Santos Escobar talks about changing his physique

Feb 22, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“Well sometimes, it’s not that great, because you don’t always have the courage to eat all that food. I think of the stuff I want to achieve & that’s more than enough to continue training up until the last repetition, the last set, all this because of the evolution of NXT to NXT 2.0, which has a bigger focus on the Youth of these new guys & girls that may not have the experience, but they have all the hunger, all the guts, and they are willing to give everything inside the ring.

Part of it is going back to basics, going back to the mentality of having nothing to lose, to give everything, to stop protecting ourselves, and just go all in. In Mexico, I was the Chocolate Champion & Wrestling’s Perfect Body, so this isn’t anything new to me, but this is a new dimension since it was more about learning North American Wrestling & WWE. It was about what I did before & combine it with what I learned from the WWE style and present it, but I’ve had to turn on the turbo with 2.0 & it is really gratifying. I am happy being in constant competition with these younglings and it keeps me woke & alert for everything that can come. We are in Wrestlemania Season, so there’s no better motivator to be in my best shape & best form than this.”

source: WWE Español show “El Brunch” and Fightful

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