Impact Report, 5/13/21

May 13, 2021 - by Scott Porter

The show begins with a recap of last weeks episode.  The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega took out Fin Juice.  The balance of competitors for the 6 man #1 Contenders Match has been set for Under Siege.

Match 1.  Rosemary (with Decay) VS Havok.   The winner will be the #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship.

The two shake hands to begin the match.  Then they just start throwing haymakers at each other.  Rosemary misses a splash in the corner.  They both kick each other simultaneously in the mid section and go down.   Havok finally takes her down with a forearm, then hits a running basement knee strike.  She gets a two count.

Havok locks on the Camel Clutch next.   Havok switches the hold into a surfboard and just starts laying bombs to the back of Rosemary’s head.  She finally lets go.  Rosemary reverses a whip and ties Havok up in the ropes.  She then goes to the top and hits a missile drop kick.  Rosemary hits a T Bone suplex for a two count.  Rosemary then hits a spear for a two count.

Rosemary goes for a Kill Switch, but Havok reverses it into a Tombstone Piledriver and gets the pin.

Winner Havok.

Deonna Purrazzo attacks Havok from behind post match.  Havok will have non of that.  Deonna bails and Rosemary grabs her and tosses her back in the ring.  Havok lays out Purrazzo as the segment ends.  Havok will now challenge Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockout’s Championship at Under Siege.

The Good Brothers are interviewed backstage with Kenny Omega and Don Callus.  Omega says Gallows won last week because he was there, the way they have always been there for him.  Karl Anderson faces David Finley tonight.

Petey Williams makes his way out to the arena as we go to break.  The next match will determine the #1 contender for the X Division Championship.

Match 2.  Petey Williams VS Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) VS TJP VS Acey Romero (with Larry D) VS Rohit Raju VS El Phantasmo

Everyone goes after Romero to start the match, and they toss him to the outside.  Petey looks super fast and in great shape.  They high flying moves are just non stop in this spotfest.  Romero powerbombs Petey on the apron on the outside.  Phantasmo gets ranna’d by TJP, but then walks the top ropes back and forth while kicking everyone.  He catches Ace on his shoulders and hits the Death Valley Driver onto the waiting competitors on the arena floor.  That was nuts to see.  Phantasmo was strutting like Ric Flair on the top rope, walking from one corner to the other.

As we return, TJP is laying the boots to Petey in the corner.  Rohit attacks TJP and takes him out.  Acey then attacks Rohit and splashes him.  Ace breaks up the pin.  Phantasmo and Ace start going at it.  Petey hits a Canadian Destroyer on Phantasmo, but TJP breaks up the sure pin.

Ace hits a shinning wizard on Petey.  TJP hits a suplex on Ace.  Ace recovers and launches himself to the outside on Acey.  Larry D and Fulton are on the outside and they start brawling.

TJP hits a kick to Petey.  He misses a splash.  Phantasmo then lands on TJP for a two count.  Phantasmo then hits a piledriver and gets the pin.

Winner and #1 Contender, El Phantasmo

X Division Champion, Josh Alexander will face Phantasmo at Under Siege.

Susan and Kimber Lee are shown pleading for a match Taylor Wilde and Tenille Dashwood at Under Siege.  Scott D’Amore agrees to the match.

In a Flashback Match, we see Havok defeating Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship.

Violent By Design has a promo backstage.  Eric Young claims the violence has just begun.

Back at Swingers Palace, Johnny is holding court.  TJP comes in to pay his debt for losing a bet on his match.  Ace and Fulton want to lay odds on them becoming #1 tag team contenders.  XXXL shows up and and say they are the best.  Rohit and Shera show up and also make a claim.  Swinger tells Johnny Bravo to talk to Jack Tunney and get this match done.  Enter Petey Williams and he and TJP decide to team up.  It looks like we are going to have another match at Under Siege.

Match 3.  Sam Biele VS Willie Mack

This is a squash match.  Mack wins easily with a Frog Splash after putting a beating on him.  Striker applauds Biele for his effort.

Winner.  Willie Mack.

W. Morrisey attacks Mack post match.  He lays him out and stands tall over him.

David Finley is interviewed backstage with Juice Robinson and Eddie Edwards.  The tag champs and Edwards tonight it will be even from the beginning of the match.   Eddie says the equalizer will be his Kendo Stick.

Tenille Dashwood  and Kaleb with a K are joined by Taylor Wilde as the guest host for her new show, It is all about ME.  Wilde says she wanted to talk to Tenille about the cheating Tenille did to help her win.  Wilde says she isn’t friends and they are not a tag team.  She will team with her this weekend, but that is it.

Match 4.  Karl Anderson (with Gallows, Omega and Callus) VS Dave Finley (with Juice Robinson and Eddie Edwards)

Anderson looks all business, where Finley looks very relaxed to start the match.  The two trade forearms that rock each other from their feet.  Omega trips Finley from behind, as he bounced the ropes.  Juice does the same to Karl.  Finley hits a boot to the face, but was distracted and Anderson attacks him from behind.  Finley finds himself outside and is beat on by Gallows.  Eddie and Juice get there, but the damage is done.

Back in the ring, Finley tries to make a comeback, but he is in bad shape and Anderson takes his time gouging eyes and ripping at Finley’s face.  Anderson starts chanting The Elite.

Finley finally sneaks behind and hits a back suplex after several mins of taking a beating.  Finley hits a Rock Bottom on Anderson, but he only gets a 1 count.  Finley locks on a Indian Death Lock.  Omega and Gallows enter the ring and a fight breaks out.

Winner by DQ.  David Finley.

Both teams scream at each other and stand tall from a distance, setting up the big Tag Title Match at Under Siege.

Chris Sabin has a promo backstage.  He feels bad not being with his partner, when Moose attacked James Storm post match last week.  He says in the main event we will see what happens tonight.

Rachel Ellering and Jordynne Grace (The Knockouts Champions) have a heart to heart talk about former champs Fire and Flava backstage.  This gears them up for the match.  Jordynne wants revenge.

Match 5.  Crazzy Steve (with Decay) VS Brian Myers

Steve goes right to biting the fingers, as the match begins.  The ref breaks that up, but Steve takes Myers off his feet.  Myers heads to the outside and flops on the ground pretending Rosemary attacked him.  The ref will have non of it and Steve goes to the outside and goes right back on the offensive.  We go to break.

Myers is in control as we return.  He has slowed the match down and is working a rear chin lock on the mat.  Steve finally escapes and Myers rolls him up with a school boy and uses the ropes to get the pin.

Winner.  Brian Myers

Decay attacks Myers post match and they stand tall as a group laughing.

Don Callus and Scott D’Amore have a confrontation backstage.  D’Amore wonders when he is going to start helping around here.  Callus says he doesn’t want work with the talent.  (It is beneath him)  D’Amore says he needs to figure out what he wants to do.. Be a manager or an Impact Executive.    That was a great segment.

Match 6.  Moose, Sami Callihan and Chris Bey VS Trey Miguel, Matt Cardona and Chris Sabin

This 6 man tag features all the contestants in the #1 Contenders 6 way at Under Siege.

Sabin gets a quick roll up on Sami, but to no avail.   Matt tags in and he hits a few power moves until Sami rakes the eyes and tags Bey.  Cardona hits a huge back drop and inverted suplex on Bey.  Trey tags in and he hits a back elbow on Bey after they whip each other around the ring a few times.  Bey bails to the outside. Moose hits a big boot on Trey from the apron.  Bey runs back in and kicks Trey to the mat as we go to break.

Moose is in complete control as we return.  Trey is in bad shape.  Eventually he tags Sami in.  He takes a few shots and then Bey tags in.  Bey hits some massive uppercuts to Trey in the corner.  Bey then hits a dropkick.  Bey tags Moose back in.  Bey looks like he is scared of Moose.

Moose hits a one handed slam.  Sami loves this.  Moose slams Trey again.  Sami is giddy on the outside.  Moose starts twisting his foot in Trey’s eyes.  Sami tags in and Trey is helped to his feet.  He slams him and then lays on a headlock on the mat.  Trey struggles to his feet, but Sami just pounds on his back.  Trey is limp, but he manages to trade forearms and they smack chins against each other as they fell.  They both get to their corners.  Bey and Matt tag in.  Cardona is all over Bey.  Clotheslines and boots galore.  Sabin tags in and hits a missile drop kick.  Sabin and Cardona double dropkick Moose.  Trey ranna’s Moose on the outside.

Bey tags in Sami.  He sets up Sabin for a piledriver.  Sabin reverses it into a leg whip.  Everyone starts hitting their finisher on each other.  Sami hits a DVD on Trey.  Sabin then takes a package piledriver and Sami makes the pin.

Winners.  Sami Callihan, Moose and Chris Bey. 

Sami glares at the camera and crawls across the ring.  The next shot is Moose and Sami pushing each other.

Backstage, Callus is shown looking nervous at a tv as the show ends.






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