9/27/21 AEW Dark Elevation Recap

Sep 27, 2021 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Eddie Kingston, Mark Henry, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Queens, New York.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Kayla Sparks vs. Thunder Rosa
They lock up and Sparks backs Rosa into the corner. They exchange shoves and Sparks slaps Rosa across the face. Rosa comes back with a few shots and dropkicks Sparks into the corner. Sparks comes back with an elbow shot, but Rosa takes her down with an arm drag. Sparks comes back with shots in the corner, followed by stomps that drop Rosa to the mat. Rosa comes back with a spinning elbow shot, followed by a few right hands. Rosa slams Sparks into the turnbuckle and connects with a sliding lariat. Rosa delivers a back senton and then delivers double knees over the ropes. Rosa delivers a dropkick against the ropes and follows with the Fire Thunder Driver for the pin fall.
Winner: Thunder Rosa

Match #2 – Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Dark Order (10, Alan Angels, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver) vs. Dean Alexander, Eric James, Kevin Tibbs, and TJ Crawford
Silver starts the match with Crawford. Silver delivers shots and Tibbs tags in. 10 tags in, as well, and drops Tibbs with a slingshot wheelbarrow German suplex. Angels and James tag in, and 10 and Angels double team James. Angels drops him with an assisted hurricanrana, followed by a leg lariat. Angels goes for the cover, but Alexander breaks it up. Tibbs’ team attacks Angels in the corner as Alexander tags in, but Dark Order make the save and drop the heels with shoulder blocks. Angels delivers a chop to Alexander, but Alexander tosses him across the ring. Alexander slams Angels into the corner and tags in Tibbs. Tibbs delivers shots and tags in Crawford. Angels delivers shots to Crawford and Tibbs and drops them with a double clothesline. Reynolds tags in and drops James, who also tagged in, with shots. Reynolds delivers a few elbow strikes, followed by a dropkick. Reynolds delivers a right hand and a front suplex. Reynolds charges in the corner, but James gets his boot up. Reynolds comes back with a boot to the face and slams James to the mat. Reynolds goes for the cover, but Alexander breaks it up.
10 drops Tibbs with a dropkick and Angels sends Crawford to the floor. Reynolds and Angels dive on the hells on the floor as Silver tags in. Silver kicks James in the chest and drops Alexander and Crawford with shots on the floor. Silver connects with a cross-body to James and tags in 10. Dark Order surround James and deliver shots to him. 10 grabs James and locks in the Full Nelson for the submission.
Winners: Dark Order

Match #3 – 3-on-1 Handicap Match: CPA, RSP, and VSK vs. Paul Wight
The Gunn Club walk to the stage right after the match begins. Wight drops CPA and VSK with tests of strength, but RSP jumps in to help. Wight shoves them all to the mat and delivers clotheslines to VSK and CPA. Wight chops VSK and CPA, but RSP delivers shots from behind. He grabs Wight around the throat, but Wight shoves him out of the ring. Wight chops VSK in the corner and finally sees The Gunn Club watching the match. Wight chops CPA in the corner and throws him into VSK. Wight chops VSK as CPA crawls away, but then Wight chops CPA again. Wight stands on both of them in the corner as RSP comes back in the ring. RSP goes for a kick, but Wight knocks him out with a right hand. Wight double chokeslams CPA and VSK and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Paul Wight

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. has an interview. Baker says Ruby Soho came to AEW and thought she could hang, but her time has already come and gone. She says D.M.D. is written all over the AEW history books, and she doesn’t care who is next, because the letters will remain the same.

MJF has an interview. He insults Queens and says he beat Brian Pillman Jr. without breaking a sweat. He begs for someone to pin him or make him tap out, because no one has been able to do it cleanly. He says he is better than everyone, and they know it.

Bryan Danielson has an interview. He says he feels alive and wanted to come in and face the best guy. He says he wished he would have won, but professional wrestling is magic and he is grateful. He says it was unlike anything he has ever done, and there was so much joy even through all the pain. He says he missed going out and giving everything he has, and has been away from wrestling since April, but been away from giving it everything for a lot longer. Danielson says he will go through everyone that it takes to get another match with Kenny Omega.

Men of the Year have an interview. Ethan Page says he will gloat about beating Chris Jericho and Jake Hager for the rest of his life. Page says he grew up looking up to Jericho and now he has embarrassed him. Scorpio Sky says they made an example and says they bring it week in and week out. Sky tells anyone who wants a shot better take it, but Jericho has taken it too far because he won’t step aside. He says it’s not happening anymore.

An exclusive look at Grand Slam Week in AEW airs, with comments from guys like Eddie Kingston, Homicide, Brian Pillman Jr., Ortiz, Anthony Bowens, and Max Caster.

The Acclaimed come to the stage and Caster calls out Tony Khan in his rap. Bowens takes the mic and asks why Khan hasn’t answers Caster’s challenge to a battle rap. Khan eventually comes to the stage and says he has written a lot of wrestling cards, but he has never written a rap song, so he brought in some help. He introduces Lil Uzi Vert, who joins him on the stage. Khan recites the rap that Vert wrote for him, and brings out The Varsity Blonds. They brawl with The Acclaimed on the stage and The Blonds get the upper hand and send The Acclaimed to the back.

Paul Wight cuts a promo. He says he joined AEW because he saw it had a chance to grow and be something special. He says it felt great to perform in front of the crowd in Queens and says he is glad to be around the guys and girls in the back due to the energy that they have. He says AEW is a professional wrestling company, and people are going to be drawn to it.

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