No Surrender

Feb 13, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Rich Swann will defend the Impact World Championship against Hardcore Legend, Tommy Dreamer, but TNA World Champion, Moose may have something to say about the outcome.

The Good Brothers will defend the Impact World Tag Team Championships against AEW’s Private Party, with Matt Hardy, and the team of Chris Sabin and James Storm.

The balance of the card is going to be full of surprises and intense action.  Check back often for up to the minute results.

The action will take place in The Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.  D’Lo Brown and Matt Stryker are on the call.

Tommy Dreamer is shown talking to the camera about his 31 years in the business.  He says everything in his life revolves around pro wrestling.  He says every day he wakes up with pain.  He has broken his body everywhere, but it has been worth it.  He says he would do it all over again.  He says he will do his best for one night to be the man everyone remembers.  Today is Tommy’s 50th birthday.

Match 1.  Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) and XXXL (Acey Romero and Larry D.) VS Decay (Rosemary, Black Taurus, and Crazzy Steve)

Decay received a major upgrade last week when Black Taurus returned to the states from Mexico.

Rosemary and Tenille start off for their teams.  Rosemary takes her down with a big boot off a whip.  Larry D tags in, as does Crazzy Steve.  Steve climbs Larry and hits some elbows off the top of the head.  He then takes Larry down, but Larry runs to the corner and tags Acey.  Taurus tags in and the two big men trade blows.  Taurus uses the lucha style with flips and arm drags to chase Acey from the ring.  Taurus is so agile for a big man.  Steve tags in and Kaleb grabs his leg from the outside and Acey gets the advantage and tags Larry.  Larry goes to work and lays hard forearms to the back of Steve.  Tenille tags in and gives Steve a few kicks in the corner.  She quickly tags Acey back in and he uses his size to squash Steve in the corner.  Steve finally sneaks away and tags Taurus.  Larry tags in and he and Acey get taken out by Taurus.  Taurus Samoan Drops Larry D!  Wow.  Larry weighs over 300 lbs.  Taurus goes to the outside, but Larry recovers and hits him with a dive to the arena.  Taurus shakes it off and runs in the ring and hits a plancha to the outside on Larry.  Steve follows him from the top rope.  Tenille goes to the top, but decides against it.  Acey then picks her up and powerbombs her on to the pile on the outside.

Larry goes back in the ring, Taurus hits a sit out powerbomb for the win as Rosemary spews a green mist on Acey on the outside.

Winners.  Decay

A vignette hypes Brian Myers / Eddie Edwards  feud.  Myers says Killer Kowalski is rolling over in his grave knowing he trained him.

Match 2.  Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards VS Brian Myers and Hernandez

There is a lot of backstory to this match.  Obviously the current feud is between Myers and Edwards, but Myers and Cardona have been best friends since training together in the indies.  They met at the age of 18.  Hernandez is just a hired gun.

Eddie and Brian start off.  The match begins scientifically.  Eddie gets the best of Myers with a few arm drags.  Cardona tags in and Myers will have none of him.  Hernandez tags in and gives Matt a shoulder block.  Cardona hip tosses Hernandez, Cardona tags Eddie and Hernandez takes them both out.  Myers tags back.  Eddie goes right back on the offensive and chases Myers around the ring.  Hernandez is waiting and takes him off his feet.  Myers tosses him back in and Hernandez tags in and locks on a bear hug.  Myers tags in and hits a high vertical suplex and locks on a rear chin lock.

Eddie breaks free, but gets his legs clipped out off a whip.  Hernandez rips on a turnbuckle pad.  He and Myers make a few tags and stomp Eddie for several mins in the corner.  Eddie reverses a belly to back suplex.  Hernandez hits a blind tag and takes out Eddie.  Myers tags back in and gives Eddie a side Russian leg sweep.  Hernandez tags back in and works on the ribs in the corner.  Hernandez and Eddie fight to the top rope, Hernandez gets superplexed off the top.  Myers is able to tag in as does Cardona.  Cardona takes everyone out, but he is all over Myers.  He gets a two count after a flurry of moves.  Myers hits a sit out slam for a two count.  Myers heads to the top rope, but Eddie meets him there.  Hernandez and Eddie go to the outside.  Cardona hits a Frankenstiener off the top on Myers for a two count.  Myers launches Cardona into the exposed turnbuckle and gets the win.

Winners.  Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards

Matt Hardy is with Private Party backstage.  He asks if they are ready to become kings?  He tells them they are special because they have him, Big Money Matt.   Matt says they are going to win the belts and take them back to AEW.

A vignette next hypes Violent By DesignJake Something will face the new Cody Deaner.

Match 3.  Deaner (formerly Cody, with Joe Doering and EY) VS  Jake Something

Jake tosses Deaner to the outside to start the match.  These two cousins hate each other.  Jake shoulder blocks Deaner to the outside.  EY lays into Deaner on the outside verbally.  He re-enters and refocuses.  He hits Jake with several punches.  Jake shakes it off and hits a clothesline.  Deaner recovers and tosses Jake to the outside.  EY hits a neckbreaker on Jake.  They toss him back in and Deaner drops several knees to the back of Jake’s neck.

Deaner spends the next several minutes using the five count to his advantage, choking his cousin in the corner repeatedly.  Deaner hits a jumping European Upper Cut for a quick count of 1.  Deaner disposes of Jake on the outside again.  Deaner follows him out and sneaks behind Jake, and shoves him into the corner post.

Back in the ring, Jake lifts Deaner in the air out of a front facelock, but couldn’t capitalize on it.  Deaner brutally dropkicked Jake’s neck into the turnbuckle.  Ouch!  Jake catches Deaner off a flying elbow and sidewalk slams him to the mat.  Jake then hits a double axe off a whip.  Jake then hits a sit out slam.  He then spears Deaner in the corner for a two count.  Deaner hits neck breaker for a two count.

Jake and Deaner make their way to the top rope.  Jake tries to suplex Deaner to the arena floor, but Deaner shifts his weight and Jake gets pulled to the mat.  Jake hits a back elbow and hits a Black Hole Slam for the win!

Winner.  Jake Something.

Post match, VBD attack Jake.  EY and Doering set up a table in the center of the ring.  Deaner and EY set Jake on Doering on the top rope and they powerbomb Jake threw the table.  VBD ends the segment standing tall.

Eddie Edwards and Alisha wish Tommy Dreamer a happy birthday in the back and give him a gift.

Match 4.  Triple Threat Revolver Match to become the X Division #1 Contender.

Blake Christian VS Trey Miguel VS Suicide will start the match.  Chris Bey, Daivari, Willie Mack, Ace Austin and Josh Alexander will enter as someone is pinned.

Trey and Suicide team up to go after Blake Christian.  Blake uses drop kicks and arm drags to fend them both off.  Trey hits a cutter on Blake.  Suicide hits a moonsault off a missed moonsault by Trey.  Christian moonsaults Trey on the outside after crossing the ropes.  Suicide goes to the top and Blake joins him.  He gets thrown off the ropes and Suicide hits a Swanton, but Trey locks a leglock to Tap out Suicide.

Chris Bey enters.  He hits a backspring elbow to Christian and spinning leg lariat to Trey.  Christian rolls threw a splash and hits a standing C4 on the outside to Trey.  Incredible move.  Bey takes a springboard moonsault from Christian.  Bey hits a Vertibreaker on Christian and gets the pin.

Daivari enters.  Bey takes an absolutely stiff chop from Daivari.  He whips Bey to the corner and gives him a back body drop.  Daivari continues with more chops and then a belly to belly.  Trey climbs the ropes and hits double knees to the face of Daivari and pins him.  Daivari was being cocky and got caught from behind.

Josh Alexander enters.  Josh is the mat wrestler of the group.  He goes right to work on Bey, but Trey jumps on his back.  Bey comes to attack from the front, but Josh suplexes them both at the same time.  He goes to work on the mid section of Bey.  Bey hits a jumping side kick.  Josh takes another spinning heal kick, but Josh hits a spinning powerbomb and then taps Bey on a ankle lock.

Willie Mack enters.  Mack takes Trey and Josh out with several running clotheslines.  He then double moonsaults them both.  Mack is feeling it and laying the chops in deep on Trey in the corner.  He and Trey make their way to the top rope.  Josh pulls Mack down and climbs the ropes to set up a superplex.   Mack comes back and powerbombs the group.  Mack and Josh trade chops in the corner.  Josh gets the best of Mack and begins stomping him, but Mack recovers off a whip, and hits a DDT on Josh.  Trey hits another Meteiora and Mack is pinned.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) enters.  Both Trey and Josh immediately attack Ace.  Ace fights off both and hits superkicks to both.  Trey hits a shinning wizzard on Josh, then a reverse ranna.  The next pin wins the match, so Ace breaks up the pin attempt.

Ace works on Trey as Josh spills to the outside.  Trey takes out Josh further, launching himself to the outside.  Ace follows and takes out Trey.  This match is incredible.

Ace and Trey find themselves on the top rope.  Trey slips beneath and kicks him in the groin.  Trey then takes out Josh.  Trey then hits a spinning, cradle suplex for a two count.  Josh re-enters and puts both Trey and Ace in the rack and tosses them to the ground.  Josh locks on the Ankle lock.   He then hits a double underhook piledriver on Austin and gets the pin.

Winner.  Josh Alexander

A vignette for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship airs next.  Fire and Flava will face off with Havok and Neveah.

Match 5.  Texas Tornado Rules.  Knockouts World Tag Team Championship Match.  Havok and Neveah VS Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz (Champions).

All four ladies will have the ability to be in the match at once.  Havok clears the ring early, but misses a sitdown splash on Hogan.  Hogan then hits a basement dropkick on Havok.  Steelz takes out Neveah, who tried to stop Hogan.   Steelz ties up Neveah in the ropes.  Fire and Flava then double team Neveah in the corner.  Havok recovers and slams both Steelz and Hogan.  Neveah recovers and they double team Hogan.  Steelz gets a chair, but Havok tells her you better use it.  Steelz tosses the chair.  lol.

Neveah splashes Steelz.  Hogan gets a kendo stick and starts pounding Havok with it.  Hogan gets a two count on Havok.  She hit her at least 5 times with the kendo stick.  Havok recovers and slams Hogan and Steelz head together.  Havok then double suplexes both girls.  She begins working on Hogan in the corner.  Neveah is out on the floor recovering.  She stumbles in.  Havok misses a splash in the corner and gets knocked out.   Neveah takes a swinging neckbreaker and gets pinned by Steelz.

Winners.  Fire and Flava retain the championships.

Havok and Neveah seem to have words, as they leave the ring.

Rich Swann is interviewed backstage.  He mentions Moose and says Impact Wrestling will suspend him if he interferes.  He then turns his attention to Tommy Dreamer.  He tells him is going to owe Tommy a new set of teeth after the match.

A hype video airs to set up the Rohit Raju match vs TJP.

Match 6. Rohit Raju (with Mahabali Shera) VS TJP (X Division Champion)

Rohit and Shera attack TJP prior to the match.  TJP is absolutely destroyed prior to the start.  TJP finally crossbodies Shera on the outside.  The match hasn’t even started.  Rohit and TJP then topple over the ring barricade.  Ref, Brian Hebner can’t do anything.  The match still hasn’t started yet.  Rohit suplexes TJP again.

Finally they are in the ring and the bell rings.  TJP took a beating, but tries a tornado DDT, but Rohit holds on and reverses the hold.  WOW.  Shera continues to give TJP cheap shots on the outside.

Rohit hits a fishermen’s suplex and locks on a rear chin lock.  He is using his weight well.  TJP is using all his strength to get up.  Rohit gets a two count after TJP collapses to the mat.  TJP gets tossed to the outside, and Shera chokes him while Rohit distracts the ref.  Rohit gets another two count, but he can’t get the 3 count.  Frustration is setting in.  Rohit begins dropping knees on TJP’s arm.  He then bites his arm and screams it tastes like failure….

Rohit locks on a reverse arm bar.  TJP counters out and hits a boot to the face.  He then misses the Mamba Splash.   Rohit hits a forearm, but TJP gets a two count off a face buster.  TJP then hits a kick, but Rohit recovers and hits two running kicks.  TJP misses a kick and Rohit gets a two count.

TJP then hits a superplex after somehow recovering.  Rohit kicks out.  TJP then goes back to the top.  Rohit catches him and locks on the triangle.  TJP slips out and locks on a heel lock.  Rohit is screaming.  Rohit breaks out and locks on a crossface.  This is great.  TJP rolls and gets a two count.  Rohit gets a two count of a Rohit Driver.  TJP hits s spring board DDT, then a Mamba Splash for the pin!  What a match.

Winner and still X Division Champion.  TJP

Incredible match.  TJP stands tall.

Gia is backstage with Tommy again.  Tommy says he is flooded with emotion.  He becomes teary eyed thinking about his father taking him to his first match when turned ten.  He says his body doesn’t have much left, but he is going to give it all tonight.

Match 7.  Deonna Purrazzo (Knockouts Champion,) Kimber Lee and Susan VS ODB, Jordynne Grace and Jazz

ODB and Kimber start off.  Kimber gets clotheslined a few times and tags Susan.  Grace tags in and suplexes Susan.  Susan runs to Deonna when Jazz gets tagged in.  Deonna calls Jazz a hasbeen.  Jazz goes Mohammed Ali on her and takes her off her feat with jabs.  Grace takes out all the ladies on the outside as they try to escape the arena.  Jazz then takes herself off the top on the pile for good measure.

Back in the ring, Purrazzo is slammed by Jazz and Grace.  Deonna recovers and hits Divorce Court.  Kimber locks on the Lotus Lock on Grace next.  Grace breaks the hold, but Kimber tags in to Susan.  She backs Grace in the corner and punches Grace repeatedly before tagging Purrazzo back in.  She and Kimber trade tags repeatedly for a few mins.  Grace finally gets free after Susan tags in.  She tags ODB.  ODB starts ripping the clothes off Susan.   She then does the Dirty Dozen move in the corner, followed by a Chest press..

Grace hits a Grace Driver.  Jazz tags in and Susan pokes her eyes.  Jazz hits Grace by accident.  Kimber takes out Grace and ODB on the outside with a jumping senton.  Jazz locks Susan in the STF and she taps.

Winners.  Grace, Jazz and ODB

They stand tall in the ring and celebrate.

A vignette for the Mens Impact World Tag Team Title Triple Threat match airs.

Match 8.  Private Party (with Matt Hardy) VS Chris Sabin and James Storm VS The Good Brothers (World Tag Team Champions.)

The champions will not have to be pinned to lose the titles in this match.  They are the last to arrive to the ring.

Marq Quen and James Storm start off.  James gets the best of him and Isiah Kassidy tags in.. Matt pulls them back to the corner and gives some advice.  They re-enter and bait Storm into a quick double team.  Storm tags Sabin and he and Kassidy trade arm drags and kicks.  Sabin offers a hand.  Kassidy takes it and kicks Sabin.  Quen tags back in and they hits a disaster kick on Sabin.  Quen locks on a rear chin lock.  Sabin gets back to a vertical base.  Quen releases the hold and boots Storm in the corner.  Sabin tags in Karl Anderson.  Private Party then double team Anderson.  Anderson muscles Quen to his corner and Gallows tags in and manhandles Quen.

Anderson tags back in and takes Quen off his feet.  He is driving his elbow into the joint of the arm to hyper extend it.  Gallows tags back in and lays in the big boots and a suplex.  He gets a two count.  Gallows then hits running elbow and gets a two count.  Anderson is now back in and working the arm again.  Quen gets to his feet.  Storm tags as does Gallows.  Sabin tags in quickly and they double team Gallows.  Anderson tags in and Storm and Sabin use chain tag moves to take him off his feet.  Anderson finally tags in Quen.  Both members of Private Party enter.  They take out Sabin.  Storm gets double teamed and pinned off a assisted Sliced Bread.  He kicks out at two.

Gallows and Anderson re-enter, but Private Party systematically take them out.   Sabin comes in and clears out PP.  Anderson hits a spinebuster.  Storm takes out Anderson with a big boot.  Storm takes out Quen.  Matt Hardy hits a Twist of fate on Storm.  Quen goes to the top and hits a moonsault… but Anderson blind tagged him and pinned Storm for the win.

Winners and still Champions.  The good Brothers.

Big Money Matt screams at Private Party post match, asking how they could do let him down like this?

One last vignette airs setting up the main event.

Match 9. Main Event.   Tommy Dreamer VS Impact World Champion, Rich Swann.

Dreamer comes out first.  Swann enters dancing.  David Penzer joins them in the ring to introduce the Main Event.

D’Lo says this is not a favor to Dreamer.  This match is about respect.  The two shake hands in the ring and the match begins collar and elbow.  Swann slips behind, and takes down Swann.  Rich reverses the mat hold and Tommy reverses Swann into the ropes.  They next lock up in a test of strength.  Tommy wins that and arm twist Swann.  Swann reverses and the two miss a few kicks and Swann misses a standing moonsault.

The two stand back up and smile.  Swann tries a splash, but Tommy catches him and gives him a fall away slam.  Dreamer misses a dive to the outside, Swann recovers and connects goes for a dive of his own.  Swann gets caught and does a fall away slam.  He stands up with a dislocated finger.  They pop it back in place and Dreamer says the match must continue.

Dreamer hits a spinning neckbreaker on Swann.  Swann goes right after the injured finger and twists it.  Swann then starts stomping on the finger.  Now he is bending the fingers back.  Dreamer breaks free, but Swann hits a couple running elbows.   Dreamer catches him after the third one and drops Swann’s shin on his knee and hits a basement dropkick.  Then Dreamer locks on the Texas Cloverleaf.

Dreamer lets go of the hold as Swann gets to the ropes.  They trade blows strong style and they collide and collapse threw the ropes, to the floor.

Dreamer goes for a piledriver, Swann kicks him in the face and hits a cutter.  Nice sequence.  They both get to their feet and roll into the ring from the outside.  Swann and Dreamer go to the top rope.  Dreamer hits a superplex.  Dreamer then hits a cutter for a two count.  Swann locks on a armbar and Swann starts twisting the bad finger.  Dreamer gets to the ropes.  Swann kicks Tommy to his knees and starts throwing massive kicks to Dreamer’s head.  Dreamer somehow backslides Swann after catching another kick attempt.

Swann kicks Dreamer again.  Swann goes to the top and misses a splash.  Swann rolls threw the pin and locks on the Rings of Saturn.  Swann stands out and hits the Spicoli Driver for a two count! WOW.  That was close.

Swann goes back to the fingers and kicks Dreamer twice in the head.  Swann goes back to the top and hits the Phoenix Splash for the win.

Winner and still Champion, Rich Swann.

Post Match Swann helps Dreamer to his feet and Dreamer hands Swann the belt.  Moose runs from the back and starts tossing Swann and Dreamer around the ring.  He is trying to hurt Swann’s knee.  He spears Dreamer and gets a chair and starts ramming it into Swann’s knee.  Moose then picks up his belt and the Impact World Title and holds them high until he tosses it to the ground.

The show ends.

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