Impact Wrestling, 1/26/21

Jan 26, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Matt Stryker and D’Lo Brown are on the call.  The show begins with a recap of last week’s show.  The recap covers the Impact tag situation and what Private Party brings to the table.  Will the AEW tag team take over Impact’s division?  They are the #1 contenders.

Rich Swann enters the arena to address the the viewers.  Rich looks to be in a great mood.  He says his entire life has been about being a professional wrestler.  Now his hard work has paid off, he is the Impact World Champion.  He says people are coming at him from every direction.  He says that is ok.  He says he is here to talk to Tommy Dreamer.  Tommy comes to the ring looking concerned.  Rich brings up February, 13th, the PPV,  No Surrender, which happens to be Tommy’s 50th birthday.  Rich then says it would be his honor to defend the World Title against him.  Just then, Sami Callihan heads to the ramp.  He says this is a joke.  Tommy loses to everyone, and Swann made the company look bad to Kenny Omega.  Just then, Chris Bey comes out.  He says he is 25 years younger than Dreamer.  Then Moose’s music hits.  Moose comes to the ramp.  He says it is funny nobody wants to challenge him for his title.  Then he tells Swann he has never beat him.  He also reminds him he is owed a title opportunity.  Swann says you will have to wait.  Everyone begins brawling at this point.  Willie Mack enters and takes out Bey, Sami and Moose.  The lights blink and Ken Shamrock appears.  The bad guys then all team up and take advantage of Swann, Mack and Dreamer.  The faces are all left on their back as the Moose leaves the ring and backs his way up the ramp.

Big news is the upcoming title match on the next PPV between Dreamer and Swann.

Back from break, the Dream, Swann and Mack are demanding a match with the rulebreakers immediately.  The voice their grievance to Scott D’Amore.  He says they are shorthanded.  They show a guy behind a closed door.  We don’t see who it is.. but everyone is excited about it.  Who will the mystery partner be?  Will will find out tonight.

Stryker and D’Lo hype the card for this evening.

Match 1.  Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander VS Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

This will be an interesting matchup with Cardona wanting to make an “Impact” and Alexander wanting to show he can move on from being part of The North.

Fulton and Alexander start off for their respective teams.  Fulton’s size gives him a early, but not decisive advantage.  Ace tags in.  Josh tags Cadona.  Matt hits a Flap Jack.  Austin goes to the outide and Fulton tries to help Austin.  Cardona gets backdropped with the help of Alexander to the outside onto the top of his foes.  Austin and Fulton try to regroup as we go to break.

Fulton is back from break on the attack with a side walk slam.  Ace tags in and brings the physicality to a different level.  His kicks are next level.  He is a future World Champion in my humble opinion.  Fulton tags back in and hits a splash.  He gets a quick two count.  Stryker and D’Lo are a significant upgrade on commentary.

Cardona makes the save off another two count on Alexander, after some kicks and punches.  Alexander connects with a stiff punch and makes a tag.  He disposes Fulton to the outside and dropkicks Ace to the outside as well.  He follows them outside and knocks down Fulton.  Ace gets knocked down, once back in the ring from some stiff forearms, for a two count.  Fulton recovers, makes the save and drags Ace to the corner makes a tag.  Where is the REF?

All four enter the ring and Matt hits a jumping leg lariat on Fulton and gets a 3 count.  Finish was rushed, but Cardona looked strong.

Winner.  Cardona and Alexander

Rohit is shown backstage talking to someone about needing help to regain the X-Division Championship.  We can’t see who it is, but Rohit brags about getting whomever it is to Impact Wrestling.

AEW’s Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone are back with another AEW commercial/promo.  Khan continues spouting how tremendous he is as an owner.  He says Private Party is the #1 contenders.  Tony Schiavone runs down Dynamite tomorrow.  All the matches are discussed in depth.  This stuff is so good.  Khan promises a great show tomorrow.  Khan says Daley’s Place is the best experience in wrestling.

Brian Myers approches Alexander and Cardona.  He shrugs them off and calls Cardona, Marty Jannetty.

Match 2.  Eddie Edwards VS Brian Myers

This match intensity has been building for weeks.  These two have been going at it verbally and now is go time.

Eddie outwrestles Myers for a few mins, but Myers takes a short cut and hits a knee to the gut.  Eddie shrugs it off and hits a knee of his own and throws himself onto Myers on the outside.  Myers fights off Eddie on the ring apron.  Myers goes inside the ring after ringing Edward’s injured arm on the top rope.    Myers wants a count out.  That doesn’t work, but it sets up the story of the injured arm.  Brian Hebner is the ref for the match.

Myers works the neck, arm and elbow with a rear choke hold.  Eddie breaks free, but Myers sweeps the leg.  This actually just annoys Edwards.  Good stuff.  Myers eye is bandaged up.  We will see if this comes into play.  Edwards whips Myers, but takes a back elbow. Eddie lays Myers on the top rope, and hits a back pack stunner.  He just fought off the elbow.

Myers hits a superkick, and face driving suplex.  Eddie goes to the eye of Myers.  He thumbs it and starts biting him.  Myers is bleeding everywhere.  Why is Eddie doing this?  The ref calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ.  Brian Myers.

Eddie leaves with Myers blood all over his face.. with a big smile on his face.  Stryker wonders if Eddie is making a turn to the dark side.

Tashia Steelz and Kiera Hogan are hyping their party they are throwing in the ring.  Johnny Swinger walks bye with some of his girls, saying they are ready for the party.  Hogan and Steelz are disgusted.

Big Money Matt and Private Party are shown backstage.  Matt takes all the credit for their win last week.  Hardy puts a bonus out to the boys if they win any of the tag belts.

Match 3.  Tenille Dashwood (Kaleb w/ a K) VS Rosemary (w/ Crazzy Steve)

Rosemary has become a personal favorite of mine over my time covering Impact.  This type of character is not usually my cup of tea, but she is able to be fun and demonic.  I really enjoy her character.  Check her out.

Rosemary hits a sidewalk slam to start the match.  Tenille just ran into it.  Kaleb tosses his camera back to Tenille.  She clobbers Rosemary with it for a two count.  The ref missed the bag somehow.  Rosemary tumbles to the outside and Kaleb taunts her with his camera.  Steve helps Rosemary back in the ring.

Tenille hits a few right hands.  Rosemary hits a back elbow off a whip and locks on her octopus in the ropes.  Rosemary climbs the ropes and misses a drop kick.  Tenille hits a crossbody for a two count.  Tenille locks on a full nelson.  Rosemary breaks the hold and hits a sling blade.  She then hits a t-bone suplex.  Rosemary gets the pin off a sitout so below…

Winner Rosemary

Rosemary and Crazzy Steve celebrate in the ring.

Larry D and Acey Romero are shown in the back.  Larry says he wants revenge on Rosemary for putting a spell on him.  Just then, Rosemary and Steve come backstage from the ring.  Larry slaps Steve.  Rosemary steps up and Larry walks off.   Acey says they are lucky they don’t hit women.  Rosemary doesn’t look scared.

Johnny Swinger is giving commentary on some playing card matches backstage between the boys.  Steelz and Hogan invite Swinger and the girls to their party backstage.  They invite everyone backstage to to the party except Fallah Bahh.  Fallah is pissed.

Susan, Kimber and Deonna Purrazzo are all backstage.  Deonna and Kimber are all talking about how great they are with their recent wins.  Jazz and Jordynne Grace walk up and say they are not done.  Susan challenges Grace and Jazz next week.

The party begins in the ring for Steelz and Hogan.  Fire and the Flava is their tag team name.   They are introduced and are dancing their way to the ring.  Swinger and his girls are there.  Fire and Flava are the new Knockouts Tag Champs and they want the world to know it.  Johnny Bravo and Alisha Edwards are also in the ring.  There is a ref in the ring, he says this part of the show is a dumpster fire.  Bravo starts complaining the food is lousy.  Swingers girls are ordered to start pouring the bubbly.  Alisha spits it out because it is so bad.

Just then we see the Marshmellow Man on the outside. (from Ghostbusters)  Neveah is under the costume.  Havok then attacks the Hogan and Steelz from behind.  She throws the catering at Hogan and Steelz on the ramp.  Havok and Neveah celebrate with Alisha in the ring.

Chris Sabin and James Storm are shown tossing back a few beers saying they need the Impact Tag belts..  They say they are not done with the Good Brothers.  They then do a shot of Jack.

Hogan and Steelz are complaining backstage because their party was ruined.  The ref comes up and asks for a refund for his money for coming to the party.  He doesn’t get it to say the least.  They leave.

Match 4.  Joe Doering (with Cody Deaner and Eric Young) VS Cousin Jake (Deaner)

Jake attacks Doering before the bell, but that might be the last of his offense this match.  Doering is a former All Japan Triple Crown Champion.  Doering recovers and takes over complete control.  He is a straight brawler.  He finally misses a closeline, but Jake injures his leg trying to make a comeback.  Doering hits the Eraser.  He then tosses Jake like a rag doll from one side of the ring to the other.  He then hits a death valley driver, into a short arm clothesline for the win.

Winner Joe Doering

Post match, EY drops a rag with Violent By Design‘s logo on his chest.  Is this an invitation?

Main Event.  Match 5. TNA World Champion, Moose, Ken Shamrock, Sami Callihan and Chris Bey VS Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Tommy Dreamer and ……  Trey Miguel

Miguel has apparently decided to remain with Impact Wrestling!

Swann starts off with Moose, but Bey slaps Moose’s back and tags himself in.  Dreamer then decides to start off and tags in.  Dreamer has lost some weight.  The legend looks good.   He hip tosses Bey and tags Swann back in.  Together, Swann and Dreamer hit a Rolling Thunder/Splash combo on Bey.  We then take the last commercial break.

Back in the ring, Bey and Sami are working over Rich Swann.  Shamrock tags in and so does Willie Mack.  Shamrock manhandles him and tags in Moose.   Quick tags continue which keep Mack from making a tag.  Callihan tags in from Bey and locks on a Indian Deathlock.  Mack breaks the hold, but can’t make the tag.  Sami taunts his foes on the apron.  Moose tags in and hits a pop up powerbomb.  He then powerbombs Bey on top of Mack.  Bey stays in and Mack finally hits a pop up uppercut and makes the tag to Miguel.  Trey takes out the entire corner of Moose and Bey and Shamrock.  Sami is left in the ring.   Shamrock runs in and so does Swann.  The match is now out of control.  Sami takes a cutter from Dreamer.  Moose spears Mack.  Miguel dropkicks Moose off the top.  He then takes a seatbelt suplex form Callihan.  Miguel then rolls up Sami for the pin!

Winners.. Trey Miguel, Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Shamrock loses it post match and locks on a ankle lock on the ref as the show ends.

This was a fun show.  Next week will have a lot of surprises for sure.

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