Ryan Katz

Jan 29, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Ryan Katz
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 147 lbs.
Date of Birth: August 31, 1976
Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Pro Debut: 1999
Retired: May 18, 2013
Trained By: Bobby Black & Dan Magnus
Finishing Move: 2-Page Spread


– Katz has wrestled under several ring names in which they include Devilish Lee, Handsome, Fabian Kaelin, The Lemon, Minion, Stylez Monroe & most notably GQ Money. He also used the nicknames Devilish, Smiley & The World’s Greatest Hype Man.
– Katz runs the Fit Pro Wrestling School in Chatsworth, California.
– Katz was the co-founder of Central Wrestling Organization & the co-founder of the Slam City Pro Wrestling School.
– July 7, 2001, GQ Money & TJ Rush lost a Handicap match to Johnny Webb at XPW Rapture.
– October 13th, GQ Money lost to Angel at XPW Halloween in Hell 2.
– November 24th, GQ Money lost a 3-Way at XPW Retribution.
– January 12, 2002, GQ Money won a Battle Royal at XPW New Year’s Revolution 2.
– February 23rd, GQ Money challenged Johnny Webb for the XPW World Heavyweight Title.
– April 27th, The Enterprise (GQ Money, Kaos, The Sandman, Steve Rizzono & Veronica Caine) defeated The Black Army (Johnny Webb, Vic Grimes, Lizzy Borden, The Sandman & Angel) in a Genocide War Games at XPW Genocide.
– June 29th, GQ Money & Veronica Caine defeated Lizzy Borden & Angel in a Raw Sewage match at XPW Liberty or Death.
– July 20th, GQ Money lost to Angel in the first round of the XPW King of the Deathmatches Title Tournament ’02.
– June 7, 2003, GQ Money defeated Smokey Carmichael at HWA Reincarnation.
– May 24, 2008, GQ Money defeated Angel at XPW Cold Day in Hell.
– August 22, 2009, GQ Money defeated Mr. McPhenom at the XPW 10 Year Anniversary Show.
– April 8, 2012, GQ Money lost to Nick Madrid on NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.
– October 20th, GQ Money defeated The Hobo in a Best Two out of Three falls match to win the MPW Maximum Title.
– May 5, 2013, GQ Money competed in the CWFH Red Carpet Rumble.
– May 18th, GQ Money lost a Career Ending match to Bo Cooper at a MPW event.
– May 2015, Katz began working for WWE’s NXT as a Creative Producer.

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