Manny Fernandez Addresses Jim Cornette’s Public Attacks on Him

Jun 5, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck


On the latest edition of No BS with The Bull on VOC Nation, Manny Fernandez talked about the controversy surrounding his military service, much of it brought on by Jim Cornette, and attempted to set the record straight. Here are some highlights:

On the inspiration for his military service: “My mom got sick with diabetes so I wanted to stay close to home. I passed on scholarships to play (football or wrestle) just about anywhere in the country… I went to San Jose Junior College right down the road from where I lived… All of my uncles served in the military; they served in the Navy during World War II. One of my uncles was in the Battle of Midway on one of the destroyers there (so) that was in my background.”

On making the decision to serve in Vietnam: “When I was in college, they were having protests on campus (saying) derogatory things about the Vietnam veterans (and) it just drove me nuts. I told my mom that I wanted to serve because of what (was) going on. I (couldn’t take) people being that cruel and that ignorant…she was dead set against it. There was no way she wanted her boy to go off in some far away war… To this day I don’t regret a (darn) thing. I’m very proud that I served my country.”

On Jim Cornette’s accusations questioning his service: “You’re never going to stop stupid people. Haters are haters; they’re going to hate you no matter what. That’s the bad thing about professional wrestling: If people can’t accomplish anything in their own life, they’re going to hate on somebody else… Who is Jim Cornette? He still runs around in (diapers). Back in the day before I got locked up and (lost my freedom), I would have went after him… You’re never going to stop haters because (it’s in their nature). They’re haters because they can never accomplish anything outside of getting on their knees and begging for a job, or getting on their knees to get a secure job, and that’s Jim Cornette. That’s the way he’s always going to be.”

On why Cornette has a problem with him: “I never liked the guy. I didn’t ever talk to the guy back in WCW. I always wanted to kick him off the plane, I thought he was a worthless piece of garbage. He was always teamed up with people who didn’t know how to talk on the mic, (people that) needed a mouthpiece…”

On proving his service with documentation: “I sent (VOC Nation my documents) to prove (my military service). I sent you that so you would have no questions about me, so that you can run a straight program and so you know that I have served. I sent you the proof, and you know that. You know where I’ve been… If I didn’t have what I have, I wouldn’t worry about that. I’d be out there scrounging a dollar here and a dollar there from wrestling (to) make a living… I get my military retirement, my pension for service connection, I get free medical at the VA, free prescription drugs…that’s because I’m a war vet, not because of anything else.”

On when the challenges to his service started happening: “It just came up recently in the last eight to 10 years with stupid Cornette and Bruce Prichard. It’s shameful because I trained Bruce Prichard’s brother Tom, and Tom knows my background… Cornette is just running his mouth because he wants to keep viable in the business…”

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