4/14/21 AEW Dynamite Recap

Apr 14, 2021 - by Michael Riba

The show opens with a promo from The Young Bucks. Matt says they chose friendship last week, and says Jon Moxley helped push them over the edge. He says they and Kenny Omega are a family, and Don Callis was right when he said they’ve changed. He says they sat back and let other people take credit for all the work that they did, and it is time to bring back the old Young Bucks.

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Jacksonville, Florida.

Mike Tyson cuts a promo. He says he is delighted to be the enforcer tonight, but MJF interrupts him. MJF says his dad always said Tyson was the best and gives him kudos. Tyson says he’s mad at The Pinnacle, and MJF says he knows where Tyson is coming from. MJF tells Tyson to keep his friends close, but his enemies closer. He says he doesn’t want Tyson to have any regrets, and gives him a blank check with his name on it. Tyson rips the check up, puts it in his mouth, and spits it at MJF. MJF walks away saying he will remember that.

Match #1 – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) (w/Don Callis) vs. Death Triangle (PAC and Rey Fenix)
Matt and PAC start the match. They lock up and PAC backs Matt into the ropes. They separate and PAC taps Matt on the chest. PAC goes behind for a waist-lock, but Matt turns it around. They exchange holds, and Matt drops PAC to the mat. PAC comes back with a wrist-lock, but Matt turns it into one of his own. PAC turns it around again and takes Matt to the canvas. Matt gets free and backs into the far corner for the tag, but Fenix is there, not Nick. Matt goes to the near corner and tags in Nick, as PAC tags Fenix. Fenix trips Nick, and they go back and forth. Nick drops Fenix with a clothesline and tags in Matt. Fenix drops Matt with a hurricanrana, and then drops Nick with a springboard headbutt. PAC takes Matt out with a dive on the floor, as Fenix does the same to Matt. Fenix gets Matt back into the ring and slaps him across the chest. Fenix kicks Matt’s knee and clubs him in the neck. Fenix slams Matt to the canvas and tags in PAC. PAC grinds his boot into Matt’s face and drags him to the corner. Fenix tags in, and he and PAC double team Matt. Fenix goes for the cover, but Matt kicks out.
Fenix goes for a springboard, but Matt trips him up and knocks PAC to the floor. Nick tags in and kicks PAC in the face. Nick spikes Fenix to the mat and stomps on his face. Nick slams Fenix into the turnbuckle and tags in Matt. The Bucks double team Fenix and deliver a double dropkick. Matt goes for the cover, but Fenix kicks out. Nick comes in, but Fenix takes The Bucks down with a double arm-drag and then delivers kicks. PAC tags in and delivers shots to Matt. PAC delivers a low dropkick and drops Matt with a Brain Buster. PAC goes for the cover, but Matt kicks out. PAC slams Matt into the corners, and then delivers kicks to his chest. Nick pulls PAC to the floor, but PAC delivers a right hand. Matt dropkicks PAC as Fenis runs over. The Bucks double team Fenix on the floor, and then deliver apron power bombs to Fenix and PAC. Nick gets PAC back into the ring and slams him into the corner. Nick delivers a knee strike and tags in Matt. Matt sets PAC in the corner and rakes his back as Nick holds him in place as the show heads to a commercial. Back from the break, The Bucks are in control and fake a tag behind the referee’s back.
Matt is the legal man, and he puts his knee on PAC’s throat. Nick tags back in and The Bucks go for a double superkick, but PAC sends them to the floor. Nick pulls Fenix off the apron as PAC goes for the tag. Matt drops PAC with a clothesline in the ring, and then delivers a scoop slam. Matt mocks PAC for a bit, but PAC comes back and takes him down with a clothesline. Fenix and Nick tag in, and Fenix takes Nick down with a springboard forearm. Fenix crotches Nick on the top rope, and then drops him with a hurricanrana. Fenix drops The Bucks with a double cutter and goes for the cover, but Nick kicks out. PAC tags back in and he and Fenix double team Nick. Fenix delivers a thrust kick, and then PAC plants Nick with a Blue Thunder Bomb. PAC goes for the cover, but Nick kicks out. Nick comes back with a jaw-breaker and tags in Matt. Matt charges at PAC< but PAC sends him off the ropes and drops him with a snap suplex. PAC picks Nick up and Fenix kicks him in the head. Fenix takes Matt out with a dive and PAC drops Nick with a German suplex. PAC bridges into the cover, but Nick kicks out. PAC goes up top for the Black Arrow, but Nick gets to his feet as Matt gets into the ring. Superkicks fly around, and then Nick drops Fenix with a Destroyer. PAC and Matt exchange shots in the ring and go to the apron. Fenix and Nick pull them to the floor and drop PAC and Matt with stereo poison-ranas. Nick and Fenix brawl on the floor and Fenix gets to his feet first. Fenix tosses Matt back into the ring, as PAC crawls back in as well. PAC backs Matt back into the corner and sets him up top. Fenix tags in, and PAC drops Matt with an avalanche brain buster. Fenix comes down with the splash and goes for the cover, but Matt kicks out. PAC tags in and hits the Black Arrow, but Nick shoves Fenix into the pile to break the cover. Nick drags Matt to the corner and makes the tag. PAC kicks Nick in the face and goes for a German suplex, but Nick counters with a low blow behind the referee's back. Fenix tags in, but Nick rips his mask off the and The Bucks hit a double superkick and Nick gets the pin fall. Winners and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks

Alex Marvez is backstage with Adam Page and The Dark Order. He asks Page about The Young Bucks, but Page dodges it and says John Silver has about four to six weeks left of rehab, and goes to grab him some vitamins and Southwest egg rolls. Silver lifts his arm to show his progress as the rest of The Dark Order cheers him on.

Marvez is now backstage with The Inner Circle and Mike Tyson. He says the last time Tyson was here, he and Chris Jericho were rivals. Jericho says that’s right, but when they received the beat down of a lifetime a month ago, he decided to call all the people he has wronged, and that included Tyson. He says Tyson accepted his apology and says he would have Jericho’s back if he needed it. Jericho says he doesn’t want favors tonight and wants Tyson to call the match down the middle. Tyson says he is not going to take sides and says if Jericho messes up, he can get knocked out again. They shake hands as Jericho says he doesn’t want that to happen again.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Jade Cargill vs. Red Velvet
They fight right as the bell rings, and Cargill drops Velvet with a kick to the face. Velvet comes back with a kick of her own, but Cargill drops her again. Cargill picks Velvet up, but Velvet counters with a spinning heel kick. Cargill charges at Velvet, but Velvet pulls the ropes down and takes Cargill down with a dive on the floor. Cargill comes back and sends Velvet into the barricade. Cargill tosses Velvet into other women’s wrestlers at ringside with a fall-away slam. Cargill cuts Velvet off on the apron, and then drops her with a back suplex in the ring as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Velvet sends Cargill to the corner and charges. Cargill moves and chargers herself, but Velvet moves and Cargill hits the ring post. Velvet drops Cargill with a Slingblade and follows with a face-buster. Velvet connects with a standing moonsault and goes for the cover, but Cargill kicks out. Velvet drags Cargill to the corner and goes for a moonsault, but Cargill dodges it. Cargill drops Velvet with Jaded and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Jade Cargill

Tony Schiavone interviews Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. backstage. Baker brings up the rankings system, in which she is in third place. She says she has two more wins than Red Velvet, who just lost, so she should be number two now. Baker says she will be wrestling on Dark: Elevation in Monday, which will be one step closer to giving everyone what they deserve, which is a role model as the AEW Women’s World Champion.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Anthony Ogogo (w/Aaron Solow, Nick Comoroto, and QT Marshall) vs. Cole Karter
They lock up and Ogogo backs Karter into the ropes. Ogogo delivers a shot to the chest, but Karter goes behind. Ogogo turns it around, but Karter drops him with an arm drag. Ogogo comes back with a punch the midsection and the referee calls it off.
Winner via referee stoppage: Anthony Ogogo

Miro cuts a promo. He says he hasn’t seen Kip Sabian since Arcade Anarchy. He says he just wants to talk, but he is tired of waiting. He says he is moving on with or without Sabian, and warns all of the champions that he is coming after them.

Match #4 – Singles Match (w/Mike Tyson as the Special Outside Enforcer): Chris Jericho (w/Sammy Guevara) vs. Dax Harwood (w/Cash Wheeler)
Harwood and Jericho exchange shots, and Jericho drops him with a shot to the throat. Jericho sends Harwood to the floor and then grabs a chair. Tyson grabs the chair from him, and Harwood delivers a shot to Jericho and sends him to the floor. Harwood grabs Jericho’s bat, but Tyson grabs the bat. Jericho delivers a shot to Harwood and slams him into the barricade a few times. Jericho gets Harwood back in the ring, but Harwood turns it around and delivers a few shots in the corner. Harwood drops Jericho with a back elbow, but Jericho comes back with a few chops. Jericho drops Harwood with a clothesline, and Harwood rolls to the floor. Harwood asks the doctor to check on his stitches, and then delicers a few shots to Jericho with a microphone. Jericho comes back with a pen and jabs Harwood in the head with it. Jericho drops Harwood to the floor and then sends him into the barricade. Jericho gets Harwood back into the ring and puts his knee in his face in the corner. Jericho sends Harwood off the ropes, but Harwood counters and slams Jericho into the ring post. Harwood takes Jericho to the floor, and Harwood and Tyson get face to face as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Harwood and Jericho exchange chops and Jericho drops Harwood with a few shoulder tackles. Harwood sends Jericho to the apron, but Jericho goes up top and delivers a double ax handle. Jericho drops Harwood with a bulldog and hits the Lionsault. Jericho goes for the cover, but Harwood kicks out. Jericho kicks Harwood in the ribs, but Harwood comes back with forearm shots. Harwood runs the ropes, but Jericho drops him with a clothesline. Jericho goes for the cover, but Harwood kicks out. Jericho takes Harwood to the corner and sets him up top. Harwood gets free and drops him with a rebound power bomb. Harwood goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out. Harwood goes for a diving headbutt, but Jericho dodges it and locks in the Liontamer. Wheeler delivers a cheap shot to Jericho and Harwood rolls up Jericho for a two count. Tyson and Guevara go after Wheeler, and Guevara takes him down and delivers shots. Jericho comes back with a kick to Harwood and goes for the Judas Effect, but Harwood dodges it and delivers a Brain Buster. Harwood goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out.
Jericho comes back with the Code Breaker, but the rest of The Inner Circle and The Pinncacle brawl from backstage as MJF gets on the apron. Wheeler grabs the bat, but Tyson pulls him down and knocks him out with a right hand. Harwood kicks Jericho, but Guevara gets on the apron. Jericho drops Harwood with a back body drop, and then delivers the Judas Effect and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Chris Jericho
-After the match, Jericho announces that Tyson is now an ancillary member of The Inner Circle.

Alex Marvez is outside, and stops Kenny Omega, The Good Brothers, The Young Bucks, and Don Callis. They tell him to go away, and Callis says when The Bucks came back to the family, it wasn’t the end of the story, but the beginning. Omega says they were never just like the fans, but they will always be just like they always were. Matt says it’s not all fun and games and puts the AEW Tag Team Division on notice. He says every tag team has a BTE Trigger with their name on it. Callis says everyone wanted the old Omega and old Young Bucks, and they got them, and says to be prepared to be surprised again. The cameraman is laid out with superkicks as the show heads to a commercial.

Thunder Rosa cuts a promo. She says she is coming after the winner of the Hikaru Shida vs. Tay Conti match, and is also going after Serena Deeb, because she is taking over the world.

Match #5 – Singles Match: Kris Statlander (w/Best Friends and Orange Cassidy) vs. Amber Nova
They lock up and Statlander backs Nova into the corner. Nova climbs the ropes, but Statlanders drops her to the mat. Statlander drops Nova with a few arm drags, and then boops her on the nose. Statlander drops Nova with a shot, and then drops her with a power slam. Nova comes back with forearm shots, but Statlander grabs her and throws her across the ring. Statlander connects with a leg drop and a flipping senton. Statlander delivers shots to Nova in the corner, and then kicks her in the back of the head. Statlander drops Nova with the Big Bang Theory and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Kris Statlander
-After the match, Statlander shares a hug with Best Friends and Cassidy in the ring.

Dasha is backstage with Team Taz. Taz says Christian Cage hasn’t answered them yet, but Ricky Starks interrupts and says they shouldn’t wait anymore. Taz tells it would be better for them if Starks stays backstage, and Brian Cage says he agrees. Taz says it would also help them lock down Christian Cage as a member if Brian Cage stays backstage as well.

Tony Schiavone introduces Christian Cage, who joins him in the ring. Cage says he has an open contract, and he is out here to exercise that. Taz, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Hook interrupt. Taz says Cage has ignored him for a week, but he asks Cage if he is in or out. Cage says he was going to do this privately in the back, and says Taz said it himself that Team Taz is a bit of a dumpster fire. Cage says he didn’t come to AEW to help Taz; he came to AEW to win championships. He says he answer is no. Taz says Cage just made the biggest mistake of his life and he never liked him. Hobbs backs Taz away and gets in the ring with Cage. Hobbs goes for a shot, but Cage ducks and delivers shots to Hobbs. Hobbs comes back with a knee strike, but Cage counters and goes for the Killswitch. Hook gets on the apron and Cage goes after him, but Hobbs runs him over. Hobbs slams Cage into the barricade and lays him out on the steel steps as Taz and Hook look on.

Announced for next week:

AEW Women’s World Championship Match – Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Tay Conti
Christian Cage vs. Powerhouse Hobbs
Adam Page vs. Ricky Starks
Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Trent

Match #6 – AEW TNT Championship – Falls Count Anywhere Match: Darby Allin (c) vs. Matt Hardy
Hardy grabs a chair and swings it, but Allin ducks the shot and delivers a few shots to Hardy. Allin comes off the ropes, but Hardy hits him with the chair. Hardy delivers more chair shots to Allin’s back and sends him to the floor. Hardy delivers more shots on the floor and slams Allin’s face into the ring apron a few times. Hardy delivers a series of right hands and delivers more shots with the chair. Hardy goes for the cover, but Allin kicks out. Hardy delivers more shots with the chair and wraps it around Allin’s neck. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Allin rams him with the chair. Allin delivers more shots, but The Butcher and The Blade and Private Party come to the ring and beat down Allin. The Dark Order rushes out and brawls with The Buthcer and The Blade and Private Party. Sting comes out as well and takes out Private Party with the bat. Sting uses a trash can and clotheslines Private Party to the floor. Allin and Hardy brawl at ringside as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Allin and Hardy are still brawling at ringside. Hardy slams Allin into the wall and goes for the cover, but Allin kicks out. Everyone else brawls around the ring as Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky come to ringside. Lance Archer cuts them off and they walk away. Archer gets in the ring with Sting, and then Archer lays Isiah Kassidy out with the Blackout while looking at Sting. Hardy grabs a chair, but Allin steals it and hits him with it. Allin drops Hardy on the stage and delivers more shots. Sting tosses his bat to Allin and walks backstage. Hardy delivers a low blow and wraps Allin’s neck in the chair. Hardy delivers the Twist of Fate and goes for the cover on the stage, but Allin kicks out. Hardy takes Allin backstage and slams him into a computer monitor. Hardy grabs a ladder and lays Allin on a table. Hardy connects with a leg drop through the table and goes for the cover, but Allin kicks out. Hardy brings Allin back to the stage and clubs him across the back. Hardy goes for a power bomb off the stage, but Allin fights out and delivers a low blow.
Allin hits Hardy with the bat a few times, and then destroys the announcer’s monitors with it. Allin lays Hardy on the announce table and hits him in the face with the bat. Allin climbs the terrace and delivers the Coffin Drop for the pin fall.
Winner and still AEW TNT Champion: Darby Allin

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