2/11/21 NXT UK Report

Feb 11, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

– NXT UK begins with a rivalry package that’s been going on since October between The Hunt & Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews. Tonight they’ll settle their rivalry in a Street Fight. We are shown earlier today that Andrews & Webster took out Wild Boar & they told Sid Scala that they were evening the odds because they are tired of the numbers game. So it’ll be Eddie Dennis & Primate teaming up tonight.

– Commentators for the night are Nigel McGuinness & Andy Shepherd. Francesca Brown will be the ring announcer.

***Match #1: Meiko Satomura defeated Isla Dawn with the Scorpio Rising. During the match we seen the NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray watching on in the stands. After the match both individuals stare each other down and ends with Kay Lee Ray holding here title up high.

– We see Rampage Brown & Joe Coffey sitting down at a table with a video conference call from Johnny Saint as he announces that the two will face off next week. Coffey welcomes Rampage here but he lets him know that this is his kingdom.

– We see a video packages for Dani Luna & Aoife Valkyrie. Next up we see a During the Break speech made by Meiko Satomura as she finished by saying Kay Lee I’m ready for you.

– Supernova Sessions presented by Noam Dar this week welcomes tonights guest Sha Samuels. Samuels makes a speech by saying that half of the roster wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. Then he makes it here and they introduce him as Ed Harvey. Dar goes on by starting a story that Samuels doesn’t want him to tell anyone. Dar tells Samuels that he has some pull around here. Sid Scala comes out saying that they can’t go around making matches and stuff, Dar recommends that Samuels vs. A-Kid for the Heritage Cup would be brilliant. Scala admits for making a mistake for the Ed Harvey name change and he’ll ask Johnny Saint about the match.

– Nina Samuels cuts a promo stating that she’ll accept the rematch Xia Brookside asked for but then the loser must become the others personal assistant for a month. A package of Trent Seven airs as he’s finally found that motivation he needs to change himself and getting himself back in shape. He’s going to continue focusing on hitting that 205 mark. It’s not just for championships but also his well being.

***Match #2: Piper Niven defeated Amale with the Piper Driver. During the match Joseph Conners shows up on stage to try and get in the head of Piper Niven.

– Scala shows the contract signing between Gallus & Pretty Deadly for their upcoming NXT UK Tag Team Title matchup in two weeks. We see highlights of recent arrival Ben Carter as he’ll be in action next week. Sha Samuels will challenge A-Kid for the Heritage Cup. Also Joe Coffey will go one-on-one with Rampage Brown.

***Match #3: Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster defeated Primate & Eddie Dennis in a Street Fight. Andrews pinned Primate after hitting the Shooting Star Press.

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