O’Shay Edwards

Jun 24, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: O’Shay Edwards
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 271 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Mount Vernon, New York
Pro Debut: 2015
Trained By: Johnny Swinger & Robert Gibson
Finishing Move: 47 Ronin


– Edwards is nicknamed The Silver Tongue, All Damn Day O’Shay & The Big Bad Kaiju.
– December 16, 2016, Edwards challenged P Dog for the PWA Heritage Title.
– February 18, 2017, Edwards lost to Monty Warbucks at EGO Feel Invincible.
– March 18th, Edwards lost to Geter in the finals of the PCW Platinum Classic Tournament ’17.
– April 8th, Edwards challenged Adrian Armour for the UIW Heavyweight Title.
– May 13th, Edwards defeated Davey Vega at EGO Path to Pride 4.
– May 19th, Edwards challenged Tyler Gage for the PSW Twin States Title.
– June 30th, Edwards won a 3-Way to also win the PSW Twin States Title. He would then lose the title to Big Tomb in a Unification match on the same card.
– July 22nd, Edwards defeated Danny Adams at EGO Out With the Old.
– August 4th, Edwards lost a Last Man Standing match to Ayden Andrews at PSW Uprising.
– August 25th, Edwards challenged Brett Ison for the Resolute Undisputed Title.
– August 26th, Edwards defeated Francisco Ciatso at EGO All or Nothing 3.
– September 23rd, Edwards defeated Joseph A’Gau at the EGO Star Youth Associated Fundraiser.
– October 14th, Edwards, MC Hardbody & Travis Huckabee defeated Eric Silva, Hallowicked & Zombie Dragon at Excellence Scenes from a Memory.
– November 11th, Edwards lost to Rey Fury at EGO Great Southern 8 Tournament.
– November 19th, Edwards competed in a Battle Royal at AWE The Lucky 7.
– December 2nd, Edwards defeated Orion Taylor for the EGO Styles Title.
– January 27, 2018, Edwards retained the title against Mike Carter.
– February 10th, Edwards competed in the Scenic City Rumble ’18.
– February 24th, Edwards defended the EGO Styles Title against Johnny Lerman.
– March 10th, Edwards & Cameron Action lost to Irvin Legend & Chris Volta at NOVA Pro Sink or Swim.
– March 15th, Edwards lost to Logan Creed at SFCW Ides of March ’18.
– March 24th, Edwards retained the EGO Styles Title against JD Jenkins.
– April 7th, Edwards defended the title against Chip Day.
– April 22nd, Edwards lost to AJ Gray at SUP Satisfaction is the Death of Desire.
– April 28th, Edwards lost to Shane Daniels in the first round of the GPW One Night Tournament.
– May 5th, Edwards lost to Alex Herzog at New South Action Clash ’18.
– May 19th, Edwards won a 4-Way to win the vacant EGO Pride Title.
– June 10th, Edwards won a 3-Way at SUP Streets of Hate.
– June 30th, Edwards lost to Cassidy Riley at BIW Best of the Best.
– July 7th, Edwards competed in a 6-Way for the vacant PPW Platinumweight Title.
– July 13th, Edwards lost to Zodiak at PWF Cash Flo’s House Party.
– July 14th, Edwards challenged Pain for the WrestleMerica Bulletproof Title.
– August 4th, Edwards competed in the Scenic City Futures Showcase Tournament ’18 3-Way.
– August 5th, Edwards lost to Kerry Awful at SUP Not Problematic.
– August 26th, Edwards lost to Derek Neal in the semi-finals of the PGP Sam Menacker Cutting Edge Invitational Tournament.
– September 2nd, Edwards defeated Cameron Action at New South Rise Up.
– October 5th, Edwards competed in a 5-Way for the vacant SHW Title.
– October 11th, Edwards defeated AJ Gray at ACTION In the Park.
– October 12th, Edwards competed in the final 5-Way of the PWF Hoss Battle Tournament.
– October 26th, Edwards & Alan Angels defeated The Lynch Mob (Joey & Matt Lynch) at ACTION For the Children.
– November 3rd, Edwards lost the EGO Pride Title to JD Jenkins.
– November 4th, Edwards defeated Gary Jay at SUP All Eyez on Me.
– November 17th, Team SUP (Edwards & AJ Gray) lost to Team TAG (Billy Buck, Kevin Blue & Chris Spectra) in the first round of the Scenic City Trios Tournament ’18.
– December 1st, Edwards challenged Trevor Lee for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title.
– December 7th, Edwards & Alan Angels defeated Ryan Rembrandt & James Bandy at ACTION Wrestling 5: Watch for Monsters.
– December 29th, Edwards challenged Johnny Rokk for the TWE Title.
– January 11, 2019, Edwards lost to Cody Vance at SHW Year of Honor.
– January 20th, Edwards defeated Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham at SUP I Am King.
– February 1st, The New Era (Edwards & David Ali) defeated Fear (Logan Creed & Sunny Daze) at SHW Breakdown.
– February 2nd, Edwards defeated Tyler Matrix at BLP Unplugged.
– February 8th, Edwards, David Ali & Alan Angels defeated Ryan Rembrandt, Stevie Richards & James Bandy at ACTION Wrestling 6.
– February 9th, Edwards won a 4-Way at Scenic City Rumble ’19.
– February 24th, Edwards competed in a 4-Way at Glory Pro Anniversary – Phoenix Rising.
– March 1st, The New Era (Edwards, Lee Johnson, Owen Knight & David Ali) defeated Ashton Starr, Kevin Ryan, Logan Creed & Sunny Daze at SHW Eye of the Storm.
– March 22nd, Edwards lost to James Bandy at ACTION Wrestling 7.
– April 4th, Edwards, Cabana Man Dan & Mr. Brickster defeated Sadkampf (Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini) & Brett Ison at IWTV Family Reunion.
– April 5th, Edwards competed in BLP’s The Million Dollar Intergender Battle Royal.
– April 20th, Edwards lost to Swole at SVW Unstoppable.
– April 21st, Edwards lost to Anthony Henry at SUP Hold Your Ground.
– April 26th, Edwards defeated Jaden Newman at ACTION Wrestling 8.
– April 27th, Edwards defeated Vordell Walker at Scenic City Showdown.
– June 2nd, Edwards competed in the VCW Lucky 7 Battle Royal.
– June 21st, Edwards lost to KTB at Pizza Party Pro Camp Moonsault.
– July 13th, Edwards defeated Necro Butcher at RSW Se7en.
– August 3rd, Edwards competed in the final 4-Way Elimination of the Scenic City Invitational Tournament ’19.
– August 4th, Edwards competed in a 4-Way for the SUP Bonestorm Title.
– August 17th, Edwards lost to Sam Knight at EWE Believe in the Dream.
– September 14th, Edwards defeated The Boar at Flying V Fights: Don’t You Forget About Me.
– October 6th, Edwards defeated 1 Called Manders at SUP You’re Next.
– October 25th, Edwards defeated Curt Stallion at ACTION Wrestling for God’s Sake Kick Out!
– November 2nd, Edwards defeated James Ryan for the RSW Internet Title.
– November 16th, Edwards defeated Breaux Keller in a Lumberjack match for the PTPW Title.
– December 14th, Edwards & The Sickness defeated Chuckles the Clown & PB Smooth at MCW/ROH Future of Honor 3.
– December 21st, Edwards lost to Tony Deppen at Pizza Party Pro Pie Hard.
– December 27th, Edwards defeated Arik Royal at Flying V Fights: The Hardest Part of the Ring.
– January 11, 2020, Edwards defeated Victor Benjamin to retain the RSW Internet Title.
– January 18th, Edwards defended the PTPW Title in a Steel Cage against Breaux Keller.
– January 19th, Edwards lost to AJ Gray at OWA Fight for the Dream.
– February 7th, Edwards defeated Suge D to retain the PTPW Title.
– March 7th, Edwards retained the title against Billy Dixon.
– July 25th, Edwards defeated Wrecking Ball Legursky at TCW Rise of the Titans.
– August 8th, Edwards defeated Graham Bell at TWE Saturday Night.
– October 2nd, Edwards defeated Cabana Man Dan at ACTION Shock.
– October 3rd, Edwards defeated Logan Creed at ACTION Futures Showcase Tournament ’20.
– October 9th, Edwards defeated Jake Something at SUP Swing of the Axe.
– October 10th, Edwards, MV Young, Joshua Wavra & Billy Dixon lost to Levi Everett & The Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) at GCW Effy’s Big Gay Brunch.
– October 11th, Edwards lost to Suge D at PPW Trapsoul.
– November 7th, Edwards challenged Justin Kyle for the NWP Title.
– January 30, 2021, Edwards defeated Lee Moriarty at OWA Good Trouble.
– February 9th, Edwards wrestled Sledge to a Time Limit Draw on ROH Week by Week.
– March 6th, Edwards competed in the final 4-Way of the New South Heart of the Southern Sixteen Tournament ’21.
– March 19th, Edwards lost to Alex Kane at ACTION You Can’t Do That in a Wrestling Ring.
– March 20th, Edwards defeated EC3 by DQ at the IWE 2nd Anniversary Show.
– April 6th, Edwards wrestled Sledge to a Time Limit Draw on ROH Week by Week.
– May 14th, Edwards competed in a Battle Royal on ROH TV.
– May 22nd, Edwards defeated Billy Brash for the IWE Heavyweight Title.
– May 29th, Edwards competed in the first round 4-Way of the BCP Franchise Tournament.
– June 15th, Edwards lost to Chris Dickinson in the first round of the ROH Survival of the Fittest ’21.
– June 18th, Edwards defeated Darius Lockhart at OWA Good Trouble Volume 2.
– June 19th, Edwards defeated Athrun Amada on Wrestlers’ Lab Alchemy.

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