4/1/21 NXT UK Report

Apr 1, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

NXT UK comes from us at the BT Sport Studios at London, England.

Commentators for the night are Nigel McGuiness & Andy Shepherd. Francesa Brown will be the ring announcer for this evening.

The commentators open the show by hyping up the title defense tonight by Pretty Deadly as they take on Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan.

Match #1: Aoife Valkyrie defeated Stevie Turner (FKA Bobbi Tyler) with the leg drop from the top rope to the back of the head. Valkyrie remains undefeated in NXT UK.

We see a video package for the Heritage Cup Champion, A-Kid. He’ll be defending the title against Noam Dar or Tyler Bate as they’ll be competing in a #1 Contenders match next week on NXT UK Prelude.

Earlier in the week Jack Starz & Piper Niven are seen in the Performance Center as she says there is more to wrestling than working out so Starz needs to unleash his rage, so then he beats the crap out of a punching bag.

Match #2: Teoman defeated Josh Morrell via submission with his crossface finisher.

Next up we have the face off of WALTER & Rampage Brown as Sid Scala moderates it. Scala asks WALTER if he thinks that he is the greatest champion in NXT UK history. WALTER mentions all his statistics and says yes I am. Rampage says that he isn’t taking anything lightly since he has been here because it’s his dream, it’s his job. WALTER says that it may be his job but it’s my life. WALTER says he doesn’t respect Rampage Brown. Rampage mentions how he beat WALTER when he first arrived in England. WALTER points out that he was the guy to beat then but what has he done since then because I’ve traveled the world but he’s cut off by Rampage as he points out that he did everything before WALTER did it. WALTER says he was waiting for Rampage to arrive here and step up because in the end he’s just like everyone else and wants to ride on his coat tails. Rampage says WALTER is just a bully. WALTER says he will never know what it’s like to be a champion, in his shoes or never win the NXT UK Championship. They’ll Battle next week for the title.

A vignette of Gallus doing bare knuckle boxing in the streets air as Joe Coffey finishes with saying Gallus boys on top. We then see Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams getting ready for their title defense tonight.

Kay Lee Ray enters the ring on how she beat the legendary Meiko Satomura. Everyone doubted her because she is here as your NXT UK Women’s Champion, the forever champion. Emilia McKenzie then makes her way out and says that she has been traveling & learning and eventually their paths will cross. KLR then says she doesn’t see why their paths can’t cross right now & then Isla Dawn comes out to attack McKenzie. Meiko Satomura then comes to the aid of Millie McKenzie.

Match #3: Pretty Deadly retained the NXT UK Tag Team Titles against Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams.

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