Veda Scott

Jan 15, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Lindsey Kerecz
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 160 lbs.
Date of Birth: January 1, 1984
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
Pro Debut: May 15, 2011
Trained By: Daizee Haze & Delirious
Finishing Move: Crucifix DDT


– Also from wrestling, Veda has been a commentator, backstage interviewer & host.
– Veda graduated from the Drexel University School of Law in 2012.
– May 15, 2011, Veda would make her debut in a losing effort to Daizee Haze at a HWA event.
– July 14th, Veda defeated Sera Feeny at IWC Mountain State Madness.
– July 29th, Veda lost to Cherry Bomb at AIW Girls Night Out 4.
– August 7th, Veda lost to Portia Perez at PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive.
– September 24th, Veda defeated Kylie Pierce at the ECWA 44th Anniversary Show.
– January 29, 2012, Veda defeated Kimber Lee at AIW Girls Night Out 5.
– February 24th, Veda lost to Rachel Summerlyn in the first round of the 2CW Girls Grand Prix 1 Tournament.
– March 17th, Veda & Shazza McKenzie lost to Melanie Cruise & Mena Libra at SHIMMER 45.
– March 24th, Veda lost to Jenny Rose in the finals of the IndyGurlz Grand Prix Title Tournament.
– June 24th, Veda lost to Christina Von Eerie in the first round of the ACW 4th Annual Queen of Queens Tournament.
– July 20th, Veda defeated Kimberly at SHINE 1.
– August 4th, Veda defeated Courtney Rush at AIW Girls Night Out 7.
– September 7th, Veda lost to Reby Sky at MCW Rally in the Alley ’12.
– September 23rd, Veda defeated Mia Yim at AIW Point Break.
– October 14th, Veda & Io Shirai defeated She Nay Nay & Hiroyo Matsumoto at Stardom Season 9 Goddesses in Stars ’12 – Night 2.
– November 23rd, Hope and Change (Veda & Gregory Iron) defeated The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) for the AIW Tag Team Titles.
– December 21st, Hope and Change retained the titles against Youthanazia (Matt Cross & Josh Prohibition).
– March 29, 2013, Hope and Change defended the titles against The Old School Express (Jock Samson & Marion Fontaine).
– March 29th, Veda competed in the AIW Gauntlet for the Gold.
– April 6th, Veda & Shazza McKenzie defeated Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee at SHIMMER 53.
– May 24th, Veda lost to Marion Fontaine in the first round of the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament ’13.
– June 1st, Veda defeated Jessie Kaye at ECWA Raising the Bar II.
– June 23rd, Veda lost to McChif on ROH TV.
– June 30th, Hope and Change lost the AIW Tag Team Titles to the Batiri.
– August 30th, Veda defeated Kimber Lee at AIW Gleaming the Cube.
– October 6th, Veda challenged Allysin Kay for the AIW Women’s Title.
– October 12th, Veda & Jessie Brooks lost to Nevaeh & Christina Von Eerie at WSU Blood and Thunder.
– October 19th, Veda lost to Mercedes Martinez at SHIMMER 58.
– November 1st, Hope and Change lost to The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) in the first round of the AIW Double Date Tag Team Tournament.
– November 29th, Veda lost to Marti Belle at AIW Hell on Earth 9.
– February 7, 2014, Veda challenged Allysin Kay for the AIW Women’s Title.
– March 14th, Veda competed in the AIW Gauntlet for the Gold.
– March 29th, Veda defeated Kay Lee Ray at AIW Girls Night Out 11.
– April 13th, Veda defeated Leva Bates at SHIMMER 65.
– May 10th, Veda lost to Gail Kim at the TNA One Night Only: Knockout’s Knockdown ’14.
– July 26th, Veda defeated Gregory Iron in a Steel Cage at AIW Battle of the Sexes.
– July 27th, Veda & Jenny Rose defeated Hania the Howling Huntress & Mandy Leon at ROH Future of Honor.
– September 13th, Veda lost to Candice LeRae in the Semi-finals of the QPW Woman’s Tournament.
– October 4th, Veda challenged Athena for the AIW Women’s Title.
– October 19th, Veda defeated ThunderKitty at SHIMMER 70.
– January 4, 2015, Veda challenged Barbi Hayden for the NWA World Women’s Title.
– February 7th, Veda challenged Candice LeRae for the FWE Women’s Title.
– March 11th, Veda won the FWE Women’s Title from Candice LeRae in a tag team title for title matchup.
– April 11th, Veda defeated Shazza McKenzie at SHIMMER 72.
– April 24th, Veda won the AIW Women’s Title after winning a 4-Way.
– May 31st, Veda won a 3-Way to win the vacant Inspire Pro XX Division Title.
– July 10th, Veda lost the AIW Women’s Title to Athena.
– September 26th, Veda defeated Sumie Sakai on the ROH Reloaded Tour.
– October 3rd, Veda defeated Annie Social at AIW Girls Night Out 16.
– October 10th, Veda competed in the SHIMMER Rumble.
– November 1st, Veda lost the Inspire Pro XX Division Title to Jessica James.
– November 21st, Veda lost to Kimber Lee at WrestleJam 13.
– February 6, 2016, Veda, Amber Gallows & Allysin Kay defeated Sumie Sakai, ThunderKitty & Mary Dobson on ROH TV.
– February 12th, Veda challenged Heidi Lovelace for the AIW Women’s Title.
– February 28th, Veda defeated Jordynne Grace at Beyond State of the Art.
– March 11th, Veda defeated Kimber Lee for the Legacy Wrestling Women’s Title.
– March 17th, Veda lost to Rosemary at the TNA One Night Only: Knockout’s Knockdown ’16.
– April 1st, Veda lost to Brittany Blake at CZW Welcome to the Combat Zone.
– April 24th, Veda & Ryan Galeone lost to Jonathan Gresham & Jordynne Grace at Beyond Head Over Heels.
– May 14th, Veda defeated Samantha Heights at WSU Unshakable.
– June 24th, Veda defeated Nixon Newell at SHIMMER 81.
– July 3rd, Veda competed in a 3-Way for the A1 Alpha Male Title.
– July 8th, Veda defeated Jenny Rose on ROH Women of Honor.
– July 23rd, Veda retained the Legacy Wrestling Women’s Title against Mickie James.
– July 31st, Veda defeated Santana Garrett at WWR Revolutionary.
– August 6th, Veda defeated Alexia Nicole at AIW Girls Night Out 18.
– September 24th, Veda defeated Davienne at Limitless Past Your Bedtime.
– October 29th, Veda & Kennadi Brink defeated Faye Jackson & Sumie Sakai on ROH TV.
– November 26th, Veda lost to Kimber Lee in the finals of the Beyond/WWR Women’s Tournament for Today ’16.
– November 12th, Veda defeated Solo Darling at SHIMMER 88.
– December 16th, Veda challenged Davienne for the CW Women’s Title.
– January 15, 2017, Veda challenged Su Yung for the FEST Wrestling Title.
– January 27th, Veda defeated Tessa Blanchard at Limitless Unreal.
– January 29th, Veda defeated Karen Q at Limitless Paying Paul.
– February 12th, Pop Culture (Veda & Jason Cade) competed in the final 3-Way Elimination of the FEST Love Cup ’17.
– March 18th, Veda lost the Legacy Wrestling Women’s Title to Brittany Blake.
– March 24th, Veda competed in a 3-Way for the Phoenix of RISE Title.
– March 30th, Veda competed in the GCW Clusterfuck Battle Royal.
– May 17th, Pop Culture lost to Shane Strickland & Lacey Lane at FEST Bring Your Mom.
– July 9th, Veda defeated Ashley Lane at SHIMMER 93.
– September 9th, Pop Culture lost to Creepy as Fuck (Su Yung & Blackwater) in the finals of the WSU Queen & King of the Ring ’17.
– October 1st, Veda lost to Jinny at RevPro Live at the Cockpit.
– October 7th, Veda challenged Martina for the OTT Women’s Title.
– November 12th, Veda challenged Shazza McKenzie for the Heart of SHIMMER Title.
– December 4th, Veda challenged Kay Lee Ray for the Defiant Women’s Title.
– December 28th, Veda lost a Street Fight to Faye Jackson at NOVA Pro Such Great Heights.
– January 4, 2018, Veda defeated Maho Kurone on Tokyo Joshi Pro ’18.
– January 7th, Veda challenged Miyu Yamashita for the TOKYO Princess of Princess Title.
– January 21st, Veda defeated Killer Kelly on wXw Shotgun.
– February 9th, Pop Culture lost to Adrian Alanis & Shane Strickland in the first round of the FEST Love Cup ’18.
– March 4th, Veda lost to Shanna at Kamikaze Pro Shots Fired!
– April 15th, Veda defeated Samantha Heights at SHIMMER 104.
– May 12th, Veda lost to Kylie Rae in the first round of the MTW Making Towns Classic Tournament.
– June 9th, Veda lost to Allie Kat in the first round of the NOVA Pro Women’s Commonwealth Cup ’18.
– June 30th, Veda defeated Xia Brookside at the Kamikaze Pro 5th Anniversary Show.
– July 8th, Veda lost to Jamie Hayter at RevPro Live at the Cockpit.
– July 22nd, Veda defeated Sadie Gibbs at Kamikaze Pro Truth or Consequences.
– September 14th, Veda challenged Vanessa Kraven for the NCW Femmes Fatales International Title.
– October 19th, Pop Culture competed in the Final 4-Way Elimination of the NOVA Pro Sadie Hawkins Invitational Tournament.
– December 27th, Veda defeated Yuki Aino at TJP the God of Pro Wrestling.
– January 4, 2019, Veda won a 3-Way to win the Second Queen of U.S.A. at Tokyo Joshi Pro ’19.
– February 2nd, Veda lost to Gisele Shaw at Kamikaze Pro Underground VI.
– February 16th, Veda challenged Christina Marie for the PPW Women’s Title.
– March 10th, Veda lost to Su Yung at NGW Don’t Call it a Comeback 2.
– March 31st, Veda lost to Cherry at SHIMMER 111.
– April 25th, Veda & Brandon Watts lost to Shazza McKenzie & Matt Striker in the first round of the NYWC/Outlaw Wrestling King & Queen Tournament ’19.
– May 4th, Veda defeated Davienne at Femmes Fatales 22.
– May 25th, Veda challenged Kody Lane for the Inspire Pro Undefinable Title.
– June 21st, Veda lost to Kris Statlander at C4 Crossing the Line 12.
– June 22nd, Veda challenged Addy Starr for the IWS Women’s Title.
– July 14th, Veda competed in a 6-Way for the vacant Inspire Pro Blue Dragon Connection Title.
– August 28th, Veda competed in a 3-Way for the IPW: UK Women’s Title.
– September 14th, Veda challenged Zoe Lucas for the Ironfist Women’s Title.
– October 12th, Veda competed in a 4-Way Elimination for the Breed Pro Women of Steel Title.
– October 20th, Veda lost to Molly Spartan at BEW Clash of Nations.
– November 3rd, Veda lost to Laynie Luck at SHIMMER 117.
– January 19, 2020, Veda competed in a 3-Way for the Inspire Pro Title.
– February 8th, Veda defeated Meave O’Farrell at IWS Praise the Violence ’20.
– March 15th, Veda lost to Gabby Ortiz at the WSU 13th Anniversary Show.
– July 18th, Veda defeated Megan Mason at ACW Smells Like a Freak Show.

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