Punk tries to talk to MJF after promo, MJF runs through the crowd

Jun 2, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

After TBS went to commercials following the explosive MJF in-ring segment, AEW World champion CM Punk and Matt Jackson came out to face MJF but he escaped through the crowd.

Jackson stayed at the top of the ramp but Punk, with one shoe on and limping, walked down the aisle as MJF kept running his mouth at the new champ. MJF eventually bolted from the ring as Punk got closer and vanished through the sea of fans. This was apparently unplanned as judging from several fan videos which were posted, security ran towards MJF as soon as they realized he was exiting from the crowd.

Punk then slowly turned around and limped to the back as the crowd chanted for MJF.

MJF was the talk of town this past weekend and last night and seemingly managed to turn himself face in the process following the promo which everyone keeps talking about!

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