Update on Thea Trinidad’s status

Mar 26, 2021 - by Staff

Former WWE star Thea Trinidad (fka Zelina Vega) has reportedly signed some sort of contract that will prevent her from signing with AEW right now.

There has been some speculation on AEW possibly bringing in Trinidad and Andrade together, now that both are gone from WWE. However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Trinidad has signed a contract to work elsewhere.

There is no word on who the contract is with or even if it’s with a pro wrestling promotion, but the deal she has signed would not allow her to work for any wrestling company, and the deal is not with AEW.

It was noted that the contract Trinidad has signed is somewhat of a short-term deal, and the door has not been shut on her eventually working with AEW. Due to the contract, Trinidad won’t be signing with AEW any time in the near future.

Trinidad was released by WWE in mid-November, and had her 90-day non-compete clause in February. She has been focusing on her YouTube and Twitch gaming channels, where she has found some success with a following. Trinidad recently revealed a new look and teased some work in Hollywood.

Stay tuned for more on Trinidad’s future.

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