CM Punk paid for ice cream at AEW Rampage

Aug 23, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

CM Punk paid the bill for the free ice cream bars given to fans after Friday’s AEW Rampage premiere at the United Center in Chicago.

As noted, Punk made his big return to pro wrestling on Friday night and announced that he is with AEW for the longterm. He will face Darby Allin at AEW All Out on September 5. Punk wrapped his promo by announcing that fans could pick up free ice cream treats on their way out of the venue later that night. Below are a few photos and video clips of the fans getting their ice cream.

In an update, the Pretty Cool Ice Cream shop in Chicago took to Instagram and revealed how Punk footed the entire bill for the ice cream promo. They noted that Punk came to them two years ago with the idea.

They posted a clip from Punk’s Rampage promo and wrote, “The big moment- when @cmpunk thanks his fans for waiting, and to grab some ice cream on him. Were you there?! Since we have been getting a lot of questions, yes the ice cream was on him- it wasn’t a publicity stunt dreamed up by promoters. He came to us on his own and asked us to help him do this 2 years ago, and finally the moment was right. Our small team worked tirelessly to hand make every bar, and CM Punk wrote the check for the entire bill himself. That’s some real Chicago love right there, city of big shoulders, and big heart [heart emoji]”

The shop also sold the limited edition treats in-store this past weekend. You can see their related Instagram posts below:

3 Responses

  1. Michael Vincent says:

    At the end of the day, does it really matter who paid for a hundred ice cream bars though?

  2. Dave jones says:

    Oh OK Michael Vaughn, could you buy me 100 ice cream bars please, after all, does it really matter who paid anyways?

  3. Danny Cause says:

    Yeesh! Your maths is well off. Considering there were over 15,000 in attendance, not to mention the production crew and the other wrestlers in the back. And then they still had some left over afterwards – Punk and Tony had them during the post media scrum.

    So, maybe we’re talking 16,000 ice creams. Sure, financially that’s a drop in the ocean for Punk, but still a great touch and reference to Andy Kaufman.

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