of last weeks show.  It highlights the return of Sami Callahan and his feud with Moose.  He wants for revenge for Moose breaking his leg.  There is also a new song to start the show.  Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan are on the call.

Match 1.  Tenille Dashwood (with Madison Rayne) VS Rosemary

Havok is missing in action, so Rosemary will have to go this alone.   Rosemary is a notoriously fast starter, and this match proves no different.  Elbows, splashes and exploder suplexes highlight her attack.  Madison interferes on the outside and Tenille takes advantage of it with punches in the corner.  Rosemary recovers and locks on the upside down.  Rayne lays in another cheap shot to break up the hold.  Dashwood gets a two count.  Rosemary finds herself in the full nelson, but backs Tenille into the corner and rolls out of the hold.  Both get to their feet throwing punches.  Rosemary splashes Dashwood.  She then does the floating over cross face.  Dashwood escapes, but takes a German suplex.  Rosemary gets a two count.  Rosemary rolls up Tenille after knocking Madison off the apron and gets the win.

Winner.  Rosemary

They attack Rosemary post match, but Taya Valkyrie comes out to make the save.  It appears the longtime partners still have uneasy feelings for each other, but they stand tall post match.

The Good Brothers are shown driving out to Sandy Fork, The Briscoe’s farm.  Back from break, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are on the farm, making fun of the farm and the people and children on it.  They visit the chicken coup.  Papa Briscoe tells the Good Brothers to get off his farm.  They then say they are going to beat him up.  Just then, Jay and Mark Briscoe show up and a fight breaks out.  This is basically a cinematic match at this point.  Papa Briscoe comes out with a huge wrench and Mark gets a sharp edge farm tool and Jay grabs a steal rod.  The site of this seems to have the Good Brothers on the run.  We go to break.

Heath is shown backstage.  Gia Miller walks up and asks about Rhino.  Heath says it will be months away and he needs surgery.  Honor No More attacked Rhino last week.  Heath implies he will take HNM himself if he has to.

Match 2.  Steve Maclin VS PCO 

The two trade shoulder blocks and clotheslines to start the match.  PCO then spears Maclin threw the ropes.  They both tumble to the floor.  PCO is bleeding from the mouth already.  He then planchas onto Maclin from the ring.  Maclin recovers and returns the favor.  Maclin lands a spine buster on the ramp.  We go to break.

Maclin is in control as we return.  PCO hits a clothesline and climbs to the top, but Maclin greets him there.  Maclin connects with a superplex.  PCO quickly kicks out.  PCO hulks up and splashes and clotheslines Maclin, culminating with a DDT and cannonball.  Maclin is in trouble.  PCO moonsaults Maclin on the apron from the top rope.  PCO crashes into the steps trying to hit another cannonball.  His mouth is bleeding a lot.  Maclin sets up PCO upside down on the guard rail and runs into him with a knee.  PCO has been favoring his shoulder since the break.  Maclin puts his shoulder inside the stairs and levels him.  His shoulder is out of socket.  Gross.  PCO pushes away the refs and Maclin finishes PCO off in the ring for the pin.

Winner.  Steve Maclin

PCO refuses to stay down and runs off Maclin even with a brutal injury.

Samoa Joe is shown retaining his TNA Championship in a flashback match.

Deonna Purrazzo and Tasha Steelz (with Savanah Evans) have an argument back stage.  Steelz walks off, Chelsea Green walks up and smiles at Deonna and says you may need a little help even if you don’t need it.  They smile at each other.

Matt Morgan is shown backstage in a suit.  He said his time in Impact / TNA was an amazing time in his life.  He is a mayor now.  Vincent comes in and mocks him.  Morgan shrugs it off and exits smiling.

Match 3.  Joe Doering (with Eric Young and Deaner, Honor No More) VS Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

Doering is just so massive.  He is a All Japan Triple Crown winner.  Josh locks on a headlock that takes Joe a long time get free.  Josh sweeps the leg and boots Joe in the head.  Doering reverses a whip and hits a massive side body block.  Josh looks like he got hit by a bus.  Josh kicks out of a pin attempt at two. Doering pounds on Josh for a few mins, slowing the match down.  EY and Deaner cheer him on from the floor.  Joe locks on a chin lock, but after a few mins, Josh punches free.  He hits a few punt kicks and then a knee to the back of the head from the 2nd rope.  Josh then hits a series of rolling Germans.  Deaner hands Doering a flag pole, but Josh gets caught using it and gets DQ’d.

Winner by disqualification.  Joe Doering

VBD tried to jump Josh post match, but Josh held them off.

We then see a Ace Austin in NJPW joining the Bullet Club.  They then have a joint interview.

Moose finds Sami, or Sami finds Moose I should say.  They start brawling backstage.  Weapons are being used, as well as doors and concrete walls.  Moose starts to take the upper hand and punches Sami to a bloody mess.  He tries to leave the room, but is locked in.  Sami smiles and shows him the key.  After racking Moose’s eyes with the key, Sami leaves and locks Moose back in the room.

Matt Cardona and Brian Myers are shown with the Digital Media Champion.  (Rich Swann is the actual champion btw.)  Matt says he can’t defend the title now with his injury.  Brian Myers is gifted the belt from Matt.  Brian challenges Rich Swann to a match at Slammiversary.

Main Event.  Honor No More, Eddie Edwards, Mike Bennett and Matt Tavin VS Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley (The Motor City Machine Guns) and Frankie Kazarian

This match will be very fast.  Bennett and Shelley start the match.  They jockey for position.  Lots of reversals to begin.  Bennett pushes Shelley to his corner and he stomps him to the mat with a little help.  Shelley gets free and chops his way to a tag.  The Guns double team Bennett, but he makes the tag to Tavin.  Sabin rannas him from one side to another of the ring.  Tavin gets up and hits a huge dropkick.  Frankie tags in and hits a spinning neck breaker.  Frankie gets a two count.  Eddie tags in and Frankie tags in Sabin.  Sabin is in control and he and his partners make several tags with quick offense in their corner.  Tavin then gets triple teamed from a camel clutch position.  We go to break after a wicked series of tandem moves from the Impact Originals.

Back from break, Sabin has Eddie in trouble.  He was saved by his team on the outside.  Eddie then hurls himself onto it on the floor.  Shelley is now the one in trouble.  His team were also knocked to the floor for the moment.  No matter what Shelley does, HNM prevents the tag.  Bennett and Taven double team Shelley.  They are keeping Alex in their corner.  Eddie tags in and lays in some chops.  After thumbing Shelley’s eye, Bennett tags back in.  He works him over in the corner, but Shelley finds a way to face plant Mike to the second rope.  Shelley still can’t make the tag and Eddie Edwards sets up Tiger Driver.  Shelley blocks it.  Kaz tags in and clears the ring except Taven.  Eddie and Taven try to stop Kaz, Sabin tags in and he and Shelley take everyone out again.  Sabin is in the ring with Eddie, Bennett makes the save, but takes a cutter.  Guns hit the locked and loaded.  The match starts to break down and everyone is hitting high spots.

Sabin finds himself triple teamed and eats a tiger driver.  Sabin kicks out at two.  Sabin props Eddie on the top, but Taven greats him.  Shelley re-enters and Sabin Tornado DDT’s Eddie.  Taven hits a climax, but takes a cutter from Frankie.  Eddie and Sabin superkick each other.  Bennett crotches Sabin and Eddie hits a tiger driver on Sabin for the win.

Winners.  Honor No More

Heath enters with a chair and attacks HNM.  He takes out everyone and levels Eddie with a chair and wake up call.  Kenny King and Vincent enter and HNM finally bring Heath down.  HNM ties up his foot in a chair and pound on it like the did to Rhino last week.  The show ends with HNM standing tall.

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