Details on WWE corporate shake up

Apr 22, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

There have reportedly been multiple departures at WWE HQ over the past few days.

It was reported by PWInsider that WWE has been undergoing somewhat of a corporate level housecleaning this week, with the departures centered around the Talent Relations department, which recently underwent another shake-up as John Laurinaitis took over.

Nicole Zeoli, who was working as Director of Talent Relations, is no longer with the company. She had been with WWE for more than 11 years, and moved into this Director’s role in February 2018.

Longtime WWE referee John Cone has been released from his role as Senior Manager of the Talent Relations department. He remains with the company as a referee.

On a related note, Mark Carrano remains with WWE in the Talent Relations department, but apparently is no longer working as the Senior Director. There had been speculation on his status after Laurinaitis took back over as the head of Talent Relations in early March, a job he previously held several years ago.

UPDATE: Carrano has been fired by WWE.

It was noted that there may have been other departures from this latest shake-up, but they have not been confirmed yet.

Stay tuned for updates.

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