5/20/21 NXT UK Report

May 20, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

NXT UK is coming to you from BT Sport Studios in London, England.

Commentators for the night are Nigel McGuinness & Andy Shepherd. Francesca Brown will be the ring announcer for the night.

The show opens up with a recap of the previous matchups between A-Kid & Tyler Bate and the sit down they had last week as they’ll be going up against each tonight as A-Kid will defend the Heritage Cup against Bate.

Match #1: Rampage Brown defeated Wolfgang with the Doctor Bomb.

We see Trent Seven giving advice to Tyler Bate backstage.

Ashton Smith is being interviewed on how it’s like being a father as well as a NXT superstar. Teoman then interrupts and says congratulations. Smith responds by saying yeah it was a year ago. Teoman says congratulations regardless and then asks how Oliver Carter is doing before walking off.

A video package for Aoife Valkyrie airs next as she’s going to pick herself right back up after her loss to Meiko Satomura.

During the break we see Rampage being asked how his injuries are and then Joe Coffey walks up and says I know you and I have some unfinished business so I’ll let you heal up and when you’re ready come find me.

Match #2: Amale defeated Xia Brookside with a t-bone style front slam.

We see A-Kid getting ready for his defense tonight of the Heritage Cup.

A interviewer attempts to ask Sha Samuels questions but he doesn’t give a damn about his questions. Nathan Frazer shows up and says you have a habit of sticking your nose in my business. Sha says you don’t want known of this so then Frazer smacks the newspaper Sha is reading and says make the match for next week then.

A recap from last week airs as Meiko Satomura is now the #1 Contender to the NXT UK Women’s Title & Kay Lee Ray laying her out afterwards. Meiko says that she won’t be forgiven so remember that.

Sprnva Sessions is next as Ilja Dragonuv is the guest this week. Noam starts with saying that he’s worried about his recent mental state so then let’s make this Sprnva Spa as the Tron graphics change to waterfalls and candles. He then asks when did all of this start, was it when he lost to WALTER in the title match. Ilja says that he’s right because he lost a piece of himself in that match. He destroyed everyone in his path of rage and now he’s not that person anymore. He then gives him a stuffed therapy dog so he can pet it anytime he feels stressed. Ilja says that he is funny like a clown. He says he seems to like his position here and he asks do you wanna know what I position here is? It’s violence and if you invite me here to trigger my rage then I’ll hurt you. Noam says that he was scared of WALTER and he’s scared of me so if you wanna go then we’ll go. Call me a clown, you’re the clown as he cues for the theme music to play.

Sam Gradwell goes to Sid Scala and says this has to be the most unsafe workplace in the UK because he was brutally attacked by Trent Seven so he wants to take him on so make the match.

After the break we hear in two weeks that Noam Dar will face Ilja Dragonuv & Joe Coffey will go up against Rampage Brown.

Match #3:Tyler Bate (w/Trent Seven) defeated A-Kid to become the Heritage Cup Champion.

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