Impact Report, 2/16/21

Feb 16, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for live updates from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm!

Tonight’s show will address the fallout from the No Surrender PPVTommy Dreamer wants a piece of Moose!  There is another new international tag team that will arrive tonight!   This is a must watch show!  Juice Robinson and David Finley, from NJPW will make their debut this evening!

BTI Match.. Taurus and Crazzy Steve defeated XXXL.

The show begins with a recap of No Surrender.  Check out our detailed report on our Results Section, on  We have a full report of this an all PPV’s!  Our reports by Steve, Mark and the crew are the most detailed on the internet.

Match 1.  X-Division Championship Match.  Josh Alexander (Challenger) VS TJP (Champion)

Josh is an amazing mat grappler, but TJP is a wizard of wrestling.  This should be amazing.

Josh goes for the leg and TJP gives him that, but uses his weight to make the hold not effective.  The two trade head scissors, and arm twists for a few mins.  This is already awesome.  Josh wraps on a leg lock, but TJP leaves his foot in front of him and takes the back of Josh’s head and neck in a wrenching hold.  This is going to be a game of chess.  TJP gets twisted into a surf board and is already bleeding from the mouth.

Josh locks on a arm lock Powerbomb.. TJP takes the Powerbomb and locks in a triangle.. WOW.  Josh escapes and TJP is in pain.  TJP reverses a double arm lock to a abdominal stretch.  TJP then rolls him into a rolling octopus.  Josh reverses into a ankle lock.  This is so good.

TJP hits a running Boot and a tornado DDT.. Kick out by Josh.  TJP misses a Mamba Splash.  Josh hits a splash that carries both to the floor.  Josh tossed TJP back in, but missed a top rope dropkick to re-enter the ring.  The tow block finishers some more.  TJP goes to the top, but Josh beats him to the punch.  He climbs the ropes to a groggy TJP, TJP blocks the suplex, but Josh raises his knees from the Mamba Splash and locks an ankle lock.  TJP reverses and escapes.  TJP hits a suplex.  Both are exhausted.  TJP hits a kick to the head.  Then hits the Mamba Splash for the win.

Winner.  TJP..

What a match.  This was so good.

Tommy Dreamer in interviewed after meeting with management.  He says Moose is going to get some sense beat into him tonight…old school.

Brian Myers gives Hernandez a boatload of cash and says he will get more if he beats Matt Cardona tonight.  Fallah Bahh shows up and starts bartering money with Hernandez.

Fin Juice/ Former NJPW Tag Champs are announced to be taking on Reno Scum tonight.

Match 2.  Trey Miguel VS Willie Mack VS Suicide VS Daviari

This match is going to be fun.  I join in where Mack is with Suicide.  Mack misses a dive and lands on the floor.  Trey takes a chance and dives on Mack .  Davairi muscles Suicide inside with power moves.  Suicide hits a back elbow and they land on the top rope.  Mack re-enters and powerbomps Davairi.  Trey finally hits a spin kick/splash on suicide for the win.

Winner Trey Miguel

Sami Callahan is show backstage letting Trey know tonight’s win meant nothing in the big picture.

TJP is with Scott D’Amore, Ace Austin walks in and says he won the SUPER X CUP, Scott says the winner of a bunch of hurdles will be the number 1 contender.  Ace is livid and leaves.  TJP and D’Amore have a laugh and the segment ends.

Match 2.  Hernandez (Brian Myers) VS Matt Cardona

Cardona hits a dropkick to start the match.  Hernandez leaves the ring in disgust.    Cardona hits a dive to the outside.  They go back in and Hernandez is waiting.  He then shoulder blocks Cardona to the floor and we go to break.

Matt hits a missle dropkick twice to make an impact.  Hernandez fights it off, but then hits Radio Silence for the win.

Winner.  Matt Cardona

Cardona is interviewed in the ring.  He says he is not here to talk about Brian Myers.  Myers then enters the ring.  He says what are you doing here?  Matt says what is the deal, we are friends?   Hernandez then clips the back of the knee of Cardona.  Eddie Edwards enters and takes out both Myers and Hernandez.  Eddie and Cardona celebrate as the segment ends.

A NJPW hype package is next for Juice and Finley.  This was well done.  NJPW segments and vignettes are used to make this feel different than typical hype videos. 

AEW has a paid for following announcement.  Tony Khan says nobody gave him anything for Valentines.  Tony Schiavone laughs because he knows Tony is worth so much.  He goes over the Dynamite card tomorrow.  He brings up the forbidden door several times.  Anything can happen on Impact and AEW.  Tony compares The Don from, The Godfather to Eddie Kingston.  He says Kingston and his crew will be big tomorrow night.    Don’t miss that show.

Neveah is backstage and talks to Havok.  She says she is a not good enough.   Tenille and Kaleb show up.  Neveah says she is a better partner to Havok than Neveah ever was.  Neveah agrees and this sets up a match.  Neveah clearly feels she was the reason she and Havok lost at No Surrender to the Champions, Hogan and Steelz.

Match 3.  Reno Scum VS Dave Finley and Juice Robinson

Juice hits a high elbow off Finley to start the match on Luster.  Nothing gets better for Adam.  This is basically a squash match at this point. Reno Scum has nothing on the NJPW former tag champs.   Reno Scum take punishment from each member of the former NJPW tag champs after quick tags from Finley and Juice.   Scum can’t mount any offense.  Luster gets clotheslined to the floor.  Finley and Juice hit the Power and Glory finish for the win.

Winners.  Juice and Finley

The Good Brothers enter the arena post match.  They tell Juice and Finley they love when young boys come in and pop a town.  They say lets go have a good time on the town, like the old days (in Tokyo).  Juice says they are not young boys.  Finley says we will buy the first round as long as Anderson doesn’t pass out and wake up in his own piss. .. yikes.

Rohit is at the bar blaming everyone for his loss.  James Storm and Sabin show up smash a bottle on Rohit’s head because he is just acting like a jerk on his partner. Johnny Swinger shows up, saying he has cheap booze and girls.  Storm and Sabin follow him.  They leave as the segment ends. (Commercial Break)

Swingers Palace is the setting for the next segment.  Storm and Sabin are there.  Alisha Edwards and Johnny Bravo are there.  Storm asks Alisha if she is “that” rapper.  lol.  Fallah is there and just lost his last 10 dollars.  Alisha says give him a break to the Swing man.  Swinger says you don’t know hurting until you caught crabs from Bob Seagar’s ex girlfriend.  Sabin looks at Storm and says this place rules…  I agree.. lol

Match 4.  Neveah VS Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K.)

Neveah knocks Dashwood from the ring early and we go to a quick break.

Dashwood has been on the offensive since she hit the floor.  Neveah takes a suplex.  Neveah hits a back elbow, for a two count.  Dashwood rings Neveah’s neck on the ropes twice.  She hits a few elbows and hits some stiff kicks in the corner.  After driving Neveah’s head to the mat, Tenille gets a two count.  Neveah recovers and hits a sidwalk slam, for the break she very much needs.  Neveah follows up with a STO and running face slam/DDT.  She then connects with a face plant slam for a two count on Tenille.  That was not enought.  Dashwood hits a Taste of Tenille after a whip and gets the win.. Nice Recovery.

Winner Tenille Dashwood.

The end of No Surrender is shown next.  Moose takes out Rich Swann ( Impact World Champion) and Tommy Dreamer.

Violent By Design has a vignette next.  Deaner addressed his Cousin.. Jake Something.. as EY looks on with pleasure.  Deaner says next week he will put his “family business” threw a table.  Joe Doering and EY look happy in the most creepy of ways.

Susan and Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee are shown backstage.  Susan wants a piece of Jazz.  Deonna asks Scott D’Amore to listen to her.  She wants Kimber and Susan to have a shot at the tag belts.  D’Amore says the better move is Kimber and Susan VS Jazz and Grace.   The winners will get a tag title match.  Susan like this.  Deonna looks frustrated.

Match 5.  Old School Rules Match.  TNA World Champion, Moose VS Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy and Moose face off with fists flying to start the match.  Dreamer gets the best of that and basement dropkicks Moose on the floor.  From there, Moose cracks Tommy’s head on the ring post.  He then gouges the eyes to several times.  Moose looks absolutely ripped.  He has never been in this great of shape.

Dreamer fights back by biting Moose on the forehead.  He grabs a chair and we go to break.

Moose is back from break and hits a pan on Dreamer’s head.  Apparently Rich Swann is still nursing injury from Moose’s attack at No Surrender.  #Thankyoutommy is trending.

Moose is simply overpowering Dreamer.  Tommy seems to have nothing to give at this point.  Moose is just too much.  He has no wind.  Moose is talking down to Tommy, hovering over him..  Just then Tommy hits a low blow.  He gets only a 1 count.

Dreamer goes to the outside and gets a chain.  He hits Moose a few times.  He then tries for a DDT, but Moose hits a STO on the chair.  Dreamer is down.  Moose is hurt too.  He goes to the outside and gets a table.  He tosses it in the ring.

We are on OVERTIME..  It is past 10 pm.

Moose sets up the table in the corner.  Dreamer recovers and spears Moose threw the table!

He then gets a Kendo stick.  Moose takes a shot and then hits a sidewalk slam and a spear on Dreamer for the win.

Winner Moose.  


This is tremendous stuff.  WWE and AEW have a lot to live up to.  This show blew RAW away, and I love WWE and AEW.







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