Ruby Riott Felt Challenged By WWE Creative But ‘Kind of Enjoyed It’

Jun 21, 2021 - by James Walsh

In an interview with the Wrestling Perspective Podcast (via Fightful, Ruby Riott spoke about her time dealing with WWE creative and how she actually enjoyed being challenged by it.

She said: “At least recently, a lot of my time and energy went into the tag team as a whole. A lot of my ideas that I tried to get across were in the context of the Riott Squad. There is a lot of me that I don’t think I ever got a chance to show. I’m not saying that’s through no fault but my own. There’s probably a bunch of different things I could have done in hindsight to really show that. I don’t know if ‘stifled’ is the word. I felt challenged a lot and I kind of enjoyed that. I kind of thrive on the idea of being put in a situation that’s maybe not for my brain and adapting to it and trying to make it work for me and having it come across organically. We all thrive on creative control, but sometimes that can stifle your creative process because you’re always getting what you want. Having things thrown at you and being like ‘okay, make this work,’ really advances you as a performer. I like to see my ideas, but I also like my ideas to be challenged I like to see things from other’s perspectives, particularly if it’s someone else within the context of the storyline because we’re always told ‘you’re the one who knows your character best.’ If it’s just my idea and it’s my idea for someone else, I’m not going to understand them as well as they understand them. They might have a different idea that fits perfectly in a way I didn’t look at. I like to be heard, even if it’s to be heard and be shit on. I like to be heard and work with people and be part of the machine and create something magical.”

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