Jan 23, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Cesar Casafranca
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 170 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia
Pro Debut: September 19, 2015
Trained By: National Wrestling League & MCW Academy
Finishing Move: Code Red


– Rayo uses the nickname the Last Incan Warrior & Bad Boy 2. He has also been known as Cesar Rise (NXT).
– October 28, 2015, Rayo lost to Dan O’Hare at CZW Dojo Wars.
– December 30th, Bad Boy 2 defeated Kit Osbourne at CZW Dojo Wars.
– January 10, 2016, Rayo lost to Adrian Armour at AWE The Saga Continues.
– February 3rd, Bad Boy 2 defeated Joey Janela in a Loser Leaves Town match at CZW Dojo Wars.
– February 10th, Rayo defeated Dan Kinnally at CZW Dojo Wars.
– February 27th, Rayo & The Bruiser defeated The Dixon Line Security (Rob Locke & Joe Keys) in a Street Fight at MCW Winter Blast ’16.
– March 16th, Rayo defeated Blackwater at CZW Dojo Wars.
– April 6th, Rayo lost to Ace Austin at CZW Dojo Wars.
– April 16th, Rayo lost to Chuck Lennox at PCW The Reckoning.
– April 20th, Rayo defeated Ace Austin at CZW Dojo Wars.
– May 20th, Rayo lost to Lance Anoai at PPW Code of Honor.
– June 18th, Rayo defeated Jeremiah at MCW Base Brawl.
– August 12th, Rayo lost to Tracer X at NOVA Pro One Crazy Summer.
– September 10th, Rayo lost to Andrew Everett at CWF Mid-Atlantic Almost Famous.
– September 18th, Rayo lost to Gory at PCW Sunday Melee.
– February 4, 2017, Rayo defeated Ryan Vox at 302 Bashiversary.
– February 17th, Rayo defeated Bobby Shields at NOVA Pro RELoad.
– May 7th, Rayo competed in a 7-Way for the vacant WW Title.
– June 9th, Rayo lost to James Storm at the MCW 2nd Annual Slamboree.
– October 14th, Rayo lost to Dominic Garrini at EVOLVE 94.
– October 28th, Rayo competed in a 4-Way for the AML Prestige Title.
– December 1st, Rayo lost to Lance Anoai at MCW Seasons Beatings ’17.
– February 10, 2018, Rayo competed in the CZW Rumble.
– February 17th, Rayo competed in a 4-Way for the IWC Super Indy Title.
– March 10th, Rayo competed in the first round of the CZW Trifecta.
– April 21st, Rayo defeated Bobby Wayward at MCW Tribute to the Legends ’18.
– July 13th, Rayo lost to John Skyler in the first round of the MCW Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XVIII.
– September 20th, Cesar, Torry Kirsh & Vinny Mixon lost to the Forgotten Sons (Wesley Blake, Jaxson Ryker & Steve Cutler) on NXT.
– September 29th, Rayo & Brian Johnson lost to Eric Martin & John Skyler at MCW Tag Wars ’18.
– November 18th, Rayo competed in the Rumble for Tomorrow at WHAT VIII.
– November 25th, Rayo challenged Rafael De Salamanca for the GLL National Title.
– February 23, 2019, Rayo lost to Ken Dixon at the MCW Anniversary Show.
– May 12th, Rayo lost to Rhett Titus at ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds – Day 4.
– June 1st, Rayo competed in the MCW Bruiser Strong Rumble.
– July 13th, Rayo & AJ Alexander won a 3-Way to win the vacant FS Triple Crown Tag Team Titles, they would soon vacate the titles though.
– August 16th, Rayo lost to Eric Martin at MCW/ROH Future of Honor I.
– September 14th, Rayo retained the GLL Hatun Auqui Title in a 3-Way.
– October 26th, Rayo defeated Kevin at DTU Supremacia – Day 3.
– November 23rd, Rayo lost to Will Ferrara at MCW Autumn Armageddon Tour ’19 – Day 2.
– December 14th, Rayo won the Shane Taylor Promotions Battle Royal at MCW/ROH Future of Honor 3.
– December 27th, Rayo & Ryan McBride lost to The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton) at MCW New Year’s Eve Extravaganza ’19.
– January 17, 2020, The Winners (Rayo, Ryan McBride & O’Shea) lost to The Sandman, Shane Douglas & The Sickness at MCW Winter Blast ’20 – Night 1.
– November 21st, Rayo lost to Hades at MCW Bruiser Strong.

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