Notes on Jim Ross, Rey Fenix, and Gage vs. Arquette

May 21, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

– AEW’s Rey Fenix was recently injured in a match in Mexico and will be out of action for the foreseeable future. The type of injury and date of return has not been released.

– AEW Dynamite commentary Jim Ross revealed in a recent interview that his current 3 year contract expires next year, and he plans to re-sign only if they offer him a one year deal.

– Nick Gage says David Arquette Sent him a gift in exchange for footage of Their Deathmatch

While Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Nick Gage revealed that in an effort to use the footage of of GCWs L.A Confidential Death Match between Nick Gage and David Arquette, David and his partner, Christina McLarty, Sent The King of the Deathmatches A Special gift to get it …..

“He called my house a couple of times for he wanted to use the footage for a documentary and I asked for some money and he told me he don’t give money out for documentaries so I said ‘Alright, bye.’ Then he kept calling and then his wife called and I said ‘Well, What, are you gonna pay me?’ Why are you going to use my footage and I’m pretty sure you guys you’re gonna make money off his documentary. So what they did is instead of that they gave me a gift and they sent me a king-size mattress. So that’s what I got out of it.’”

Gage continued, “It’s a little weird, you know? I still have not opened it to this day. It’s still in my house. I like my bed right now so I want to keep it in the thing oh, so when my bed goes, I have a new king size mattress bed from David Arquette.”

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