1/13/21 MLW Fusion Report

Jan 13, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

– This week’s edition will be presented as Salina de la Renta’s MLW Fusion. La Renta has produced & directed episodes in the past but now they are establishing it. The open package changes with only Promociones Dorado represented wrestlers.

– We see La Renta opening up the show with the commentators tonight; Rich Bocchini & Saint Laurent. They review the card for the night, the ring announcer for the night is Blake Chadwick.

***Match #1: Low Ki defeated Budd Heavy in 8 seconds due to referee stoppage. After the match Low Ki cuts a promo on King Mo & Dan Lambert.

– We see a recap of Lio Rush defeating Myron Reed for the MLW World Middleweight Championship at Kings of Colosseum last week. We see a promo from & Lio Rush & a ad for his new single. Bocchini & Laurent say they were expecting Konnan to be part of the commentary team tonight but then La Renta shows a video of her “taking him out” and that everyone who has wronged her in MLW will pay due to “the Man of 1000 Deaths” Mil Muertes.

– February 17th, we will see the premiere of Tom Lawlor’s Filthy Island. We see a recap of the match between Mads Krügger & Alexander Hammerstone last week. Krügger then cuts a promo on Hammerstone.

***Match #2: Mil Muertes defeated Brian Pillman Jr with the Straight to Hell.

– We see how MLW & IWA Puerto Rico has business agreements together & how Richard Holliday is the Caribbean Heavyweight Champion but MLW ignores that he holds the title. He then calls out Savio Vega to a rematch. Next week ACH will challenge Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

– Lawlor cuts a promo on how he’ll call the match down the middle tonight as he is the special guest referee in the Tag Team Championship match tonight. He brings up how it’s absurd how ACH gets a title shot before him since he not only eliminated him in the Opera Cup but he also went on to win the tournament.

– We see a recap of Contra Unit attacking Injustice last week, then Myron Reed & Jordan Oliver cut a promo on Contra, they mention how they took away they’re friend (Kotto Brazil) & they haven’t forgotten it.

– La Renta asks the commentators if they’re enjoying the show but then Bocchini receives word that Promociones Dorado has been acquired, Salina runs off swearing in spanish. Next up Alex Hammerstone cuts a promo on Mads Krügger & says he’ll come to him wherever he wants him to.

– The PWI Top 10 Contenders for the MLW Heavyweight Championship this week is

#10 Laredo kid
#9 ACH
#8 Myron Reed
#7 Mads Krügger
#6 Richard Holliday
#5 Lio Rush
#4 LA Park
#3 Low Ki
#2 Tom Lawlor
#1 Alexander Hammerstone

***Match #3: Los Parks (LA Park & Hijo de LA Park) defeated The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall Von Erich) to win the MLW World Tag Team Titles. Tom Lawlor was the special referee, Salina de la Renta sprayed mace in the eyes of Ross Von Erich & also LA Park Jr. showed up to help out Los Parks.

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