Impact Wrestling Report, 5/12/22

May 12, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for complete results from the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

The show begins with Mathew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan in the ring.  They hype Slammversary.  Tonight is the beginning tournament for the number one contendership.  The Gauntlet for the Gold. 

Match 1.  Kenny King (with Maria Kanellis, Honor No More) VS Chris Bey (Bullet Club)      Winner will qualify for Ultimate X at Slammiversary.

Maria joins the announce team, but all faction members have been banned from ringside.  The two trade headlocks and arm-drags to start the match.  Interesting fact about these two, Kenny King helped train Chris Bey.  The match spills to the outside and they start trading blows.  Bey scoots back in the ring and launches himself back to floor on King.  Back in the ring, Bey heads to the top, but King knocks him off and double knees him.  He gets a quick one count.  The two bounce the ropes and King hits a big powerslam.  King misses on a legdrop and running elbow.  Bey lays in a series of kicks and heads to the top, where he lands a cross body.  The then hits a torture rack cutter for a long two.  King recovers and hits a chin checker and tiger driver for another two count.  Bey stands and levels King with a spin kick.  Bey then DDT’s King for yet another two count.  Bey then connects with a sliced bread.  He heads back to the top, Maria interferes.  Kenny kicks him off the top and levels him with the Royal Flush to get the win.

Winner by pinfall, Kenny King.  By winning this match, King will challenge for Ultimate X at Slammiversary.  

Alisha Edwards and Giselle Shaw are show backstage getting ready for their match.  Giselle seems less than thrilled being with Alisha.

Match 2.  Knockouts Tag Champs, The Influence, Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne VS Giselle Shaw and Alisha Edwards

Alisha and Giselle start off quick and double team the champs.  We go to a quick break, but The Influence is in trouble.  Dashwood is in control as we return.  She pulls Alisha to the corner and The Influence double team her with stomps in the corner.  Alisha fires out to her feet on Madison, but eats a clothesline.  Rayne hits a knee into a neck breaker for a one count.  Madison then cheap shots Giselle on the apron.  Alisha kicks Madison in the head and makes the tag.  Shaw enters hot and lays in a series of kicks to Dashwood and Rayne.  After a DDT, she gets a two count on Rayne.  Alisha tags in and flatlines Madison for a two count.  Dashwood attacks Madison from behind.  The ref missed it.  After a  double flatliner.  The match is over.

Winners and still your Impact Knockouts Champions, The Influence.  

Violent By Design challenge the Briscoes for next week.

Gail Kim is in the ring as we return.  She announces at Slammiversary will be celebrating 20 years.  A Queen of the Mountain match will happen this year.  The 5 competitors will be Tasha Steelz VS Chelsea Green VS Jordynne Grace VS Deonna Purrazzo VS just then Tasha Steelz interrupts the segment.  She accuses Gail of trying to purposely put her in bad situation with this title match.  Tasha says the Savanah Evans  should be in the match.  Gail says no, the last competitor will be Mia Yim.  Steelz says this must be personal, because Yim doesn’t deserve it.  Yim enters and attacks Steelz and Evans.  She is in control, but Deonna Purrazzo runs and attacks her from behind.  Grace and Taya Valkyrie enter and they help Yim beat of Steelz, Purrazzo and Evans.

Rich Swann cuts a promo announcing he will be in the Guantlet for the Gold Tournament.

Match 3.  Bullet Club, El Phantasmo and Jay White VS Tomohiro Ishii and Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

Jay pretends to want to start the match with Josh, but thinks better of it.  EP and Josh trade takedowns and both make the tag.  Jay and Ishii trade some knees and kicks.  Jay takes a few forearms and EP tries to help to no avail.  Jay spikes Ishii with a DDT.  EP works on Josh on the outside.  All of the sudden Bullet Club is in control.  EP goes to the top and hits a froggy double axe.  Jay tags back in and does the back scratch routine.  He tags in EP.  He starts working the arm, and then goes back to the back scratch.  Ishii loses it, Jay enters and both of the BC members double scratch his back.  Jay chops Ishii in the corner.  After about 5, Ishii has had enough and hits a running power slam.  Both tag out.  Josh is all over EP.  He hits running shoulders, elbows and the series of Germans.  Josh locks on an ankle lock.  Jay goes for the blade runner, but eats a C4 from Josh.  EP then makes the save and does several aerial moves on Josh.  EP goes for the CR2, but Josh gets free.  Ishii comes in and hits a German on EP.  Jay grabs Ishii on apron, Josh takes a kick from EP, but Jay ends up on the floor and Ishii basement lariats EP.  After a brain buster, Ishii gets the pin on EP.

Winners.  Josh Alexander and Ishii

The Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes accept the challenge of Violent By Design.  The match will be next week.

Main Event.  Gauntlet for the Gold

Every two mins, another competitor enters.  Chris Sabin enters 1st.  Alex Shelley draws two.  The best friends and tag partners will start it off.  The  tie up collar and elbow and transition to armbars and arm drags.  Neither gain an advantage, but the move set is crisp and the fans appreciate what is happening.  The next competitor is Eddie Edwards.  Eddie is attacked by the Guns right away, but he pokes the eyes.  The Guns regroup and work together, but Eddie is doing well until he eats a Sabin boot.  Vincent of HNM enters next.  He levels the field and he and Eddie take control working over the Guns with some kicks.  Shelley recovers and kicks Vincent and Eddie.  Sabin and Shelley then to the tag tandem moves on Vincent.  Steve Maclin is out next.  HNM speak with Maclin and they appear to be working together.  He crushes the Guns in the corner.  Vincent Swantons Shelley.  Sharkboy is out next.  He hits a stunner on Maclin.  Vincent eats a Guns double team and then Eddie does as well.  Sharkboy double stunners Eddie and Vincent and we go to break.  Bhupinder Gujjar enters next.  (BG is what I will refer him as.)  During the break, Sharkboy was tossed over the top and eliminated.  Raj Singh is also in the match, but eliminated by BG.  Shera enters and goes right after BG.  The match has slowed quite a bit and everyone is punching each other in the corners.  Trey Miguel is also in.  W Morrissey enters.  He powerbombs Maclin and sidewalk slams Vincent.  He then clotheslines Shera to the floor and Vincent is next.   Eric Young (EY) enters next.  He uses his entrance mask on Morrissey and then piledrives him.  He looks legit hurt.  BG is eliminated by EY.  W is still down in the corner.  Johnny Swinger is out next.  Zicky Dice is in tow, but only in support of the Swingman.  EY tosses him as soon as he enters and we go to break.  Rhino enters next.  Heath is also in and Sabin disposes of Edwards.  Edwards had eliminated Shelley during the break and Maclin took out Trey Miguel.  Moose is the next entrant.  Moose tosses Black Taurus and Rhino.  Taurus entered also during the break.  Heath is doing his best to fight Moose, but the former champion eventually punts him from the ring.  Rich Swann enters next.  He and Moose have a significant exchange in the ring.  He hits a huge back-spring cutter.  Moose rolls under the ring to regroup and Swann turns to EY.  Maclin and Sabin are also still going at it.  Matt Cardona’s music hits, but he is nowhere.  Mathew Rehwoldt leaves the announce table and enters the match next instead of Cardona.  He disposes of Swann from behind.  PCO is out next.  Everyone is trying him on, but PCO splashes, clotheslines and DDTs everyone.  He hurls Rehwoldt from the ring.  W. Morrissey is back in the ring.  He must of just had a stinger from the piledriver earlier.  Morrissey and PCO grab each other by the throat.  Maclin sneaks behind and tosses them both.  The final are in, but the lights go out and Sami Callahan hits Moose with a bat and disposes of him.  Callahan isn’t even in the match.  Maclin, Sabin and Young are left.  Maclin and EY appear to be ok working together on Sabin.   Sabin fight his way threw and tosses Maclin.  EY goes to the top and drops the elbow on Sabin.  Pins are now ok and he gets a two count, but Sabin kicks out.  EY clotheslines Sabin for another two count.  This match will end in pinfall or submission.  Sabin connects with a spinning DDT for a two.  He then gets a roll up for two.  EY then piledrives Sabin for the win.

Winner of Gauntlet for the Gold.  Eric Young.  He will challenge Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship

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