Kenny Omega Says WWE Is Desperate

Sep 29, 2021 - by James Walsh

Speaking to Tokyo Sports in a recent interview, AEW World champion Kenny Omega discussed the changes in the wrestler power structure.

While he acknowledged there is a huge gap between WWE and AEW, he noted that WWE is becoming “desperate” by constantly bring back wrestling Legends “every other week.” Below are some highlights from Hige Channel’s extended version of the previous interview with Tokyo Sports:

Kenny Omega on the power structure of the wrestling industry: “At the start, there was a huge gap between WWE and AEW. (AEW) was just some fledgling promotion after all. But have you realized how the tables have turned? WWE is desperate. They keep bringing back Legends every other week. COVID is a terrible thing, and we never wanted it to happen but it is what it is.”

Omega on the current issues in the wrestling industry in Japan: “In fact the Japanese wrestlers haven’t been able to attract the fans purely by their ability, much less thought about ways to do it. For example, I was in Japan for 10 years. Hypothetically let’s say if I only spoke English the whole time, and Michael Nakazawa did all my interpretation. The fans will be impressed by my genius way of thinking. I’d have convinced myself I was a genius and be at ease knowing I have the fans’ support. If I had continue on only speaking English…and if Michael suddenly retires and disappears from wrestling-related work, what would’ve happen to me?”

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  1. some guy says:

    if only Kenny was actually GOOD at anything, aside from being a final fantasy fan.

  2. Pisto75666 says:

    Hey Kenny, why don’t you go ask a third of your roster if WWE is desperate? They’re all ex WWE talent, so they should know.

  3. art123guy says:

    But…WWE DOES rely on Legends so he’s not entirely wrong.

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