Impact Wrestling Report 5/6/21

May 6, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Matt Stryker and D’Lo Brown are on the call for the action.

The show begins with a recap of last week’s show.  The 6 contenders are lining up for new champion.  Who will face the belt collector, Kenny Omega?  We will find out over the next few weeks.

Match 1.  Qualifying match to be in the 6 Way at Under Siege World Title Contender Match.  Chris Sabin (with James Storm) VS Rhino (with Violent By Design)

Rhino and Sabin start off with arm twists, until Rhino has had enough and throws a punch.  Sabin ducks it and levels Rhino. Rhino regroups on the outside.  When he re-enters, VBD interferes on the outside and trips Sabin up.  Rhino then goes on the offensive.  He works on the midsection of Sabin and really slows the match down.  His weight seems to have an effect on Chris.  He locks on a rear chin lock with Sabin sitting on the mat.  Eventually Sabin breaks free and bounces the ropes.  They crack heads and end up on the mat for over a 5 count.  Rhino hits another elbow, but Sabin slips out of the torcher rack and knees Rhino in the back.  Sabin then hits some kicks and Rhino bails to the outside.  Sabin takes to the air and lands on Rhino.  Back in the ring, Rhino gets to his feet, only to be hit by a missile dropkick from the top rope.  Deaner then interferes from the outside.  Rhino sets up Sabin on the top rope.  He climbs the ropes and hits a Superplex.  Sabin kicks out at two.  Sabin wakes up seemingly and dropkicks the knee of Rhino, then rolls up Rhino for the three count.

Winner.. Chris Sabin

Sabin joins, Chris Bey, Matt Cardona and Sami Callihan as those qualified to enter the 6 Way. 

Brian Myers is backstage destroying the locker room because he lost to Cardona last week and not being in the World Title 6 Way.  Rosemary enters and Myers belittles her.  He is then attacked by the rest of Decay.  He is taken out and Decay walk off laughing.  A playing card is dropped on Myers by Rosemary.

Callus, The Good Brothers and Omega are having a Pow Wow in the back.  They are talking about Fin Juice.  Omega says he will be with his friends at ringside tonight for their match.

Match 2.  Susan (with Kimber Lee) VS Taylor Wilde

Susan attempts to grab Taylor from behind, but Taylor cartwheels out of the hold and Susan is embarrassed.  Wilde continues on the offensive until Susan sidesteps her and Taylor lands, throat first on the bottom rope.  Kimber chokes her on the ropes as the ref is distracted by Susan.  Taylor get free and goes right back on the offensive and hits a German suplex.  She then hits a ranna from the apron to the floor on Susan.  Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K enter the arena and beat up Kimber and distract Susan.  Taylor then gets the pin.

Winner Taylor Wilde.

Tenille tries to befriend Wilde after the match.  Taylor seems to not be interested.

Deonna Purrazzo is interviewed backstage, Rosemary and Decay interrupt her and she calls Deonna a coward.  Havok then enters and says she should be a challenger.  Rosemary leans in over Deonna on the other side.  Deonna says they should wrestle each other and see who is the top contender to her belt.

A promo for the former Big Cass.  W. Morrissey.

Match 3.  Trey Miguel VS Rohit Raju (with Shera) 6 Way Qualifier 

This match should be absolutely awesome.  The two spend the first few minutes feeling each other out.  Rohit is in no hurry to try and match speed with Trey.  Rohit is a better mat wrestler, but they are both excellent.  Rohit hits a sweet reverse elbow after bouncing the ropes.  Trey hits the mat hard and we go to break.

Back from break, Rohit is still on the offensive, and Shera is helping on the outside.  Miguel is in tough shape.  Rohit hits Divorce Court that absolutely rips Trey’s shoulder out of place.  Rohit then hits a leg sweep.  He then misses from the top.  Trey hits back elbow and backflips into a double stomp on Rohit’s back.  The two then get to their feet trading blows.  Miguel hits a inverted atomic drop, spinebuster and locks on a vicious arm bar.  He then htis a back elbow, but Raju hits a wicked kick, DDT and Falcon Arrow.  Rohit then locks on the Cross Face.  Trey reverses it. Rohit escapes.  Trey hits a suplex and locks on the Hour Glass Leg Lock.  Rohit taps.

Winner.  Trey Miguel qualifies.

What a match.  Jake Something enters and attacks Shera and Rohit.  He wants revenge for Shera and Rohit ruining his chance to be in the 6 man.

Back at Swinger’s Palace, the gambling and smack talk is hot and heavy.  All the world title contenders are going back and forth.  Chris Bey is trying to cause tension between Sabin and Storm.  Storm and Sabin don’t like the game he is playing.  Storm threatens Bey.  Great segment.

Match 4.  Juice Robinson (with David Finley) VS Doc Gallows (with Callus, Anderson and Omega)

Gallows is still smarting the black eye from Fin Juice.  He wants revenge.  Neither gain an advantage in the beginning, but Juice hits a shot that pushes Gallows into the corner.  He mounts the buckles and lays in heavy fists to LG’s head.  Juice goes to the top, but Gallows hits a spin kick to his head, while Juice was on the second rope.  Omega calls out instruction on the outside.

Gallows works the heavy fists to Juice in the corner.  Callus looks so smug on the outside.  Gallows drops a big elbow, much to all their pleasure.  Gallows then bites Juice on the forehead.  He then drops several elbows on the back of the head, while choking him from behind.  Gallows then hits big boot off the ropes.  Robinson kicks out at two.

Gallows misses a elbow to the mat.  Juice hits a couple chops.  He then basement dropkicks Doc and hits a short DDT.  Anderson and Callus bother Juice on the outside.  Gallows recovers and hits a spine buster and sit out powerbomb for the win.

Winner.  Doc Gallows

Post match, Omega and the Good Brothers attack Fin Juice.  Eddie Edwards runs in and gets beat up too.  They stand tall after the match.

Deonna Purrazzo is trying to leave the building, when Scott D’Amore stops her.  He says Rosemary will face Havok.  The winner will get a title match.

Match 5.  VSK VS El Phantasmo (Bullet Club)

The Two time IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion makes his debut.  This match is going to be way to fast to call.  VSK hits a slam into a splash at the same time.  Phantasmo locks VSK in the tree of woe.. then stomped on VSK’s groin.  Ouch.  This match is just one high spot after another.  VSK is making a name for himself and being put over huge.

Crossbody, moonsault, two count for Phantasmo.  VSK gets a two count off a school boy.  He then hits a GTS for a two count.  Phantasmo hits a Sudden Death kick and gets the win.

Winner El Phantasmo.

Match 6.   Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) VS Rachel Ellering (with Jordynne Grace)

The new tag champs come out all smiles.  Fire and Flava still are dancing, but look very different without the belts.

Hogan starts off fast.  She is vicious on her attack.  Cheap shots and stiff kicks have Ellering on her heals.  Hogan gets a two count off a spinning neck breaker.  After a chin lock, Ellering reverses the hold and hits a monster forearm at the same time as Hogan.  Ellering got the best of that.  She then hits a clothesline for a two count.

Hogan recovers hits a running basement dropkick.  Ellering recovers and hits a  spinning slam and gets the pin.

Winner.  Rachel Ellering.

Moose is shown backstage.  Don Callus approaches him.  Moose asks why he is there.  Callus asks why he is under utilized?  He shouldn’t be in a qualifying match according to Callus.  Moose says shut your mouth.  I have a message to send and walks off.  Moose looks to be in incredible shape.  He is a free agent soon.  Just Sayin’.

Fire and Flave are approached backstage by the new Champions, Grace and Ellering.  They set up the match at No Surrender.  Fire and Flava belittle Grace as the weak link.  The former Knockouts Champion, Grace steps up and challenges Tasha to a match next week.

Match 7.  Moose VS James Storm for the last spot in the 6 man World Title Contender Match

Moose walks right up to Storm and starts choking him to start the match.  Storm breaks free and tries to shoulder block Moose twice.  That doesn’t work.  The third time he takes a big boot to the face.  Storm doesn’t give up and knocks Moose to the arena floor.  We then go to break.

Ric Flair is doing car commercials on every break.  There seems to be at least 10 different ones.  They are old school.

Back from the break, Storm is chasing Moose back in the ring.  Storm hits and inverted atomic drop and clothesline.  Moose blocks a kick and flings Storm to the outside.  He then follows him and works over the now injured, right knee.  Moose punishes the knee into the ring barricade.

Storm is having issues standing.  Moose is relentless, but the ref is not making a count so why wouldn’t he be.  He stomps the knee and then picks it up and drives it into the arena floor.  Finally he throws Storm into the ring.  He takes his time returning, but goes right back to the knee when he gets in.  Storm is selling pain well.  He tries to get on his feet, but Moose shrugs off the few week punches and levels Storm back off his feet.

Moose then ties Storms legs up in the ropes and dropkicks Storm’s bad knee.  Moose locks on a version of the Spinning Toe Hold, with helps from the ropes.  The ref breaks it up.  Moose then just starts punching the knee.  Storm doesn’t give up and gets to his feet.  Moose misses a running uppercut in the corner.  He then tries to rush him again, but Storm weakly lifts his good leg and stops Moose.  Storm then mounts a comeback.  They trade punches until Storm hits a Theze Press and a Code Breaker.  Moose then recovers and chops the Cowboy in the corner.  Storm then hits a Tornado DDT for a two count.

The one arm count will never be enough to cover Moose.

Storm takes a spear to the bad knee.  Moose then locks on a single leg crab.  He then starts punchin the knee.  Storm forces the break when he gets to the ropes.

What a match.. Great story telling.

Moose goes for a Superplex, Storm slips under, but can’t put weight on his leg.  He tried a snake eyes.  Storm then hits a Superkick twice.  Moose is down, but Storm hurt his own leg with the kick.  Hebner threatens to ring the bell and stop the match.

Moose hits another spear.  Moose gets the pin.

Winner and final entrant in the 6 man contender match.  Moose.

Moose then gets a chair from the outside and sets it up on Storm’s ankle.  He then stomps the chair.  Sabin comes in, but it is too late to make the save.

D’Lo and Stryker wonder why Sabin wasn’t by his partners side at the start of the match.  They may have not happened then.  The show then ends.





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