Undertaker Discusses The Rock Possibly Running for President

Feb 21, 2021 - by James Walsh

The Undertaker has weighed in on the idea of The Rock running for president. As noted last week, the Great One, who is fictionally running for president in the future on his sitcom Young Rock, said in an interview that he would consider running for the office “if that’s what the people wanted.” Taker spoke with TMZ and shared his thoughts on Rock’s comments.

Undertaker said:

“Hey, you know what? I tell you what about Rock. Man, what a success story he is — and not given to him. I mean, that man works his tail off. And he dives in wholeheartedly into everything that he does. And if he gets his mind set that he wants to make a run at politics? You know what, I think he’ll do it. And I don’t know where he sits on a lot of his policies, but I know he has the will and the determination to do something, he usually does it. And so — hey, you know, I’d call in a favor or two.” [laughs]

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