4/15/21 NXT UK Report

Apr 15, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

NXT UK is filmed at BT Sport Studios in London, England. Are commentators tonight are Andy Shepherd & Nigel McGuiness. Francesca Brown will be are ring announcer.

The show opens up with highlights from the former and current alumni from NXT UK as they competed at NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver & WrestleMania.

Match #1: Nathan Frazer defeated Saxon Huxley with a frog splash.

We see Noam Dar get interviewed as they ask how he feels about losing the #1 Contendership match at Prelude. Sha Samuels starts ranting before Noam can answer. Samuels says that he is tired of seeing Tyler Bate and Trent Seven have everything handed to them. Noam says that no worries because we have a tag team match with them next week.

Next up Supernova Sessions welcomes the returning Gallus. Mark says they took time away to train and work on themselves. Wolfgang says that he’s been working on his temper. Joe then says he won’t go on a rampage. Eddie Dennis then comes out and says that the only reason Gallus lost the tag team titles to Pretty Deadly is because his guys didn’t have a chance first. Dennis then tells Joe that he should focus on the one guy he has been avoiding since this brand has begun. Tyson T-Bone & Primate jump Gallus from behind as everyone brawls.

Sam Gradwell is seen avoiding a interview then he’s trying to get into the building but it’s locked. Dave Mastiff opens it up for him and then Gradwell makes fun of him by saying you couldn’t have taken any longer so Mastiff shuts the door and locks him out.

Match #2: Isla Dawn defeated Emilia McKenzie with a german suplex.

Jinny with James Conners cuts a promo on Dani Luna as she says she shouldn’t even be here so next week she’ll show everyone the truth.

Next week it’ll be Joe Coffey going up against Eddie Dennis. Also Meiko Satomura accepted the match from Aoife Valkyrie.

Match #3: Jack Starz (w/Piper Niven) defeated Ashton Smith with a roll up for the pinfall.

A recap of the rivalry between Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams airs as they go head to head next.

Match #4: Kenny Williams defeated Amir Jordan with the headlock driver.

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