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Sep 23, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight at 8 PM for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.

This promises to be an emotional night for Impact.  Josh Alexander will relinquish the X Division Championship for a shot at the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory… OPTION C has been invoked.  D’Lo and Matt Stryker are on the call.

The show starts with Scott D’Amore in the ring addressing the crowd about Josh Alexander.  The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander is called out to the ring.  He enters in street clothes.  Scott asks for the belt and reminds him once he gives him the belt, he is no longer the champion.   Josh says he understands what Scott is saying.  He recollects his time after his neck surgery.  He also says he has done everything he can do with this belt.  He says he needs the Impact World Championship now.  Just then, Impact World Champion, Christian Cage enters the arena.  Christian says he respects him.  He says you almost lost your career, but says he did lose his career for seven years.  He says he is now the World Champion and he isn’t going to lay down for anyone.  Christian then tells him he could lose and then have nothing.  Josh says thank you for making this decision easier.  He then hands the belt to D’Amore.  Ace Austin’s music then hits.  He enters with Madman Fulton.  He says a few nights ago he was almost the youngest champion in history.  He tells Christian he isn’t done with him yet.  He then tells Josh Alexander he has been riding his coattails his entire career.  Josh then reminds him he took the belt from Ace.  The four start brawling at this point and Ace rams his cane in Christian’s face.  They walk the ramp standing tall.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack are interviewed by Gia Miller backstage.  Rich says he and Willie have a new cause.  Rich says he is going to join the Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory to get a shot at the World Championship.  Willie says he wants the X Division Championship.  Brian Myers walks up and says he is in too.  Sam Beale and Ziggy Dice are with some other jobber and they say they want to team with Brian in a tag match against Swann and Mack tonight.  Myers is not sure about this and walks off.

Scott D’Amore informs Christian, who is still in pain from the cane attack that Josh Alexander will face Ace Austin tonight.

Match 1.  Hikuleo (with Chris Bey, representing the Bullet Club) VS  David Finley (with Juice Robinson)

The two circle each other.  Finley will need to outwork and use speed to overcome Haku’s son.  Hikuleo takes Finley to the mat with clubbing blows to the back of the neck.  He then hits a big slam.  Hikuleo is at least 6 foot 8.  He then hits a big boot off the ropes.

Back from break, Finley is still in trouble.  Apparently Bey was interfering on the floor.  Finley is trapped in a chin lock.  He struggles to get to his feet and get free, but then takes a vertical suplex for a two count.  Finley ducks a big boot and sneaks behind and hits a reverse neck breaker.  He picks up the pace and gets a two count off a crossbody block.  He then locks on the sleeper.  Hikuleo stands out of it and backs Finley into the corner a few times.  Finally Finley falls and then gets clotheslined for another two count.  Hikuleo sets up a chokeslam, but Finley reverses it and hits a cutter.  Finley school boys him and gets the pin.

Winner.  David Finley

Hikuleo attacks Finley post match.  Juice runs in to make the save, but Bey answers that gaining an advantage, but Fin Juice regains the advantage until El Phantasmo enters and Bullet Club take control.  They then stand tall and celebrate.

Violent By Design, lead by Eric Young have a vignette backstage about Rhino.  EY says last week you he will learn from his mistakes.  He is the War Machine.  He can’t quit VBD.  He then says do the right thing.  EY says he made them attack him.  EY says we need an answer next week.

Matt Cardona is interviewed with Chelsea Green backstage.  Chelsea is going to face Rohit Raju tonight.  Matt says he is done after beating him at Victory Road, but Chelsea says she isn’t right now.  We go to break.  They will fight next.

We get another vignette of Su Yung, Kimber Lee and Neveah.  The women seem to be sadistically worshipping Su.

Match 2.  Rohit Raju VS Chelsea Green (with Matt Cardona)

Strange Shera is not backing Rohit.  We will see if he ends up making a difference.

Rohit tosses Chelsea to the ground from a tie up.  He did this just to piss her off.  He then ties her up again and muscles her to the corner.  Chelsea kicks Rohit off the ropes and then hits a soccer style kick when Rohit was on his knees.  Rohit then takes her off her feet with a slam.  Rohit then punches her to the ground after she gets up.  Rohit gets a two count off a suplex.  Chelsea hits a couple Thesz presses.  She then hits a German for a two count.  Rohit becomes enraged and hits a back elbow.  He misses a high knee.  She hits one.  Gamma Singh enters and takes out Cardona.  Rohit rolls up Chelsea for the win.

Winner.  Rohit Raju

The Desi Hit Squad is back.

Eddie Edwards is rampaging backstage about what Moose and W. Morrissey did to his wife at Victory RoadSami Callihan enters and says he is there to help.  Eddie says no.. Sami said I am here to help you.  Our past is over.  Eddie then accepts his help and they go on the hunt to find them as we go to break.

Eddie finds Moose and they start brawling.  Sami takes him out with a bat from behind.  They really want Morrissey, so they finish with Moose and go back on the hunt.

Match 3.  Brian Myers (with the Learning Tree) and VSK VS Willie Mack and Rich Swann

VSK starts off with Swann.  The two are super quick and they trade dropkicks and hip tosses off the ropes.  The match is quick.  Swann hits another huge dropkick and he and Mack hit a Bulldog combo.  Myers tags in.  Willie is a superfast heavyweight.  Mack is in control.  Ziggy Dice interferes on the outside and VSK tags in and hits a running dropkick that downs Mack.  Myers tags back in and goes to the ground and pound.  He ends up locking on a face lock.  Mack stands out of it and hits a pop up uppercut.  Both are going for the tag.  Swann and VSK are back in.  Swann is now in complete control.  Myers has to go in to help.  Mack takes him out.  VSK hits a jumping DDT for two.  VSK goes to the top, but takes a superkick off a dive from the top.  Swann goes to the top as everyone enters.  Beale tries to throw Swann off the top rope, but Swann lands on VSK and gets the pin.

Winners.  Willie Mack and Rich Swann.

Myers and VSK are disgusted in defeat.

Back at Swingers Palace, Johnny Swinger is still worried going to Vegas for Bound For Glory, will put him out of business.  Johnny Bravo pens a letter to Scott D’Amore inviting him to join him next week to discuss this.  Johnny says end if saying the letter is from JJ Dillon. 

The Good Brothers are shown, apparently on vacation.  They are drinking and bragging they have beat everyone.  They deserve this.  They start naming off all the teams in Impact and AEW.  They say they are going to lay in the sun and get a better tan.

Mickie James enters the ring.  She is in regular clothes (for a country girl.)  She thanks everyone for accepting her back in Impact.  She says she wanted to elevate Deonna Purrazzo at NWA 73.  She then asks Deonna to come out and they can settle this women to women.  The Knockouts and and AAA Women’s Champion enters with both belts.  Mickie says she sees right threw her.  She says she isn’t in her management shoes now.  She is a wrestler.  She then challenges her to a match at Bound For Glory.  Deonna says everyone’s dream match is to wrestle her.  Deonna says this match will do nothing for her.  Deonna says she never thought Mickie was a great wrestler.  Respect is earned.  Deonna says hell no.  Mickie stops her and the two start punching each other.  Security is back out to break the two up.  Scott D’Amore enters and says wrestlers don’t make matches Mickie, but he thinks Mickie James is absolutely worthy of a match for Bound For Glory.  It is going to happen.  A Women’s Wrestling chant breaks out.

Sami and Eddie find Morrissey backstage, but security and D’Amore stop them from attacking Morrissey.  D’Amore says this match will happen next week.  Morrissey sheepishly asks Eddie how his wife is doing.  We go to break.

Oct 9th, Knockouts Knockdown will return.  Gail Kim is introduced as being in charge of the event.  Gail seems thrilled to be involved.  The Influence, Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood, with Kaleb with a K,  enter and want a Tag Team Title Match at the event.  Gail says they will face Rachel Ellering and Jordynne Grace to see who will face Decay at Knockdown.

Match 4.  Main Event… Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) VS Josh Alexander

This will be a good one.  In my opinion, these are the two best all around talents in Impact.

Josh hits a big chop, splash and a T Bone Suplex to start the match.  Ace bails and hits a kick to Josh’s head on the apron.  Josh locks on the ankle lock on from the floor.  Both re-enter before the 10 count.  Josh slams Ace and then starts working the arm.  Ace hits a few forearms, but Josh connects with a vertical suplex.

Ace is crafty, but Josh is up to the challenge.  Ace tries to catch him climbing the ropes, but Josh slams him to the mat.  Ace then hits a bulldog off the ropes after clipping the legs.  We go to break.

Back from break, Ace is stomping Josh all over his body.  It is like a modern Garvin Stomp.  He then hits a side kick from a vertical base.  Josh absorbs knee strikes in the corner, but kicks Ace in the midsection finally.  Ace then hits a suplex, but Josh returns that with a German of his own.  Shot Gun Elbow, Drive Bye and Boot next by Josh.  Josh misses the C4 Spike, but hits a take down.  He can’t lock on the ankle lock, but hits a German and then another.   He then hits a 3rd.  Ace grabs the ropes.  Josh connects with a straight right hand.  Ace hits a double knee out of nowhere.  Josh recovers and hits a cross body spilling both to the floor.  Josh drags Ace back in, but Fulton distracts him and Ace hits a superkick, knocking Josh back to the arena floor.  Ace follows and tosses Josh back in the ring.  He misses the fold and gets Powerbombed.  C4 next.  Josh gets the pin.

Winner.  Josh Alexander.

Fulton enters and assaults Josh.  Alexander tries to defend himself, but Ace helps.  Christian enters and takes makes the save.  He clears the ring.  Josh grabs him from behind and says, I don’t need your help.  They argue.  Fulton and Ace regroup and take them both  out.

Christopher Daniels enters the arena.  The Fallen Angel arrives.  He b-lines the rings and takes out Fulton.  Ace saves Fulton from a Angels Wings.  Josh, Daniels and Christian stare each other down as the show ends.


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