Former WWE Referee Drake Wuertz Sets The Record Straight

Aug 21, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck


Former WWE Referee, King of The Deathmatch and current Candidate for the Florida State House of Representatives, Drake Wuertz, spoke with Duke Loves Rasslin about Trump, Civic Engagement, BLM, WWE Being too Woke and much more.

Being Inspired By Trump (11min 45 Sec)
I’m about to be 37 years old and like a lot of people in my generation I didn’t really get involved or feel engaged in Politics until 2015 when Trump announced that he was running and then 2016 when he won the election. Trump truly seemed like an outsider. He wasn’t an establishment politician. He would put it all out there and wasn’t afraid to talk some smack and just say what the common American was thinking.

Matt Morgan Helping Drake Get Involved With Civic Engagement (12Min 38Sec)
I didn’t get involved on the local level until 2018-2019. I saw a sign that said Matt Morgan for city Commissioner and I was like, The Blueprint Matt Morgan? No way that he lives here and he’s running for a City Commissioner seat. I reached out online and it was him. We obviously have a pro wrestling background but we are from different eras, took different paths and had never met. I went and met him & had breakfast and saw how important it was actually to get involved on a local level. I’m raising my family here in Central Florida, Seminole County to be exact. You know we love this area and we want to make sure that the values that this area stands for are preserved.

Want To Leave WWE (22min 29sec)

Seven months prior to me actually leaving, my heart wasn’t in it at all. I’m a man of faith and I was just praying. Praying to God like God I. I’m really just going here for a paycheck like I’m not supposed to be here. Just please just close this door and just all these signs just became apparent I I don’t think it was necessarily. The political aspect, I think it was more so whenever they were just pushing the mask mandates and then they started promoting the vaccines and then during the scam demik when they you know they told us that we couldn’t. I get in trouble for going to church. You know what I mean for simply just going to church. 1st amendment right? Religious liberty and stuff like that. I just think you know there’s such hypocrisy going on. People that I worked with and they have every right to do this. I may not agree, but it’s totally OK.

You know, during 2020 there were people in the locker room that raised money to bail out. You know, Antifa and BLM incorporated; rioters that burned down cities and and damaged small businesses. But but Jackson, Ryker, who who put out a tweet, and, you know, expressing his support for President Trump during that whole time, he was vilified, and then quote unquote, cancelled. He was off TV for Four months. A man was a Marine who fought for our country, you know, fought for our freedoms for us to be able to make a living in WWE and You know he was just vilified like that. It’s just such a double standard and hypocrisy going on. You know there were people that complained about me not wearing a mask outside of work, like in my normal everyday life. While I’m out being a civilian. You know, just using all sorts of fuel to the fire. I just think it was a natural split. I mean my time had come up there they had gone super woke as far as what they were promoting.

Parting Ways With WWE (24 min 28sec)

It was time for me to part ways, you know, they’re pushing the vaccine heavy, really, really heavy. They said we either had to show proof of vaccination, or continue wearing a mask and this is even after all the local mandates have been lifted in Florida. I know they’re a private business but I just thought it was wrong.

Absolutely wrong, so I took a stand and I said no, neither, absolutely not!

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  1. Jon says:

    Quack. Quack. Quack

    This dudes a Quack

  2. Craftsperson says:

    What exactly is he setting a record straight on? Hasn’t it been obvious he’s run of the mill American christian conservative?

    As far as him being a quack, he’s no quackier than anyone else on the left or right of American politics. Trust us as people that actually work with kids with liberal therapists or conservative parents, there’s plenty of jerks out to indoctrinate their kids with their own ideas. If you missed the other side, congrats kid you got indoctrinated like a lab mouse.

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