Omega on AEW’s women’s division: “I think we are taking baby steps”

Jan 19, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Kenny Omega recently did an interview with TVInsider and talks about Working With other companies & the state Of AEW women’s division & Wrestling During a Pandemic

AEW women’s division:
“I think we are taking baby steps. We have hungry performers who are passionate about getting a chance to do their best. Passion speaks to me more than the performance of a maneuver, and right now, our women are really chomping at the bit to get these TV spots. They’re all training hard. Our roster keeps getting better. [No one has] lost their passion. They are still striving for that big goal, which is for the women’s division to get more time. I’ll have the biggest smile on my face the day we get it. I know we will.”

AEW working with other companies:
“It just felt like wrestling needed a shot in the arm. It could have come from anyone, [but] it just so happened I had a good idea—something unique that I was in a position to pull off and had the support to do. We thought, “Let’s pull the trigger on this and get people talking. Let’s take the first step in trying to unite a large fan base that has very much been divided.”

AEW shows during the pandemic:
“At one time we wondered if we could even run shows. I think we found a viable solution when issues with COVID happened. Everyone was on board with [the measures taken] to create a safe environment for us to do what we love to do. When you face a challenge with your brothers and sisters in arms and overcome it together, you become closer. I think that is how we are as a roster now.”

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